This article is part 8 of a series on WWE Pay Per View events.  See also:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, and Part 7.

We’re almost done with our series on WWE Pay Per View events.  We’ve already discussed seven out of the 10 events outside of “The Big Four,” and after this week’s article on No Mercy, we’ll have just two events left to talk about.

I present my reasons against WWE No Mercy, after the jump!

No Mercy (October)

WWF No Mercy.  The name alone warms the hearts of anybody who’s been playing wrestling video games since the turn of the century.  Rather than follow up their successful WrestleMania 2000 video game with another WrestleMania title (which would have been WrestleMania X-seven, for those keeping score at home), the developers at THQ named their second Nintendo 64 WWF video game after October’s No Mercy Pay Per View event.  It’s widely considered to be the greatest wrestling video game of all time, and is still the standard that newer WWE games are held up to.

Too bad we can’t say the same for the Pay Per View.

While the event will be celebrating it’s 10th anniversary this October, it will in fact be the 11th WWE No Mercy Pay Per View, the first being held in 1999 as a United Kingdom exclusive before coming Stateside later that year.

I mentioned last week during my rant about Unforgiven that if Survivor Series went back to exclusively having tag team elimination matches, I would keep No Mercy on my reimagined schedule.  We’d have two months to build up matches for the event following SummerSlam, and we wouldn’t really have to put too much thought into booking Survivor Series or building up to it.  If we were to narrow it down to six Pay Per Views (including The Big Four and Night of Champions), October would be the perfect month to have the extra show, and the name No Mercy would stay with it, if only for the fact that the video game is still highly regarded to this day.  Unfortunately for No Mercy, however, Survivor Series isn’t returning to it’s classic format any time soon, so it’s just another bump in the road when trying to build up matches for November’s big event.

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