Last night was Survivor Series and I don’t think I felt the hate that others did. I thought the first hour was pretty good (sans Super Dave reminding us this was his 10-year anniversary with the company). I was surprised with the 10-man tag match. I thought Orton was winning all along and instead, Rhodes and Barrett were made to look strong. I hated the way that Sheamus was eliminated. And I really hated the way Sin Cara was eliminated. He is getting a push and a build that any wrestler would KILL for. And he does nothing but piss on it with his attitude, ego, wellness violations and an in-ring style that makes Mason Ryan look like Ric Flair. I know accidents happen, but you really should be able to not mess up as much as he does. Right now, he’s not ready from an in-ring standpoint for the wrestling fundraiser at the VFW, much less the national stage of the WWE.

Sorry for my Sin Cara tangent. I know I was able to go grocery shopping, rotate my tires and read “Of Mice and Men” in the time it took Big Show to get to the top rope and do a Savage elbow. But it was am incredible moment. I dare say that was the “Holy s***” moment of the year from WWE. And of course, the CM Punk moment with Howard Finkel announcing him as new champion was indescribable. I also thought Miz and Truth didn’t look weak against Cena & Rock. Rock has never minded trying to make a new star. There were some moments I could have lived without, mostly involving Super Dave Osborne, David Otunga and Matista, the Walking Wellness Violation.

Raw opened as it should have. CM Punk, The Champ, walking to the ring. Punk is just money on the mic. Then Super Dave Osborne killed the atmosphere. CM Punk went off on him. Punk can draw a good segment even out of Super Dave. The fans do not want Super Dave on tv.

They showed footage of The Rock cutting a promo and the crowd chanting “We Want Ryder.” Wow. They introduced Zack Ryder and the crowd chanted like he was Stone Cold in 1997. As Ricardo Rodriguez came out to the ring, Zack Ryder grabbed the mic and said “Woo woo woo. You know it.” I’m not sure how I feel about this. Two of my favorite personalities going after each other. It was a quick match. Alberto Del Rio destroyed him. I get what the WWE was trying to do here. Getting heel heat on ADR by him beating Ryder. But instead of heat, it just killed the crowd.

Then came out my Team Pasty White idol, Sheamus. He got Jack Swagger. Their match was pretty good. They are both two very good athletes, so if they feud, the matches should be really good. Jack Swagger just makes me mad. And it has nothing to do with the person. I think that if he were in Ring of Honor, he’d be champ. He looks so uncomfortable being a character.

Kevin Nash cut a promo. Nobody cares about Kevin Nash. Kevin Nash doesn’t induce heel heat. He doesn’t induce any heat. The only thing worse than a hated wrestler is a wrestler people don’t care about. That’s exactly what Nash is.

Cody Rhodes squashed Santino Marella. Even Michael Cole said, “Thanks for coming, Santino.” The commentary was a lot better tonight. Cody Rhodes threw a glass of water at his half-brother’s former tag team partner. I like that they’re planning on using Booker T to create talent.

Dolph really is the unsung hero of the WWE. It was really probably the biggest match on Raw this year. I feel bad that I couldn’t write more detail, but it was great.

Good video package for Kane.

Big Show cut a really decent promo. Very short.

Divas are now being forced to pimp video games. Poor things. Beth looked very boobalicious in that outfit. Sorry, you put that out there, I’m going to look. Sorry, Alicia & AJ.

We then got Wade Barrett squashing Kofi Kingston. Then Randy Orton came out. Kofi Kingston looks lower than Curt Hawkins after this match. But Kofi ended up getting some offense at him.

John Cena talked or something. Then Miz and R-Truth came out. They sounded well. Cena sounded like a 10-year-old trying to rile up the other kids on the playground. He tried to stir up crap between Miz and Truth.

For an hour and a half, this was a really good Raw. And then Cena happened and Awesome Truth were dissolved because… ? I think the ending alone makes it a bad Raw.

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  1. I absolutely despised the ending. Awesome Truth has never been allowed to look very strong against Super Cena, and certainly not against both him and the Rock. That said, Cena's promo essentially destroyed any shred of credibility that either the Miz or R-Truth may have had. "You're trying so hard to make people see you as a credible threat, and you aren't." Wow, that's going to make people want to pay to see either of them do anything. And then, they fall for Cena's trick and implode, destroying a tag team (or at least an association) that still had quite a lot to offer. I'm not a Cena-hater, and I've learned to let go of most of the things that anger or bore me about wrestling. I've tried to enjoy it for what it is. That ending, however, left me absolutely livid.

    As you were.

  2. Well, I took a few notes during RAW tonight for the podcast tomorrow, and Drow, you nailed one of them right there. We'll definitely get in depth with that one.

    Sin Cara. Where do I start? THIS guy was the biggest Luchador in Mexico? He's the sloppiest lucha libre style worker I think I've ever seen – and I watched WCW in the mid-to-late 90s. I was excited for Mistico to come to WWE, but after seeing him a couple of times, the only time I liked Sin Cara after his debut was when Hunico was under the mask. And we all know Hunico isn't going anywhere, except maybe the unemployment line, because they're not doing shit with him except sticking him with a gimmick TNA has done to death.

    Did I hear Booker T call Zack Ryder "Z-Ry?" I guess that begs the question, what the hell happened to Alex Riley?

    Anyways, I digress. I'll agree with you 100% Justin, this RAW was solid until the end completely ruined it.

  3. Sucks because of the wellness policy R-Truth is being "benched". So hopefully he can recapture his heel heat when he returns. R- Truth feuding with Miz would be interesting.

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