Watching TNA online is a wonderful way to bypass commericals and pause and play at your leisure but it also added the extra bonus of watching Impact during the supplemented commercial breaks. It was silent of course but enjoy the little things.

We open the show with the Bully Ray vs Joseph Park match. Bully Ray can draw heat from a glacier but here he uses it to coax Parks out of his shell to make some attempts at beating Ray. He even uses a cheese grater in a not so wonderful spot on the male anatomy.But all was in vain without Abyss to help him. Ray with a chain busts open Big Joe for the win. After the match as Parks is freaking at the sight of his own blood Ray goes in for the kill only to be hit with a Blackhole Slam. The crowd chants “that was you” as Parks feigns ignorance.

Its Abyss

Here I see the first interlude as the ring crew come out to clean up the discarded weapons and tacks in and around the ring.

Backstage Hervey interviews Ray about what happened in the ring. Ray seems confused asking “who was that.”

Samoa Joe vs RVD is next Joe is leading the series 37pts to RVD’s 7pts. Kind of a klutzy start with the attempt at a surfboard but picked up with various kicks punches and submissions applied by Joe. RVD hits rolling thunder on the back of Joe as he attempted to sit up on all fours. Joe looking to apply more holds is rolled up for the win as RVD advances to 14pts in the BFG series, Joe looks livid.

Claire Lynch rolls up with a cigarette in her hand and the paparazzi aspiring Hervey attempts to stop her. Claire not wanting to be bothered tries to drive off to Hervey’s chargin.

hey the baby has a problem not me!

Hogan is calling out the Ace’s and Eights and wants to see the ‘whites of their eyes”

Replay of the Last Man Standing match between AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels as Kaz and Daniels stand in the ring. Daniels calls out Claire to the ring to come clean. Styles comes out next ready to beat another lesson into Daniels head only for Claire to stop him and confirms what Daniels has been saying that he is the father. AJ is dumbfounded.

More recaps as Jesse Sorenson’s appearance at Destanation X and his feud with the man who broke his neck Zema Ion. The replay of Zema Ion winning the X division title is played before shooting over to Dakota Darsow going on about how Jesse was his friend and Zema didn’t even bother to call when Jesse was hurt and his shameful display at D-X where he thanked Jesse for the victory.

Zema Ion taunts Darsow about Jesse’s neck before Dakota slaps the taste out of it. An empassioned Darsow puts a hurting on Ion before succumbing to a reverse gory bomb. Decent match with Ion cutting a promo about being F’n dangerous after he locked an armbar on Darsow for pure spite.

Another Silent interlude where Borash is hyping the crowd. Hey Spike do a behind the scenes on TNA or just make a show about the ring crew, announcers and referees.

Aries comes out and the greatest man who ever lived is now the Greatest World CHampion that ever lived. He comes out to talk how he’s been feeling since winning the Gold. Roode comes out and looks like he about to go crazy as all he can muster “its a fluke” before storming off.

Gail Kim gets her rematch against Tessmacher and we have Brooke Hogan on commentary. Better match then the one I watched at Slammiversary. Tessmacher gets the win and hopefully she moves on to another competitor like I don’t know…Sarita. Before it becomes a Devon vs the Robbie’s theme that would get stale.

Kurt Angle vs Mr. Anderson

The return of the rivalry between Angle and Anderson is rekindle in a chain wrestlers dream match that has several attempted Mic checks before the self appointed A-hole is beat with an Angle slam moving up Angle 7pts.

Roode storms into Hogan’s office and wants a rematch. Hogan tells him at the next PPV but since next week is open fight night he try his luck there.

STing bring his trusty bat to the ring is ready for Aces and Eights,  that is until his backup is jumped. Sting runs to the back to assist only to get jumped by the group on the ramp.

A good impact with the added bonus of the Interludes that included Borash hyping the crowd and what not.

Seeya next week PNTnoir out.


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