Ladies and Gentlemen, please, could you bring your attention to me?  It’s time for day FOUR of WrestleMania week, and the FOURTH of EIGHT WrestleMania reviews going up this week.  Today, I bring you the first WrestleMania I watched with my wife, which was the start of a great tradition for us, WrestleMania 23!  Let’s roll!

We get our standard opening video package, this one showcasing the legacy of WrestleMania, and how it’s grown up over the years.  We shoot to Vince McMahon in the ring – in the Pontiac Silverdome in 1987, who welcomes us to WrestleMania III and introduces Aretha Franklin, who is here at Ford Field in 2007 to sing “America The Beautiful” just as she had 20 years earlier.

Then we get another video package, with Superstars talking about “when we were young.”  Complete with little kids dressed up as WWE Superstars.  Then, they’re all grown up – get it?  That’s the theme of the show, “All Grown Up.”  Which was the name of the Rugrats spinoff with them as teens in high school.  I’m just saying.

And now, RAW, SmackDown, ECW, and 360 OTC (whatever that is) present, the 23rd Annual WrestleMania!

Saliva’s “Ladies and Gentlemen” plays as pyro lights up Ford Field, and we’re welcomed to the show, as always, by the legendary Jim Ross!  He’s with Jerry Lawler, and they’re infected with emotion, or something.  Michael Cole and JBL represent SmackDown, Joey Styles and Tazz are the ECW commentators, and they’re excited because it’s the first time ECW will be represented at WrestleMania.

The following is the Money In The Bank Ladder Match!

The participants, in order of entry:  Jeff Hardy, King Booker (with Queen Sharmell), Finlay, CM Punk (who is the first ever ECW Superstar to compete at WrestleMania), Mr. Kennedy, Matt Hardy, Randy Orton (still has “Burn In My Light” as his theme), and Edge.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Some guys start brawling right away, others go out to try and retrieve ladders.  Finlay dives from the top rope to the floor on about 5 other guys.  Edge tries to take advantage by bringing a ladder in the ring and trying to climb, but Matt Hardy prevents that from happening.  Finlay and Orton try to climb the ladder, but they start battling it out, tipping the ladder over, and landing on their feet but brawling out of the ring.  Jeff Hardy tries to take the briefcase, but Mr. Kennedy prevents that, then Booker pulls out a short ladder, much to his surprise, before CM Punk hits him and takes it to use as a weapon.  Edge gets hold of it and nails Punk with it.  Edge sets up a ladder as a bridge between the ring and the guardrail and tries to suplex a bloody Punk through it, but Punk reverses it and suplexes Edge on the floor.  Back in the ring, King Booker is handing out spinebusters to anybody who gets in, but rather than climb the ladder, he does the spinaroonie, and gets taken out by the Hardys with ladders.  Matt hits a Side Effect on Edge, then the Hardys set up ladders in the same fashion they did when they annihilated Joey Mercury’s face, but Finlay breaks that up.  Matt gets suplexed through a ladder by Edge, and Kennedy takes out Edge.  Kennedy goes for the Kenton Bomb on Matt Hardy, who is lying on a ladder, but Matt moves out of the way, and Jeff hits the Swanton on Kennedy.  The Hardys work together to take out Finlay, Orton, and King Booker.  Matt starts climbing the ladder, but Jeff stops him, and the two brothers battle on the top of the ladder until Finlay dumps them both off.  Finlay dishes out clotheslines, but gets Speared by Edge, who Spears everybody in sight.  He goes for CM Punk, but Punk leapfrogs him and grabs a ladder after Edge crashes into the ringpost.  He pulls the old Terry Funk/Tommy Dreamer ladder spot, but Edge finally Spears him, which also takes down Finlay and Orton.  Edge grabs a bigger ladder from up the aisle, and he’s the only one in the ring when he sets it up.  The ladder is so big, it goes up above the ladder – but as Edge is scaling it, Orton tips it over.  Jeff Hardy hits a facebuster on Orton, then sets the ladder up in the ring as Matt Hardy lays Edge on the ladder bridge from earlier.  Jeff looks down at Edge, climbs up to the top of the ladder, and hits a seated senton on Edge through the ladder.  Matt Hardy surveys the carnage as Jeff and Edge lie motionless on the arena floor.  The stretchers come out as JBL complains that Jeff Hardy should’ve just tried to win the match instead of showing off.  They strap Edge to the backboard, as Orton RKOs Matt Hardy, Finlay, and Mr. Kennedy in the ring.  Orton grabs a ladder and starts climbing after taking way too long to set it up.  Punk attacks Orton with another ladder.  He sets the ladder up, as Edge is stretchered out.  Orton and Punk battle on the top of the ladders, and Orton hits Punk with an RKO from the top of the ladder!  King Booker starts climbing the ladder, but Orton gets back up and stops him.  Orton goes for the RKO again, but he gets caught with a Book End from the top of the ladder.  Booker starts climbing again, but Matt Hardy gets back in the ring and starts fighting with Booker at the top of the ladder.  Sharmell grabs Hardy by the ankle, and Matt comes down.  He threatens to hit her with a Twist of Fate if Booker didn’t come down.  Booker comes down and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Booker T instead.  Hardy goes up the ladder, but Finlay tips it over, sending Matt crashing to the canvas.  Finlay hits the Celtic Cross on Hardy on the ladder, but he hurt himself as well.  Finlay gets back to his feet and starts setting up the ladder.  He starts trying to climb, but he has difficulty doing it.  Hornswoggle comes out from under the ring, and starts climbing the ladder on Finlay’s behalf.  Mr. Kennedy comes in and kicks Finlay in the skull, then climbs the ladder.  Hornswoggle punches him in the face.  Twice.  Kennedy hits the Green Bay Plunge from the top of the ladder on Hornswoggle.  Finlay throws the ladder in Kennedy’s face.   Finlay starts to climb again, but Punk gets back in and dropkicks the ladder out from under him, breaking the ladder in the process.  He grabs another ladder, sets it up, and starts to climb, but Kennedy gets back up there.  They start brawling and Kennedy slams Punk’s head off of the ladder.  Punk kicks Kennedy down, but Kennedy grabs another ladder and knocks Punk down.  Kennedy climbs, and he unhooks the briefcase!  Mr. Kennedy is Mr. Money In The Bank!

Winner:  Mr. Kennedy

Video:  WWE Films The Condemned starring “Stone Cold” Steve Austin premiere.

Backstage, Mr. Kennedy is with Todd Grisham.  Kennedy congratulates himself, and he sends a message to any Superstar in the back who carries Championship gold around their waist, they’d better grow eyes in the back of their freakin’ head, because Kennedy is coming for them, because nice guys finish last.  He thanks god that he’s not a nice guy.  He’s Mr. Money In The Bank.  Bank.

Video:  Batista, all grown up.

The Great Khali makes his way to the ring.  They should’ve done an all grown up segment on this guy – he’s freakin’ huge.  Kane makes his way out next, with a burning pentagram behind him, and sixes all over the giant video screens.

Kane vs. The Great Khali

Oh boy, this should be fun.  FFW!  Kane gets Khali tied up in the ropes after about an hour of them punching each other, then he goes outside and grabs a hook and chain from under the ring, but Khali stops him from using it.  Then they punch each other for a while longer.  Khali chops Kane down then rips the turnbuckle open.  Kane uses the chain, which is hooked to the top rope, to hit a low blow on Khali, then bodyslams him, a la Hogan/Andre, but not nearly as epic.  Kane goes for the chokeslam, but Khali grabs Kane by the throat as well.  Kane breaks out of Khali’s grip, but walks right back into it.  Khali hits the tree slam, and pins him with a foot on the chest.

Winner:  The Great Khali

After the match, Khali chokes Kane out with his own chain.

Video:  WWE Divas, all grown up.

WWE wants to know who you think will win.  But only if you have an AT&T Mobile phone.

Backstage, Cryme Tyme is with Eugene, and they have Extreme Expose dance for him.  Eugene looks confused, but gets excited when he sees The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young.  He dances with them.  Then Slick comes in and wonders why they’re “illin’ when they should be chillin’.”  The Doctor of Style gets down with his bad self when Dusty Rhodes comes in and says they can’t have a dance party without him.  Sgt. Slaughter comes in, along with Jimmy Hart and IRS.  Jerry Brisco runs through, and they all keep dancing, until Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat comes in.  He winks at the camera, and they all start dancing again.  Ron Simmons walks in, and says, “DAMN!”  Then they all start dancing again.  Brodus Clay, we found your WrestleMania spot.

The Detroit Tigers are in the house.  I wonder if any of those guys were the American League MVP that season…  Speaking of MVP, he’s here with a horde of cheerleaders as he heads to the ring for his shot at the United States Championship.  For what it’s worth, in the weeks building up to WrestleMania 23, he took on “Champions” from all over the world, including the Lichtenstein Champion, who was portrayed by an upcoming BWF Radio guest, Johnny Gargano.  Look it up!  Chris Benoit makes his way out – and eerily, the video screen behind him has newspaper print flashing on it.

Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Chris Benoit

After that last match, bring this one on!  It’s back and forth early on, with MVP managing to counter Benoit’s every move.  Every time Benoit gets ahold of MVP’s arm in position for the crossface, MVP gets the ropes.  MVP fights off a superplex, draping Benoit’s arm over the top rope.  He goes after the injured arm right away, and takes firm control of the match.  Benoit ducks a kick, however, and manages to hit the triple German suplex.  Benoit goes to the top for the flying headbutt, but MVP knocks him down and hits a superplex, but Benoit manages to catch MVP and scores a two count once they hit the canvas.  MVP takes control of the match again, continuing to work over Benoit’s arm.  Benoit tries to lock in the crossface again, but MVP escapes easily as Benoit’s arm won’t let him properly hook the hold.  MVP hits the Ballin’ Elbow and gets a two count.  MVP misses the driveby kick, and Benoit goes for the rolling Germans again, but MVP avoids the third.  He can’t hit one of his own, and Benoit manages to score with the rolling Germans on another attempt.  He goes up top again, and this time he hits the diving headbutt!  He covers MVP and picks up the three count to retain his title!

Winner and still United States Champion: Chris Benoit

Video:  The Undertaker, all grown up.

Backstage, Donald Trump is on his phone complaining he hasn’t gotten any food.  The Boogeyman creeps up behind him.  Trump’s female friend flees, but Trump no-sells it.  He tells The Boogeyman he wants a sandwich.  Boogeyman says he’ll get Trump a sandwich.  Trump says if he does, he’ll get him some worms.  Boogeyman asks for a worm sandwich.

JBL and Michael Cole tell us about Backlash, coming up in a month, and then they throw it to a highlight package of last night’s Hall of Fame ceremony.

The new Ford Field attendance record:  80,103

Howard Finkel is here to introduce us to the Class of 2007 Hall of Fame.  They are, in order of announcement, Good Ol’ JR, Jim Ross, Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig (represented by family), Jerry “The King” Lawler, Nick Bockwinkel, Mr. Fuji, The Wild Samoans (Afa and Sika), The Original Sheik (represented by his wife Joyce Farhat), and The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes.

Video:  The Undertaker’s recent history with Batista

Teddy Long is out to do the ring announcements for some reason.  Batista is out first, despite the fact that he’s the World Heavyweight Champion.  I guess this is around the time that tradition went out the window.  Batista takes the time to go to each side of the huge stage they have for this event to show off for the crowd, which will probably cause Batista’s entrance to eat up about as much time as The Undertaker’s.  Especially because he still does his machine gun thing.  The druids come out, and it’s probably a good thing for Batista that The Undertaker will probably take a half hour to get to the ring, because he looked pretty winded after he got there himself.    After all the druids are in place, some pyro goes off, and The Undertaker’s music starts playing.  Alright, this is taking far too long.  FFW!

The Undertaker vs. Batista:  World Heavyweight Championship

Batista spears Undertaker straight after the bell, but The Undertaker starts throwing punches in the corner.  Batista uses his power to take control.  Outside of the ring, he whips Undertaker into the steel steps.  Back in the ring, Batista hits a flying shoulderblock from the top rope.  It’s all Batista in the early going, but it seems to have a rope-a-dope effect on Batista, and The Undertaker starts mounting a comeback on a fatigued Animal.  Snake-eyes, big boot, leg drop, and a two count for The Undertaker.  Undertaker hits Old School, and then he goes for a chokeslam, but Batista powers out of it.  Undertaker hits his flying clothesline, then covers Batista for two.  The Phenom knocks The Animal to the floor, and follows him out.  He bounces Batista’s head off of the steel steps.  He sets Batista up for, and hits, the guillotine legdrop.  Undertaker hits the suicide dive on the Champion, and referee Charles Robinson checks on both men before getting back in the ring to begin his count.  Still on the outside, Batista reverses an Irish whip and sends Undertaker crashing into the timekeeper’s area.  Hello, Mark Yeaton.  Batista starts to tear apart the announce tables, and he lays Undertaker across the center one, which I believe is the RAW announce table.  He sets up for, and hits, a running powerslam through the ECW announce table.  Undertaker has no idea where he is as The Animal rolls him into the ring, but he still manages to kick out at two.  Batista starts throwing fists at a fallen Undertaker, perhaps out of frustration.  He sets up for a Batista Bomb, but The Undertaker backs him into the corner.  He tries to Irish whip Batista, but instead winds up getting hit with a belly to belly suplex.  Batista gets Undertaker into the corner and starts throwing punches, but winds up eating a Last Ride, but Undertaker can only score a two count.  Undertaker hits a chokeslam for another two.  The Phenom signals for, and attempts, a Tombstone, but Batista escapes and hits a spear.  Batista nails the Batista Bomb!  Undertaker kicks out at two!  Batista cannot believe it.  He picks The Undertaker up and goes for another one, but Undertaker backdrops his way out of it.  Batista ducks a clothesline, and he picks Undertaker up, but Undertaker reverses, and manages to get Batista up, and down with the Tombstone.  One, two, three and there’s a new Champion!

Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion:  The Undertaker (15 – 0 at WrestleMania)

Undertaker poses with his new title and fireworks go off.

Video:  Bobby Lashley, all grown up.

Mr. McMahon is backstage, and Stephanie walks in with her baby to wish him luck.  Vince flips out about it.  Then he starts making baby talk at his Granddaughter.  We get a first person perspective as Vince tells the kid he’s going to bash Donald Trump’s head in.  Vince starts sniffing and asks Stephanie if she smells what he smells.  The baby just took a Trump.

Joey Styles and Tazz are trying to set up the next match, and The Sandman, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, and Tommy Dreamer, the ECW Originals start making their way through the crowd.  ECW’s New Breed – Marcus Cor Von, Matt Striker, Elijah Burke, and Kevin Thorn – take the more traditional route of coming down the aisle to the ring.

ECW Originals vs. The New Breed

Sabu starts out with Matt Striker, and it’s all Sabu early on.  Sabu tags in Sandman, who hits a dropkick from the top rope, but Marcus Cor Von saves Matt Striker from being pinned, and – man, this is harder to keep up with than those big Lucha style tag matches from WCW.  Cor Von and the New Breed take control on Tommy Dreamer.  Burke hits the Elijah Express on Dreamer.  He mocks Dreamer, but Sabu breaks up the pin attempt.  Kevin Thorn hits a sitout powerbomb, but Sabu again breaks up the count.  Dreamer eventually gets the tag in to Rob Van Dam, who cleans house.  He monkey flip’s Striker out of the corner, then hits the Rolling Thunder, but Cor Von pulls Van Dam out of the ring, and Sabu dives on both of them.  Dreamer hits the DDT on Striker, Burke clotheslines Dreamer out of the ring, only to be dumped out by Sandman.  RVD sneaks back in and hits the Five Star Frog Splash on Matt Striker to give the Originals the victory!

Winners:  The ECW Originals

Video:  “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, all grown up.

WrestleMania is coming to Orlando, FL on March 30, 2008.

Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns is in the crowd, and we’re about to have a billionaire shaved bald.  As such, we get the video package highlighting how this all came about.

The barber’s chair gets it’s own entrance.  Seriously.  I can’t make this up.  Vince McMahon can, apparently, as he makes his way to the ring next.  His representative in this match, The Intercontinental Champion, the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga, makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Armando Alejandro Estrada.  Donald Trump gets his own entrance too, accompanied by Tara Connor (former Miss USA), and it rains hundred dollar bills in the stadium.  Real ones.  Not fake ones like we got at WrestleMania 24 a year later.  His representative, the ECW Champion Bobby Lashley, makes his way to the ring, and we’re still not done with the entrances.  The glass shatters, and our guest referee, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin makes his entrance, and we’re FINALLY ready for this match.

Bobby Lashley vs. Umaga

Lashley gets aggressive early, causing Austin to pull him off of Umaga.  Lashley scores a two after a shoulderblock from the second rope.  Lashely pulls Estrada into the ring and powerslams him (because Estrada put Umaga’s foot on the rope during that cover).  Umaga charges at Lashley, who ducks and pulls the ropes down, sending Umaga crashing to the floor.  Back in the ring, Umaga sidesteps Lashley, who goes crashing to the floor himself.  Umaga starts to choke Lashley, but Austin breaks that up with a slap to Umaga’s back.  Umaga goes back to the choke, and Austin pulls him off by the hair.  Umaga takes Lashley down with a clothesline.  Lashley tries to battle back but gets hit with a Samoan drop.  Lashley tries for a bodyslam, but Umaga is too heavy for him.  Mr. McMahon gets up on the apron, but gets sent back to the floor when Lashley bounces off of the ropes.  Umaga maintains control until he goes to the top rope, and Lashley tosses him down to the canvas.  Both men are down and Austin starts counting them both down.  He gets up to nine, then stops counting.  He says no countouts as Shane McMahon comes down to check on his father.  Umaga regains control of the match, and starts choking him again, and Austin grabs Umaga by the face, around the eyes to pull him off, and ends up getting hit with the Samoan Spike for his troubles.  Shane gets in the ring and starts throwing punches at Lashley, but he gets caught.  Before Lashley can do anything to him though, Umaga takes him down.  Shane gets Lashley down in the corner, and Umaga charges in.  Shane sets up a trash can in front of Lashley’s face, and Shane climbs up the opposite turnbuckle, and he goes coast to coast, booting the trash can into Lashley’s face.  Shane takes his shirt off to reveal a referee’s shirt under his dress shirt.  Umaga goes to the top rope, and hits a big splash on Lashley.  Shane gets a two count before Austin pulls him out of the ring and opens up a can of whoop-ass.  Umaga hits Austin with another Samoan Spike, and Trump wonders what’s going on.  Trump clotheslines Vince McMahon.  Umaga goes for a third Samoan Spike on Austin, but Austin hits the Stunner, Lashley hits the Spear, and Austin counts the three – Vince McMahon will be getting his head shaved!

Winner:  Bobby Lashley

McMahon is in total shock that he lost the “Battle of the Billionaires.”  He tries to slink away, but Austin catches him, tossing him back into the ring.  Shane attacks Austin from behind, but Austin hits the Lou Thesz Press, drops the elbow, and hits the Stunner, sending the younger McMahon back to the floor.  Vince tries to crawl away, sneaking up the aisle, but Austin and Trump notice this.  Vince waves goodbye, but Lashley chases him down and catches him.  He picks McMahon up over his shoulder and tosses him back in the ring, where the barber’s chair is set up.  Vince backs into Stone Cold, and gets Stunned when he turns around.  Lashley picks McMahon up, and they strap him into the barber’s chair.  Trump grabs the clippers, and Lashley grabs a set of his own, and the two of them start shaving McMahon’s head.  They actually get his head shaved bald pretty quickly.  “The Bald Headed Blues” starts playing as Trump and Lashley cover McMahon’s head in shaving cream and start shaving his head with straight razors.  Probably a Gillette razor, I’m sure.  Austin has a beer while Lashley shows Mr. McMahon his head in the mirror.  McMahon falls backwards in the barber’s chair.  Austin shares beers with Trump and Lashley in the ring.  Then he stuns Trump.  Classic Austin!

Video:  John Cena, all grown up.

Prior to the show, it was Ric Flair and Carlito vs. Chavo Guerrero and Gregory Helms in a lumberjack match, with Carlito and Flair picking up the victory.

JBL and Cole recap the card, and then the lumberjills come out to the ring for this WWE Women’s Championship match.  Tony Chimel introduces all of them.  Remember this on Friday when you’re reading about WrestleMania 25.  Ashley makes her way out first as the challenger, followed by Women’s Champion Melina and a horde of paparazzi.

Melina vs. Ashley:  WWE Women’s Championship

Ashley is the aggressor early in the match.  Melina tries to take a breather, but this is a lumberill match, so that doesn’t last long.  The two Divas battle back and forth.  We’re far removed from the days of Trish Stratus by this point, folks.  Ashley misses Star-struck, Melina gets a two.  Ashley rolls up Melina, gets two, Melina rolls up Ashley, gets three.

Winner and still Women’s Champion:  Melina

Ashley literally kicks Melina out of the ring and then all hell breaks loose with all the lumberjills getting involved, but Melina escapes unscathed.

Video:  Shawn Michaels, all grown up.

59% of the AT&T customers who voted picked John Cena to win.  We get our standard video package leading up to this one.  Shawn Michaels gets the DX style entrance, complete with the theme song.  Come to think of it, where the hell was Triple H on this show?  Somewhere on the streets of Detroit, some idiot in a Ford Mustang is driving like a maniac.  He drives right into the stadium entrance.  Hell, he drives right into the stadium and through a glass WrestleMania logo.  John Cena’s music hits, and it turns out, he was the driver.  He heads down to the ring, and we’re set for our main event.

John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels:  WWE Championship

This is Cena’s fourth WrestleMania and he’s never lost at the Showcase of the Immortals.  A fan jumps in the ring and tries to streak, but that apparently didn’t work too well.  He got on camera in his shorts for all of 1 second.  Michaels strikes first, and he gets Cena down first, sending a crotch chop in Cena’s direction.  They lock up, and Cena gets Michaels in a hammerlock, but Michaels escapes, Cena misses with a couple of punches, and Michaels again knocks Cena down.  Michaels twists the arm of Cena, gets him in a headlock, takes him down, and keeps Cena in the headlock.  Cena finally battles out and scores with a clothesline.  Michaels hits a Lou Thesz Press and throws fists.  Michaels hiptosses Cena to the floor, in front of the RAW announce table, which is already somewhat dismantled from Batista earlier.  Michaels hits a huge Asai Moonsault on Cena.  Back in the ring, HBK is in charge.  Cena can’t seem to get a move in.  Michaels manages to hurt Cena’s leg, and he capitalizes on it, wrapping Cena’s leg around the ringpost.  The referee asks Cena if he wants to continue, and Cena must have said no.  Cena is essentially a one legged man in an ass kicking contest right now.  Cena starts battling back, but Michaels clearly has the advantage.  He spears Cena in the corner.  He tries it again, but Cena moves, and HBK collides head first with the ringpost, which busts HBK open and leaves him disoriented.  Cena takes advantage and, as such, control of the match.  He gets Michaels down in the center of the ring and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle.  Cena stalks Michaels, and goes for the F.U., but HBK escapes.  Michaels goes for Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere, but Cena ducks, and he hits referee Mike Chioda instead.  Cena goes for the FU again, but Michaels counters with a DDT.  HBK heads to the outside and starts rearranging furniture.  He drags Cena up the bottom half of the steel steps and piledrives Cena right into them!  Cena is bleeding from the top of the head as HBK rolls his lifeless carcass into the ring.  Michaels drags Cena to the center of the ring and calls for another referee to come down.  Jack Doan gets there and Michaels only manages to get two before Cena gets a shoulder up.  Michaels hits the flying forearm, the heads to the top rope, dropping the elbow on Cena.  Michaels tunes up the band, but Cena hits a huge clothesline.  They start exchanging right hands.  Cena goes for the FU, Michaels turns it into a sunset flip for two.  Cena catches Michaels in mid air and hits an FU, but he can’t capitalize right away, which allows Michaels to be able to kick out at two.  Cena gets Michaels in the fireman’s carry position on the top rope, but Michaels battles out of it.  He sends Cena crashing to the canvas.  Michaels goes for a cross-body, but Cena rolls through and goes for an FU, but Michaels lands on his feet.  Michaels goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Cena ducks and goes for the STFU, but Michaels escapes quickly and gets a two off of a rollup.  Cena ducks an enziguri, then locks in the STFU.  Michaels gets to the ropes, and the referee pulls Cena off of him.  Michaels hits Sweet Chin Music, but he’s out of it and can’t seem to capitalize either.  He crawls over, and gets an arm over Cena, but Cena gets a shoulder up.  Both men are down as the referee counts.  He gets to eight and they start to stir.  At nine, they’re up enough for the referee to stop the count.  They’re leaning on each other trying to get up.  Cena goes for the FU, Michaels counters but winds up in the STFU instead.  Cena has it locked in in the center of the ring, and Michaels has no choice but to tap out.

Winner and still WWE Champion:  John Cena

Cena celebrates his victory as the pyro goes off to celebrate another WrestleMania in the books.  As Michaels is leaving, Cena stops him, but Michaels walks away.  Cena salutes him before getting back in the ring to continue celebrating as confetti fills Ford Field.

We get our closing video, set to “The Memory Will Never Die” by Default and “Ladies and Gentlemen” by Saliva

My Thoughts:  I actually saw Saliva a couple of years later, and they introduced “Ladies and Gentlemen” by saying “This was the theme song to WrestleMania 23!”  I don’t know if we ever actually got to see Vince McMahon bald after this.  He pretty much wore a du-rag until his hair grew back to what it is now.  This was Chris Benoit’s last WrestleMania, and within the year between this and WrestleMania XXIV, I joined another site’s message boards, and that’s where I met JT, Drowgoddess, G, and several other people who have written for us in the past.  I’m looking forward to reviewing WrestleMania XXIV, since I was there and have already had my thoughts on the event published elsewhere, but not here on BWF.  Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!

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