Bound For Glory wasn’t that bad, I don’t know why everyone is complaining about it. Let’s see how Impact is now.

Dixie comes out and the ring is adorned with a bunch of AJ Styles merchandise and a huge sign saying “Welcome back AJ Styles.” Dixie says that tonight isn’t about her, but someone else. She admits she might have made a mistake recently and the merch is her way of admitting that. She talks AJ up, calling him a legend, and introduces him. Dixie talks to him about how she’s been motivating him these past six weeks and claims she’s the reason he’s the TNA Champion. She offers him a private changing room and some other things that thankfully were not sexual favours. She saved the best for last, and reveals a car. She’s paid and she wants to move forward. AJ cuts a promo back saying all the material goods are just manipulations and he’s not buying it. This also isn’t what he had in mind when he told Dixie she’d have to pay and he’s a truck guy, so the car isn’t going to work. AJ doesn’t want a private changing room because he doesn’t want to seperate himself from the rest of the boys who built the company. Dixie bet against AJ, and she lost. Dixie admits she stepped out of line on Sunday and tells AJ he doesn’t have to defend the title tonight. They can go out on a trip on her private jet instead if he puts the past behind him. Bully comes out as Dixie officially offers to cancel the match.

Bully gets in Dixie’s face about her cancelling the match and AJ tells him to shut up. He’ll get his turn. He tells Dixie she’s dumber than he thought she was if she thinks he’ll take a ride to Dixie Land. The rematch clause only applies to guys who have contracts and he doesn’t have one. He’ll still defend the title though. Bully says the only word to describe AJ’s victory at Bound For Glory is “lucky”. There’s no way a kid like AJ could beat a man like Bully Ray. Bully then goes on to blame Earl Hebner, saying that he kicked out and Earl didn’t see it. Bully’s gonna beat him and send him home to his ugly wife and kids. AJ is a kid in the wrestling business, whereas Bully is a God. AJ says that Aces and Threes won’t be there to help Bully tonight and after he, AJ, wins the title he’s going to celebrate with his fans and shout “Do you know who I am? I am the world heavyweight champion. The phenomenal AJ Styles.” Bully sucker punches AJ and beats the tar out of him with his own merchandise. He goes to put AJ through the table but the lights go out and we have a return.


Oh if only Hogan were here. He could fix everything.

Mr Anderson is back and no one cares. Well, I don’t. Anderson runs in and beats up Bully Ray. He delivers 18 punches in the corner which I did mark out for a little. No one ever does more than 10. Bully escapes and we go to break. When we get back Anderson is in the ring with a microphone. Fuck. He says he missed the fans and after they cheer, he asks if that means they missed him too. He says that he missed Bully Ray most of all and asks the fans if they think Bully missed him. His neck feels fine too. He claims he was watching the show at home and knows just how sick and tired of everything the fans are. There’s a huge “YES!” chant and I actually think Anderson did a pretty decent job of cutting them off. Dixie comes out with security and tells them to arrest Anderson. He says it’s been a while since he got arrested and he fights the security guys and takes two out before offering up his hands for the cuffs. He shouts goodbye to the fans as he gets lead away. That’s 25 minutes of my life I’m not getting back.


Broken neck? Gimme two months. Take that Cena.

Gail Kim (with Lei’D Tapa) and Brooke vs Velvet Sky and ODB

Gail and Brooke argue about who starts the match with ODB and ODB just pulls Brooke in and shredrapes her. Brooke ends up on the floor and pulls ODB out to take advantage. Brooke and Gail heel all over her. ODB gets a hot tag and Velvet beats down on Gail but Brooke breaks up the pin and ODB and Brooke fight on the chair. Gail distracts the ref by grabbing a chair and Tapa kicks Velvet and Gail gets the pin.


Backstage segment with the Bromans. They’re going to have a celebrotion.


EC3 vs Random Jobber

It took Christy Hemme three tries to introduce EC3. Pretty much the only thing worth noting in this match. Typical jobber affair. It’s kinda fun they’re running a nepotism angle when they have actual cases of legit nepotism in their company. The jobber actually managed to hit a top rope missile dropkick before EC3 hits his finishing move for the win. After the match EC3 grabs a mic and says he’s a Carter, the world needs the Carters.

I’ve used this before but refer to the picture itself to my thoughts on that.


Backstage with Sting and Magnus. Magnus watched the match back and says there’s something not right about the match. He didn’t show Sting the right amount of respect. He got caught up in the moment and wasn’t thinking. Sting says it’s cool and he’s wondering himself if he really passed the torch or lit a fire under Magnus. Either way, it’s all good. Magnus says that it’s Sting’s world, he’s just living in it, and they do a proper handshake. I really hope this means that the heel turn isn’t coming.


Recap of Angle turning down the hall of fame. It almost seemed like a shoot to me. In any case, they aren’t burying their own hall of fame you idiots. We all complained that Angle was going in, especially after he ended up in rehab and everything. If he had gone in, we would have complained, and because he didn’t you’re now complaining. Shut up. In my opinion it makes the hall of fame more prestigious to have someone feel they aren’t worthy of it. If he said he was too good, THAT would be burying it. He said he wasn’t GOOD ENOUGH, and we all felt it. I had a lot of respect for him after that angle. Speaking of angles, Kurt Angle comes out.


He recaps the past weekend and says there’s a reason he didn’t accept the induction. That reason is that he has so much more to prove and when the time comes, he will rightfully take his place in the hall of fame. He talks about the match and confirms he legit knocked himself out with the last move and Bobby Roode comes out for the interruption. Roode grabs a mic and calls Angle pathetic for coming up with all these excuses. The real reason that Angle turned down the Hall of Fame, according to Roode, is that he knew he would lose. Roode is still pretty pissed over losing the title match two years ago and he’s felt like a failure ever since. Not anymore though because Angle has that feeling now that Roode got his win back. Angle challenges him to a rematch and Roode pulls his jacket off. Roode says Angle can’t wrestle tonight and he has a note from Angle’s doctor saying that Angle isn’t cleared to wrestle. Angle confirms he’s not medically cleared to wrestle, but a fight doesn’t count. Shit goes down and they get pulled apart by security.


Kurt Angle; Tiny ears or massive head?

Backstage with Aces and Threes. Bully calls Anderson selfish for coming back for revenge and not to make amends. Bully wants Knux and Bischoff to go to the jail and make sure that Anderson doesn’t post bail while he goes and imposes his will on AJ. I’m not sure how they can make sure Anderson doesn’t post bail but oh well.


Dixie is backstage on the phone and she needs something now. Her assistant closes the door to her office.


We have ourselves a celebrotion. Bromans fist bump their way to the ring and they even have their own DJ. There’s deafening chants of “You can’t wrestle” which shows just how many people watched the PPV. Robbie E tries to say why Bound for Glory was the biggest night in Broman history when Storm and Gunner come out. Storm kicks the DJ out the ring and steals their wine and protein bars. Storm says they can keep their sister’s skinny jeans and their shortest title reign as next week Storm and Gunner are gonna beat the crap out of them. Storm goes to do his catchphrase but is interrupted by the arrival of Bad Influence. Effin’ A.

Sadly not their DJ. This is the only chance I’ll get to use this picture.


Kaz runs down all the guys in the ring and calls Bad Influence the best team in the business and they’re petitioning for a title match. They want to be the World Tag Team Champions of The World for a third time. Kaz mocks Bromans by holding up three fingers to show them how many three is. Daniels mocks their choice of beverages. Beer is for the lower class and you don’t drink champagne unless you’re a pretentious poser. Gentlemen celebrate with a man’s drink like an appletini. Storm tries the appletini, says it doesn’t taste like beer or alcohol, and Gunner throws it in Daniel’s face to initiate a brawl. Eric Young and Joseph Park come out to join the brawl. Daniels smashes the wine bottle on Park’s head to summon the might Abyss. Park chokeslams Robbie E and chases down Bad Influence.


“Screw you guys, I CAN wrestle!”

Bully Ray vs AJ Styles (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship

AJ has his ribs taped up for this one. Bully interrupts Jeremy Borasch’s introduction and tries to announce himself instead but AJ starts the match early. AJ controls most of the match as every time Bully takes control he mocks AJ and pays for it. Bully also mocks Hogan at one point with the cupping of the ears. Bully locks a bear hug on and focuses on AJ’s ribs and hits a lot of back body drops over the course of the match. Hebner checks on Bully and Bully hits him with a glancing blow that he thankfully did not sell. That would have been a stupid ref bump. AJ and Bully trade shots and AJ comes out on top with a clothesline. AJ tries to lift Bully up but his ribs give out and Bully hits a huge Samoan Drop/Fallaway Slam. It was called both. AJ dodges a top rope splash and AJ misses with a springboard 450 splash. He’s perfected missing that move. Bully reverses a DDT and sends AJ into the ref for a bump. AJ locks on the Calf Killer while the ref is down and Bully taps but doesn’t win because the ref is still down. Bully grabs the chain and plants AJ and hits the Bubba Cutter but AJ kicks out at two. Bully goes for another chain shot and Anderson interferes, taking the chain away. AJ picks up the win with the Crucifix Pin. Anderson and Bully duke it out post match and are kept apart by security. Dixie appears on the titan tron and she’s holding a contract with AJ Styles’ name on it.


Punk spotted in TNA

After the break Dixie is in the ring with AJ. She thought AJ wanted the gifts he turned down and that’s why she offered them to him. She’s been talking to her attorneys all night and now she has a contract for AJ. It’s full of everything that AJ would want and has more zeroes than he’s ever seen. So presumably it has also has a roster list on it? Because Dixie is so sweet he can still have the car as a signing bonus. He’s a truck guy but he can make it a date night car. Dixie wants AJ to sign the contract. For the right reasons. She didn’t say that, Vince did. AJ agrees it’s an amazing contract, but it’s written by a horrible human being who buys cars and homes on the blood, sweat and tears of everyone who steps in the ring. AJ goes to tear up the contract but wipes his ass with it instead to huge “Yes!” chants. Money can’t fix Dixie’s problem as her porblem is a lack of respect. At this point the crowd are chanting “You suck Dixie!” Not sure if Cock Talk. AJ says that he’s taking the title and he’s going to leave. The fans deserve a champ and he’s going to take the title to them. He takes the keys off of Dixie and says he’ll take her car. AJ walks to the back, gets in the car, and drives off as the show goes off the air. I hope he can turn it around in time to film next week’s episode.


“Great, now I gotta bury this guy. Where’d I leave that Kenny King guy?”

Thoughts? The show felt pretty empty to be honest. It felt like there wasn’t a whole lot that really happened. Or at least not much that was really noteworthy. I’m pretty interested in where they’re going to take this AJ stuff though. The Anderson return fell a little flat to me but that’s just because I’m not really a fan. I’m not the kinda guy to call something terrible just because I didn’t like it, or because it wasn’ what I thought would happen. It was, overall, a pretty solid show. It just felt like it was missing something.

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