The usual Impact intro hits and then we cut to the Impact Zone where Mike Tenay & Taz welcome us to the “New Year’s Knockout Eve!” Tonight a TNA Knockouts #1 Contenders Tournament called “New Year’s Knockout Eve” will be held. Madison Rayne, Hamada, Velvet Sky, Roxxi, Traci Brooks, ODB, Daffney, & Awesome Kong will all be involved in the tournament. The winner will earn a Knockouts Title shot for Monday. Also, tonight the top 3 matches of TNA (voted on by the fans) will be shown in their entirety and those matches will be Desmond Wolfe vs. Kurt Angle from Turning Point, Sting vs. AJ Styles from Bound for Glory, and AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels also from Turning Point!

New Year’s Knockout Eve Tournament Quarterfinals
Madison Rayne vs. Hamada

We have a first time one-on-one matchup here. The two girls lockup at the bell and Hamada puts Madison in a side headlock but Madison counters with an inside roll-through and then she mocks Hamada with a Japanese bow. They lockup again and this time Hamada ducks underneath Madison and locks in a waistlock and then transitions into a wristlock. Hamada repeatedly drops her elbow down on Madison’s elbow all the while still holding onto the wristlock. Hamada transitions into a hammerlock and then goes for a hiptoss but Madison lands on her feet and hits an armdrag sending Hamada across the ring. Madison showing she can go hold-for-hold with Hamada. Madison taunts Hamada wagging her finger in Hamada’s face only to get it kicked by Hamada and then kicked in the face with a Jumping Front Kick! Hamada charges at Madison but she backdrops Hamada over the top rope. Hamada lands on her feet and then blocks a right hand from Madison and follows up with a headbutt. Hamada grabs Madison’s hand in a Greco-Roman Knucklelock and then climbs to the top and starts walking the ropes Undertaker (or Hakushi aka Jinsei Shinzaki for you Japanese fans and Elix Skipper for you old school TNA fans) style! Hamada then springboards into a somersault going for a springboard somersault armdrag, but Madison blocks it and then puts the boots to Hamada in the corner as she hits the mat hard. Madison chokes Hamada in the corner and then whips her into the opposite corner. Madison charges at Hamada but eats a Superkick from Hamada that would make Shawn Michaels blush! Madison charges again at Hamada and she gets her boots up but Madison catches her boots and slings them into the ropes tying Hamada up in the ropes and then slams her to the mat by the back of the head! 1…2…NO Hamada kicks out! Madison taunts Hamada by slapping her in the back of the head and then puts her in a Front Chancery and throws some knee strikes followed by a Spinning Neckbreaker! 1…2…NO Hamada kicks out! Madison goes for another pin and again only gets a 2 count. Madison mounts Hamada and slams her head to the mat repeatedly. Madison picks Hamada up and slams her headfirst into the top turnbuckle and then charges at Hamada only to eat a back elbow from the Japanese star. Hamada hits a Running Yakuza Kick! Both women are down now but Madison gets to her feet first and goes for a clothesline, but Hamada ducks and hits another sickening Superkick! Hamada grabs Madison and throws a series of headbutts and chops at Madison! Hamada then hits a Scoop Slam and gets a nearfall. Hamada drags Madison closer to the corner and then climbs to the top and goes for the Moonsault, but Madison moves and Hamada lands on her feet. Madison hits a running Knee Strike and then sets up for what looks like a DDT, but Hamada blocks it and then destroys Rayne with a nasty spinning heel kick! Hamada follows up with the Hamada Driver! 1…2…3 and Hamada moves onto the finals!

Winner: Hamada via pinfall (Hamada Driver)

In the back Christy Hemme is with Knockouts Champ: Tara. Tara says it’s music to her ears to hear her name associated with the Knockouts Title and then says she’ll be representing the Knockouts division with the most loyalty, respect, and class. She says everyone in the Tournament is great but she’ll be walking out of the ring Monday night the same way she walks in it, the Knockouts Champ. Tara says she’ll be introducing the top 3 matches of 2009 tonight on the show.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

NYKE Tournament Quarterfinals
Traci Brooks vs. ODB

Boy, Traci really knows how to fill out a shirt doesn’t she? ODB is coming off of dropping the Knockouts Title to Tara at Final Resolution. ODB took a swig from her flask and as the referee turned around to signal the bell to be run she spat it in Traci’s face! ODB then follows up by slamming Traci to the mat by her hair and then she hits a clothesline to the back of Traci. ODB follows up with a kick to that arm which has been pointed out she suffers from a birth defect (some form of Palsy) in. Traci gets angry and starts throwing rights and lefts at ODB in the corner but ODB kicks her in the gut and then slams her to the mat by that arm. ODB grabs the arm and stands on it with one foot and then stomps it with the other. ODB then stands on both arms and throws rights at that arm and then gets a nearfall. ODB continues to work on the arm with a Shoulderbreaker on that arm. ODB slaps Traci and Traci hits a Double Leg Takedown and throws a bunch of punches at ODB (still selling the arm). Traci then stomps ODB out in the corner and attempts to whip her into the corner, but ODB blocks it and slams her to the mat by that arm again for another nearfall. ODB goes for the TKO but Traci blocks it with knee’s to the face and then she shoves ODB into the corner and hits a big Spear! Traci lights ODB up with chops and then hits an Atomic Drop and rips her TNA t-shirt off (YES!). Taz says “speaking of huge”, real subtle there, Tazzy. Traci hits Running Knees on ODB and then a clothesline for a nearfall. ODB comes back with a knee to the gut and then she throws Traci into the corner and chops that massive pectoral region of Traci (you know what I mean). ODB then goes for a Corner Splash but Traci hits a back elbow and climbs to the top. ODB grabs Traci by the arm and snatches her off the top by that arm and then follows up with the TKO for the pin.

Winner: ODB via pinfall (TKO)

In the back Christy Hemme is with the Beautiful People and she reminds Velvet that all hope of the BP getting a Knockouts Title shot rest on her. Madison is pissed and thinks Christy is trying to rub her loss in. Madison calls Christy a mic stand and says she could beat Hamada any day of the week. Velvet says if Madison had beaten Hamada then they would’ve had to have faced each other after she beats Roxxi. Velvet says Madison softened up Hamada for her. Lacey says some dumb stuff and then says that Christy is only here because Lauren got fired for assaulting her. Christy says Lauren was tortured by BP and then Velvet says Lauren put her hands on Lacey and there is no room for that sort of unprofessionalism in TNA. Lacey says some more dumb stuff and then Madison says if they have to they’ll cleans anyone from TNA they have to and that includes Christy.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

NYKE Tournament Quarterfinals
Velvet Sky vs. Roxxi

When I die I want to come back as Velvet Sky’s wrestling tights. Is that wrong to say? Velvet kicks Roxxi in the gut at the bell and then throws her headfirst into the top turnbuckle and follows up with a series of shoulder blocks. She then chokes Roxxi in the corner with her boot and then whips Roxxi in the opposite corner and hits a big Splash followed by a Bulldog for a nearfall. Velvet mounts Roxxi and reigns down a series of rights and then she blatantly chokes Roxxi and gets another nearfall. Velvet then locks Roxxi in an Octopus submission hold and actually bites the arm of Roxxi at the same time. Velvet then transitions into a rollup but Roxxi rolls through and kicks Velvet in the face! Velvet goes for a forearm but Roxxi blocks it and hits a series of forearms of her own! Roxxi then hits a Roaring Elbow! She whips Velvet into the corner and this a Running Back Elbow followed by a Mafia Kick for a nearfall! Roxxi goes for a Scoop Slam but Velvet blocks it and then goes for a DDT, but Roxxi counters it into the Voodoo Drop! 1…2…3 and Roxxi advances!

Winner: Roxxi via pinfall (Voodoo Drop)

JB approaches Roxxi at ringside and says it feels great to be a part of this tournament and it feels great to take out some of that ‘trash’ (the Beautiful People). Roxxi says she has a ton of respect for Tara and she can’t wait to get in the ring with her. Lacey Von Erich comes running down the ramp and hits her in the back with her nightstick and then she chokes Roxxi with it. I can’t believe Lacey did all that without falling down or something.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

We see a vignette highlighting Jeff Jarrett’s career in TNA. We then cut to Tara in the back as she introduces the #3 Best Match of 2009.

Desmond Wolfe vs. “Olympic Hero” Kurt Angle
Turning Point
November 15, 2009

This was obviously the first ever matchup between Kurt Angle and Desmond Wolfe (formerly Nigel McGuinness in Ring of Honor) back at Turning Point last month. A match that a some have called Match of the Year in wrestling this year. I’m not going to do play-by-play for these matches (like I did last year), however due to how long tonight’s show is. After an amazing back and forth matchup with both guys pulling out all the stops Angle counters a Tombstone Piledriver into an Ankle Lock and Wolfe attempts to kick Angle off but he holds onto the hold. Wolfe again rolls over to kick Angle off but he quickly locks Wolfe in a Side Triangle Choke with a Side Armbar at the same time (this was the finis of the year for me) forcing Wolfe to tap quickly.

Winner: Angle via submission

(This ranks up there with AJ-Joe-Daniels II and Taker-HBK for Match of the Year this year. Just flat out a wrestling clinic. *****)

A pretty cool behind the scenes look at the signing of Hulk Hogan for TNA’s new show “Before The Bell” (which will air on DirecTV I think).

NYKE Tournament Quarterfinals
Daffney vs. Awesome Kong

Daffney freaks me out but she’s still oddly hot for some reason. Daffney challenges Kong to a test of strength to start of the match which Kong gladly accepts but Daffney starts leg kicking Kong as it starts off. Daffney then comes off the ropes and Chop Blocks Kong and then goes for the test of strength again with Kong on her knees but Kong still shoves Daffney to the mat and then lights her up with a series of nasty chops. Kong then tosses Daffney clear across the ring and then just steps on her throat. Kong then elbow drops the leg of Daffney and locks in a Legbar on Daffney. Kong grabs Daffney by that same leg and starts stomping it. Kong then picks Daffney up and lights her chest up somemore before putting her up on her shoulders. I am not joking with you Kong literally wrapped Daffney’s body around Kong’s head and kicked Daffney in the head with her own damn foot! That was disgusting! You are not supposed to bend like that! Somewhere in the back Christy Hemme is having some flashbacks on that one (Kong did her that way on more than one occasion without the kicking of the head with her own foot though). Daffney decides it’s time to bail out as she rolls to the floor but Kong follows her and slams her into the ring steps. Back in the ring Daffney is able to muster up a series of leg kicks as Kong got back into the ring and then she stands on Kong in the corner and repeatedly stomps on her. Daffney grabs Kong by the leg but Kong just kicks her off and then counters a clothesline into the Implant Buster! 1…2…3 and she is definitely done.

Winner: Kong via pinfall (Implant Buster)

The semifinals will consist of Hamada vs. Roxxi and Kong vs. ODB.

In the back Christy is with the Knockouts Tag Champs, Sarita & Taylor. Taylor says tonight they will bring in the New Year the best way they know how and that’s showing everyone why they are the Tag Champs. Taylor mentions at Sarita just became another champion as well as she won this year’s CMLL Women’s Body Building Competition awhile back (under her Dark Angel name down there). They show a picture of her with her trophy back in Mexico. For those that don’t know she still wrestles down in CMLL off and on as Dark Angel. Sarita says tonight it’s all about their belts and Taylor says it’s a bummer because they can’t put their belts on the line tonight because Hamada & Kong are already scheduled for a shot this Monday! She says whoever they get into the ring with tonight they’ll be imagining Kong and Hamada. Sarita says Kong and Hamada may be two of the toughest women in the world but so are they!

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

They show a vignette highlighting the Final Resolution show and then one hyping up 2010.

The British Invasion’s music hits and the Tag Champs make their way out to the ring (unscheduled says Tenay) and they have new tights for tonight. Brutus says they are going to be joining Tenay & Taz on commentary. Williams says finally people will be able to understand what’s said on commentary (not likely Mr. British accent, sir). We need some subtitles for these guys like UFC does on the Ultimate Fighter show with their British fighters. I can’t understand a word these guys say!

Non-Title Match
Taylor Wilde & Sarita vs. Lorelei & April Hunter

I’ve seen April Hunter live a few times down here but I’m not familiar with Lorelei. April is formerly a partner with Velvet Sky (who then wrestled under her real name, Talia Madison) as ironically T&A. April was also one of the nWo girls in WCW. Lorelei is a very gorgeous girl but we’ll see how she does in the ring here. Sarita and Lorelei will start off the match. They lockup and Lorelei takes Sarita down with a waistlock takedown and then she transitions into a Front Chancery, but Sarita rolls through it and gets back to her feet. Sarita then hits a rollup for a nearfall. Sarita quickly elbow drops the back of Lorelei and then Knee Drops the arm of Lorelei. Sarita then tags in Taylor and they whip Lorelei into the ropes and Sarita hits a drop toe hold followed by a front dropkick from Taylor. Taylor picks Lorelei up and hits a series of forearm smashes and then she attempts to whip Lorelei into the ropes but she reverses it and April grabs Taylor from the apron and holds her. Lorelei attempts to hit Taylor but she ducks down and Lorelei nails April! Lorelei then tags in April and turns around for a clothesline attempt, but Taylor ducks and hits a dropkick. April then comes in and goes for a clothesline of her own but Taylor ducks it and then goes for a Cross Body, but April catches her and hits a Spinning Sidewalk Slam! April tags Lorelei back in and April drops down to her back and puts her knees into the back of Taylor while also having her in a Straight Jacket Crossface! Lorelei then comes running in with a Bulldog on Taylor! 1…2…NO Taylor kicks out! Lorelie hits some weak punches and then she tags in April back in. April slaps and chops Taylor but Taylor comes back with some big Forearms and then a Backstabber! Taylor and April tag out at the same time. Sarita hits a running back elbow on Lorelei and then a wristlock snapmare! Sarita then hits a Hip Toss followed by a crazy Wristlock Northern Lights Suplex! April charges in but Sarita sidesteps her and April flies through the ropes down to the floor. Lorelei hits Sarita from behind and then attempts to whip her into the ropes but Sarita blocks it and kicks Lorelei in the gut. Taylor tags back in and then Sarita lifts Taylor up into a dropkick on Lorelei and then she backflips Taylor into a Moonsault on Lorelei! 1…2…3 and the champs win it.

Winners: Taylor & Sarita via pinfall (Moonsault)

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

TNA Match of the Year #2
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Three Way Dance
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (c) vs. “Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe vs. “Fallen Angel” Daniels
November 15, 2009

Most people (including myself) thought there was no way these three could top themselves from their 2005 match but I really feel that they did in my Match of the Year choice. These three went absolutely all out in this classic throwback to the 2005 X-Division. These guys pulled out everything including AJ hitting the Fosbury Flop. The finish came when Daniels hit the STO on Joe followed by the BME and then AJ hit the Springboard 450 on Daniels as he covered Joe and pinned Joe to retain his belt.

Winner & STILL World Champ: AJ Styles

(Like I said this was my Match of the year. Just incredible stuff from all three guys. I could watch this match all day long. *****)

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

A vignette is shown highlighting Mick Foley’s paranoia about Hogan.

We cut to ODB drinking some Jack Daniels. She says she should still be the Champion and Tara should be still walking around whining. ODB says she didn’t beat ODB and tonight she’s going to win the Tourney and get her belt back this coming Monday. ODB turns up the Jack and chugs it.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

NYKE Tournament Semifinals
Roxxi vs. Hamada

Roxxi has her ribs taped up as she makes her way out to the ring due to that post match beatdown by Lacey Von Erich. Hamada with a waistlock and then a takedown and she transitions into an arm bar. Roxxi rolls through and counters into a wristlock. Hamada counters it and then hits a drop toe hold taking Roxxi back down to the mat. Hamada then locks Roxxi in a toehold and then pulls Roxxi up back to her feet and locks in a hammerlock. Roxxi counters into a Front Chancery and then an arm drag. They circle each other now and try and get the crowd into it. They lockup in a Greco-Roman Knucklelock and Hamada forces Roxxi back into a bridge and then slams her hard to the mat. Hamada then puts Roxxi in a sort of modified Ankle Lock and then she elbow drops the leg of Roxxi and put her in a Kneelock only to have Roxxi counter into a Cross Armbreaker. Hamada rolls over and then gets her foot on the bottom rope to break the hold. Hamada with a legsweep and then she comes off the ropes and locks Roxxi in a side headlock as she got to her feet. Roxxi shoves Hamada off into the ropes and hits a Shoulderblock but it was weak so she hits another to take Hamada down. Roxxi then comes off the ropes again but Hamada hits an arm drag and Roxxi comes back with an arm drag of her own. Both girls then attempt a dropkick at the same time and we have a standoff. Roxxi is selling the ribs. They lockup again and Hamada kics her in the gut and then she begins to stomp the ribs. Hamada then locks Roxxi in a modified Abdominal Stretch and then counters into a modified Octopus really working on those ribs. Hamada climbs up top and hits a Double Foot Stomp onto the back/rib area of Roxxi as Roxxi was bent over! This chick does not play. Hamada locks Roxxi in a VICIOUS Half Boston Crab. Hamada releases the hold and hits a series of headbutts and chops and then comes off the ropes but Roxxi quickly hits a Suplex out of nowhere! Roxxi then hits a Running Hip Attack in the corner followed by the Running Mafia Kick! 1…2…NO Hamada kicks out! Roxxi climbs up top but Hamada hits a rolling Palm Thrust! Hamada then climbs up top with Roxxi but Roxxi knocks her off only to eat a Leaping Backkick out of nowhere from Hamada! Hamada climbs back up and hits the Superrana! 1…2…NO Roxxi kicks out! Roxxi’s leg hit REALLY hard on the mat there and I thought for sure that’s where she broe her ankle but it doesn’t look like it. Hamada climbs up top and hits a Missile Dropkick! Hamada then lifts Roxxi up in a Fireman’s Carry but Roxxi counters with a Crucifix Rollup! 1…2…NO Hamada kicks out! Hamada hits the Spinning Heel Kick again and then goes for the Hamada Driver but again Roxxi rolls her up! 1…2…NO Hamada still kicks out! Hamada goes for a clothesline but Roxxi counters with the Voodoo Slam! 1…2…NO Hamada still kicks out! Roxxi has Hamada up in a kind of a modified Torture Rack but she has Hamada wrapped around Roxxi’s back instead of on her shoulders. Roxxi drops her back and gets yet another nearfall. Roxxi sets up for the Voodoo Drop but Hamada blocks it with several headbutts and then she rolls Roxxi up for the pin! I just saw where she broke her ankle. As Hamada was rolling Roxxi up her ankle got caught under Hamada’s back and turned it in a really nasty angle. I slowed it down and it really was nasty. I think Dixie Carter said on her twitter that she broke it in two places, ouch.

Winner: Hamada via pinfall (rollup)

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

NYKE Tournament Semifinals
ODB vs. Awesome Kong

ODB is apparently a little tipsy as she decides to meet Kong on the ramp with right hands! Kong lays into her with some nasty chops and rights before rolling her into the ring. ODB quickly rolls back out and Kong kicks her in the head repeatedly. Kong then whips ODB into the ring steps! Kong lifts ODB up but she punches Kong in the gut and then lays into her somemore on the back. ODB then slams Kong headfirst into the ring steps. ODB argues with the referee and eats a nasty knifeedge chop from Kong. Kong then follows up with a Shortarm Clothesline! Kong finally rolls ODB back into the ring and then hits a Scoop Slam followed by a Big Splash attempt, but ODB moved out of the way! She covers Kong and gets a nearfall. ODB puts the boots to Kong as we go to commercials.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Back from commercials ODB is still on the offensive with a clothesline to the back and then she hops on Kong’s back and locks in a Sleeper! Kong slams ODB into the corner but ODB kicks Kong in the gut and climbs up top. ODB then slams Kong into the top turnbuckle headfirst repeatedly. Kong then lifts ODB up off the top rope, though, for an Awesome Bomb attempt but ODB blocks it and then hits a Shoulderblock. ODB hits another one and then hits a series of chops. ODB hits the Corner Splash and then she puts the boots to Kong in the corner. ODB hits the Bronco Muncher and then gets a nearfall on Kong. ODB goes for a Scoop Slam but her back gives out and Kong lands on top of her and gets a nearfall. Kong grabs ODB by the throat for a Chokeslam but ODB blocks it and hits a clothesline but Kong doesn’t go down. ODB sets up for another clothesline but gets destroyed by one from Kong followed by another one and then a Corner Splash. Kong destroys ODB in the corner with the Running Hip Attack! Kong goes for the Awesome Bomb but ODB blocks it and Kong then whips ODB into the corner again. Kong goes for the Corner Splash but ODB drops down and pulls the referee into the splash at the same time! ODB then reaches over and picks up the whiskey bottle and blasts Kong with it as she picked her up for the Awesome Bomb! The referee comes to and counts the pin!

Winner: ODB via pinfall (bottle to the noggin)

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Match of the Year #1:
TNA World Heavyweight Championship
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (c) vs. “The Icon” Sitng
October 18, 2009

This is the #1 Match of the Year as voted on by the fans (not my choice but to each his own). This was back at BFG with AJ defending against Sting who was wondering (still wondering) if this was his final match. Finish came when AJ hit the Springboard Splash for the pinfall.

Winner: AJ Styles via pinfall (Springboard Splash)

(This was a very good back-and-forth match that was kind of hurt by the weak, anti-climatic finish. ***1/2)

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

A vignette hyping up the “is Sting retiring” stuff is shown. Audio clips of Sting talking about Hogan and Dixie are heard throughout. At ringside Tenay & Taz hype up the Monday show for next week. The New Year’s Knockout Eve Tournament Finals is up next.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

NYKE Tournament Finals
ODB vs. Hamada

Hamada comes into the Finals with wins over Madison Rayne and Roxxi while ODB defeated Velvet Sky and Kong to advance to the Finals. ODB mocks Hamada with a bow and then she piefaces her. Hamada kicks ODB in the gut and then hits a series of headbutts and chops on ODB. Hamada then comes off the ropes and ducks a clothesline from ODB and hits a head scissors takeover! Hamada then hits a Springboard Tornado DDT! 1…2…NO ODB kicks out and then rolls out to the floor to catch a breather! Mike Tenay showing us why he is known as ‘The Professor’ giving great background on both Hamada and ODB in this match early on talking about their wrestling training. ODB stalls out on the floor and talks trash with the fans and the referee before finally slowly getting back in the ring and charging at Hamada. Hamada side steps her and sends her into the corner. Hamada whips ODB into the opposite corner and charges but ODB floats over Hamada and taunts her again only to eat that sickening Superkick! 1…2…NO ODB kicks out! Hamada with the La Magistral Cradle! 1…2…NO ODB kicks out! Hamada then goes for another La Magistral but ODB kicks out again. Hamada hits a Scoop Slam and then climbs to the top but ODB knocks her legs out from under her hanging Hamada upside down in the corner and puts the boots to her as we go to the break.

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

During the break ODB hits a Sidewalk Slam for a nearfall. Back from commercials ODB has Hamada in a Bear Hug but Hamada fights out of it with nasty back elbows only to have ODB slam her to the mat by her hair. 1…2…NO Hamada kicks out. ODB puts the boots to Hamada and then hits the Fall Away Slam. ODB keeps selling the fatigue from wrestling two matches already as she gets another nearfall on Hamada. ODB puts Hamada in another Bearhug lifting Hamada up off the ground this time. ODB then slams Hamada into the corner and chops away at her. ODB goes for a Running Knee Attack in the corner but Hamada sidesteps her and then hits a nasty Enziguri! Both girls are down now, though. ODB gets to her feet first and she hits a forearm but Hamada answers and they continue to trade forearms with each other until Hamada connects with a series of big headbutts! Hamada then follows up with a series of chops in the corner and then she attempts to whip ODB into the opposite corner, but ODB reverses it and Hamada springboards out of the corner into a Moonsault! 1…2…NO ODB kicks out! Hamada whips ODB into the ropes and hits another nasty Spinning Heel Kick! 1…2…NO ODB still kicks out! Hamada shows her frustration by slapping the mat. Hamada says it’s time for the Hamada Driver but as she reaches down to pick ODB up she hits a Jawbreaker on Hamada! ODB puts the boots to Hamada as Awesome Kong walks down the ramp carrying a table! She sets the table up at ringside as ODB continues to put the boots to Hamada while screaming at Kong at the same time. Finally more referees come down and get Kong to go back to the back. In the ring Hamada comes back with a sick uppercut followed by a leaping roundhouse kick that sends ODB out to the floor! Hamada hits a Somersault Senton off the apron onto ODB on the floor! Hamada points out at the table and the fans erupt! Hamada sets the table out closer to the ring and then lays ODB out on the table and climbs to the top rope! We have seen this before! Hamada sets up for the Moonsault but ODB moves off the table and Hamada eats every bit of the table! ODB picks Hamada up and rolls her back into the ring. ODB lifts Hamada’s limp body up and hits the TKO! 1…2…3 and ODB earns her rematch!

Winner: ODB via pinfall (TKO)

——————-COMMERCIAL BREAK———————-

Back from commercials ODB is still in the ring with JB. JB says that ODB will earn her title shot Monday night. ODB says she’ll be taking her title back Monday night as the fans boo her and then she says she has proven to everyone that she can outwrestle every Knockout in TNA. JB says that Awesome Kong may beg to differ with that and ODB tells him to shutup. ODB tells Tara to go back where she came from where they prance around and dance in the ring (WWE). She says that all they do is dance around and show their skin and that’s probably why Tara came to TNA because nobody wanted to see her skin. Tara’s music hits and she makes her way out to the ring. Tara asks ODB if she was ‘dancing’ when she kicked ODB’s ‘fat a**’ at Final Resolution. She then goes from that nice slam to a horrible one when she says at least she isn’t tatted up like some jail house prisoner (should’ve said whore Tara). Tara says she looks like a Truckstop restroom wall and then says she came to TNA to be a Knockout Champion and that’s all ODB needs to worry about. ODB says Tara is a joke and then calls her a ‘crybaby b*tch’ which is when Tara slaps the taste out of ODB’s mouth. ODB then Spears ODB and the catfight is on! They roll around punching each other for awhile until security runs out to break it up.

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