This is it!  BoredWrestlingFan’s WrestleMania week is in full swing, which kicked off with the WrestleMania 29 prediction podcast.  My contribution to WrestleMania week this year will be reviews of the first six WrestleMania events, which started Monday with 1985′s WrestleMania, and will finish up Saturday with a review of WrestleMania VI.  And don’t forget to tune in to BoredWrestlingFan Radio this Sunday at 2PM Eastern as I will be reporting LIVE from Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, the site of WrestleMania XXIX!

Today’s event, WrestleMania III.  I was still a couple years away from being a full fledged member of what we now call the WWE Universe, but I knew wrestling was out there.  I didn’t see this when it aired, but I rented it from the video store a couple of years later.  I’m actually pumped to be reviewing this one, mostly because of the Savage/Steamboat classic.  Of course, there are other memorable moments – Hogan slamming the 6,000 lb dude brother dude Andre across the world, Adrian Adonis having his hair cut – but that’s the one that seems to be the most talked about.  Let’s roll!

Vince McMahon welcomes us to the Pontiac Silverdome, and holy shit what a ginormous crowd!  Aretha Franklin kicks things off with her rendition of “America The Beautiful.”

Gorilla Monsoon welcomes us, along with Jesse Ventura, and they have Mary Hart and Bob Uecker with them.

Howard Finkel is our ring announcer and introduces the participants in the first match…

Can-Am Connection (Rick Martel & Tom Zenk) vs. Magnificent Muraco & “Cowboy” Bob Orton (w/ Mr. Fuji)

Muraco and Zenk kick things off in this one.  The Can-Am Connection get the advantage and send the Cowboy and the Magnifient one reeling.  Zenk ducks a sneak attack by Muraco, who nails Orton on accident.  It’s all Can-Am Connection so far.  Fuji’s boys aren’t out of it for long though.  The finish comes when one of the Can Am goes for a cross body, causing Orton to trip over the other one, and they pick up the victory.  Martel picks up the pin over Bob Orton.

Winners by Pinfall:  Can-Am Connection

Hall of Famer count:  7 (Fink, Gorilla, Ventura, Uecker, Muraco, Orton, and Fuji)

We get a special video package detailing the history between Billy Jack Haynes and Hercules.

Backstage, Mean Gene is with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Hercules.  Herc gets all history teacher on us, then says Billy Jack will feel the wrath and we’ll find out who the true master of the Full Nelson is.

Ha!  The old ring carts, and the Federettes!

Billy Jack Haynes vs. Hercules (w/ Bobby “The Brain” Heenan)

Man, what a huge crowd for this event.  Herc looks a heck of a lot different at this WrestleMania than he did at WrestleMania 2.  Apparently the idea here is that they both think they’re the master of the Full Nelson.  I wonder what Chris Masters thinks.  Billy Jack Hayes.  Dude was around for, what, a cup of coffee?  Based on his tights and boots, he’s proud of being from Oregon.  Hercules gets Billy Jack down, but pulls him up at 2.  Billy Jack starts battling back, but his back has been worn down so badly that he couldn’t get Hercules up for a suplex.  Hercules goes for the Full Nelson and gets it locked in.  I see Billy Jack tap out, but that’s before they considered that a sign of submission.  Hercules doesn’t have the hold locked in fully, and Billy Jack’s arm doesn’t drop the third time, and he fights out of the hold, only for Hercules to club him in the back of the head.  They clothesline each other, but Hercules is up first.  Hayes hits an inverted atomic drop.  Billy Jack hits a couple clotheslines and a legdrop, then a fist drop from the middle rope.  Hayes locks Hercules in the Full Nelson, but Hercules pulls him to the ropes.  Hayes locks on the Full Nelson on the outside of the ring as the referee counts both men out.  Heenan hits Hayes to get him to break the hold, leading to Hayes chasing Heenan around the ring.  Hercules nails Hayes with his chain several times, busting him open in the process.  Finally, he locks in the Full Nelson and tosses Hayes to the canvas.

Double Count-Out

Hall of Famer count:  8  (adding Heenan)

Backstage, Gene Okerlund is with King Kong Bundy and a couple of little people.  He says he wants Hillbilly Jim most of all, but he’ll squash the other two midgets if they get in his way.

Bob Uecker is on commentary for the following match.

Earlier on, Mean Gene interviewed Hillbilly Jim, Little Beaver, and Haiti Kid, and Hillbilly Jim says he’s concerned about the little guys, and he’ll do his doggest to make sure everything is ok out there.

King Kong Bundy, Little Tokyo, & Lord Littlebrook vs. Hillbilly Jim, Haiti Kid, & Little Beaver

Midgets.  Remember when that wasn’t a bad word?  Pepperidge Farms remembers.  Hillbilly was an athletic dude back in the day.  It’s a “mixed tag team” match, so the big guys face the big guys, and the little guys face the little guys.  Haiti Kid and Little Tokyo kick things off, and then all the little dudes are in the ring.  Little Tokyo went forward in time and stole TAKA Michinoku’s gear.  Could you imagine being in the nosebleed seats at this event and trying to see these little dudes from that far away?  Bundy gets the tag in, and Little Beaver offers to fight him.  After a dropkick has no effect, Hillbilly Jim gets the tag in.  I have Bundy and Hillbilly’s LJN action figures from back in the day.  Bundy kicks out of a pin attempt with all three of his opponents on top of him.  Little Beaver tries to break a Bundy front-facelock on Hillbilly Jim by slapping him in the face.  This becomes a theme of this match until Bundy bodyslams Little Beaver.  He drops a big elbow on the little man, and the referee calls for the bell.  Bundy goes for the splash, but all three other midgets pull Beaver away.

Winners by Disqualification:  Little Beaver, Haiti Kid, and Hillbilly Jim

Hall of Famer Count:  8 (Hillbilly Jim isn’t in the Hall of Fame?  Are you serious?)

Mary Hart is with Elizabeth.  Mary wants to know if Elizabeth is trepidatious.  Randy Savage walks in and crashes the interview, and doesn’t say much of any note.

Video package for King Harley Race vs. The Junkyard Dog, who doesn’t bow to anybody except the lord above.  Harley Race tried to force him to at some point.  It doesn’t say when that happened.

Gene Okerlund is with King Harley Race, Queen Moolah, and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.  The basic idea is that they want to make JYD bow to the king.

Bob Uecker takes off because he wants to be with Moolah.  Heenan, Race, and Moolah come to the ring to what would later become Jerry “The King” Lawler’s theme music.

Earlier, Mean Gene talked to JYD, who says he’ll be wearing the crown when it’s all said and done.

King Harley Race (w/ Bobby Heenan and The Fabulous Moolah) vs. The Junkyard Dog

Grab Them Cakes, right G?  The loser in this match must kneel and bow to the king.  This is what I know Harley Race from.  I know he’s one of the baddest dudes to ever set foot in the ring, but I know him best as “King” Harley Race from his WWF days in the twilight of his career.  Race misses a diving headbutt on the outside, he’s brought back in with a clothesline by JYD, and sent right back to the floor with another one, much to the dismay of Bobby Heenan and Moolah.  JYD bodyslams Race back into the ring, and locks in an abdominal stretch.  Last match had no Hall of Famers, but this one is chock full of them.  It’s all JYD, who keeps sending Race to the floor.  Heenan keeps helping Race up to his feet, to the chagrin of Gorilla Monsoon on commentary.  Heenan gets on the apron, which distracts JYD for a split second, leaving JYD prone for a belly-to-belly suplex from Race, who picks up the three count.  As stipulated, JYD must bow and kneel before the King.  Race sits in a chair with his robe on.  JYD gives a little bow, then drills Race with his own chair.  JYD grabs the robe, then puts it on himself, leaving with it.

Winner by pinfall:  King Harley Race

Hall of Famer count:  11 (adding JYD, Race, and Moolah)

Vince McMahon is standing by with Hulk Hogan.  Hulkster says this isn’t his last ride, no matter what anybody else thinks.  Hogan babbles on as Vince looks at him wondering what he’s talking about.  He says Andre has to face the truth – to beat Hogan, he’s gotta beat all the Hulkamaniacs.  What’s Andre going to do when Hulkamania runs wild on him?

We’ve got ourselves a tag team match.  The Rougeau Brothers are in the ring, awaiting their opponents, who did an interview backstage earlier on.

And those guys are the Dream Team, with Johnny Valiant and Dino Bravo.  I have no idea what they said.  I wasn’t paying attention.

The Rougeau Brothers vs. The Dream Team (w/ Johnny Valiant and Dino Bravo)

Is Brutus on EVERY one of these shows I’m covering?  I actually distinctly remember the results of this match, if only because of something that happens later on in the night.  Ray Rougeau kicks things off with Brutus Beefcake.  Quick tags from both teams, and it’s actually tough to follow who’s legal.  I know as I type this it’s Greg “The Hammer” Valentine.  Jacques Rougeau I think is the legal guy.  He was The Mountie, right?  “Bruti, with that strange haircut of his.”  Mullet.  Bobby Heenan jumps in on commentary.  He’s two for two tonight.  Billy Jerk didn’t beat Hercules, and that’s a victory in his mind.  King won his match.  So, Bobby’s two for two.  Gorilla points out that Hercules didn’t win either, and King Kong Bundy lost his match, to which Heenan says he had nothing to do with.  He wasn’t out there and he doesn’t deal with midgets.  Meanwhile, in the ring, everything goes nuts, Dino Bravo nails one of the Rougeaus behind the referee’s back, and The Hammer picks up the victory.  Beefcake doesn’t agree with the way it happened, and his team leaves him behind.

Winners by pinfall:  The Dream Team

Hall of Famer count:  13 (adding Valentine and Valiant)

We get a special video package of Adrian Adonis and Roddy Piper destroying each other’s talk show sets – and each other.  Piper says he’s not going to be humiliated by somebody that wears a dress.

Adonis is on his way to the ring with Jimmy Hart, and the loser of this match will have his head shaved clean.  Adrian has hedge clippers.

Mean Gene interviewd Adonis earlier.  You spell wrestling A-D-O-N-I-S.  Basically, Adonis says he’ll cut Piper’s hair.

Piper, despite the fact that they have those carts, decides to jog to the ring.  He says he’s retiring following this match.

“Adorable” Adrian Adonis vs. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper – Hair vs. Hair match.

It’s a brawl early on, but Piper takes his belt off and whips Adonis with it, then chokes Jimmy Hart with it.  Adonis winds up with the belt, and he whips Piper with it.  Piper reverses an Irish Whip, sending Adonis crashing over the ropes and to the floor.  He drags Adonis in with Hart clutching at the other side, and he takes them both out, tossing Hart into Adonis.  In fact, Piper using Hart as a weapon happens a couple of times.  Hart trips Piper as he’s running the ropes.  Adonis takes control of the match off of this.  Adonis’ fat ass tears down the ring apron by stepping on it.  Adonis is all over Piper, but Piper won’t go down.  Hart sprays him in the eyes with an atomizer.  Adonis has Piper in “Good Night Irene,” a sleeper hold, but Piper tries to fight his way out of it.  Adonis keeps it locked in, the referee checks the arm, but it only dropped twice.  As Adonis is celebrating, thinking he won, Brutus Beefcake runs in and wakes Piper up.  Piper slaps on a sleeper, and Adonis fades as Beefcake chases Hart outside the ring to keep him honest.  The arm drops a third time, and Piper has won.  Beefcake hands Piper the hedge clippers.  Beefcake shaves Adonis’ head while Piper holds down Jimmy Hart.  Piper holds up a mirror for Adonis to see what Beefcake did.  Adonis goes after Piper, but Piper ducks him.  Adonis slips on some of his own hair and skedaddles with his manager.

Winner by submission:  “Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Hall of Famer count:  15 (adding Piper and Jimmy Hart)

Mary Hart and Bob Uecker are with Gorilla Monsoon, and Monsoon says Jesse Ventura has insisted on being introduced to the live crowd.  Howard Finkel obliges.  Ventura shakes hands with Jimmy Hart, Danny Davis, and The Hart Foundation who are already in the ring.

“Mean Gene” interviewed them earlier.  Jimmy Hart calls The British Bulldogs the biggest crybabies he’d ever seen in his life.

Six Man Tag Team Match – The Hart Foundation & Danny Davis (w/ Jimmy Hart) vs. The British Bulldogs & Tito Santana

Matilda.  Great.  Jimmy Hart runs from that bulldog, who is smaller than some of my cats, and the heels all get dumped from the ring before the bell even rings.  It’s Santana and Bret Hart kicking things off.  Ventura is shown riding away from the ring on one of those carts with Matilda.  Jim Neidhart and Davey Boy Smith are legal when the focus comes back to the ring, and it’s quick tags by the faces, keeping a fresh guy in the ring.  Anvil backs Santana into the Harts corner and distracts the ref, allowing his teammates to work over Santana, but Santana gets around Anvil and gets one of the Bulldogs in the match.  Monsoon says that after the Bulldogs lost their titles, he was “literally knocked into the middle of next week with that megaphone.”  Is that possible?  Could I have had somebody “knock me into the middle of next week” last week some time and skipped to a day or two before I leave for my vacation?  This one is tough to keep up with, as these multi-person matches still tend to be 26 years later.  Danny Davis gets some shots in on Dynamite Kid.  It’s all Hart Foundation as they keep Dynamite in their half of the ring.  Davis gets tagged back in, gets a couple kicks in, and tags Hitman back in.  Davis goes for a big splash when he’s tagged back in, but Dynamite gets the knees up and manages to tag in Santana.  Santana hits the flying forearm on Davis, then goes for the figure four, but Anvil stops that from happening.  Tito tags in Davey Boy Smith, who clotheslines Davis out of his boots.  Figuratively.  Which is what I’m sure Gorilla meant earlier.  Davey Boy hits Davis with a tombstone piledriver.  Davey hits the running powerslam on Davis, but Anvil breaks up the cover.  Santana hits the flying elbow on Neidhart, and somehow Davis manages to pin Smith in the confusion.

Winners by pinfall:  The Hart Foundation & Danny Davis

I have no idea what happened.  Smith is still out as I type this.  At least there’s a replay.  Anvil stomped Davey a few times, Dynamite stops Bret Hart from getting involved, and Davis whacked Smith with the megaphone.  That’s what happened.

Hall of Famer count:  17 (adding Bret Hart and Tito Santana)

Bobby Heenan and Andre The Giant are backstage with Gene Okerlund.  Bobby says that Andre will become the Heavyweight Champion of the World.  Andre is undefeated over 15 years, and Hogan has never faced anybody as big as Andre.  Heenan says Hogan had three good years, but Andre will be the new Champion tonight.

Slick is in the ring.  He’s there as the manager of “The Natural” Butch Reed.  Reed’s opponent is accompanied by Frankie, “The Birdman” Koko B. Ware!

“The Natural” Butch Reed (w/ Slick) vs. Koko B. Ware

This is before Koko got all wacky with his hair.  Jesse Ventura is back on commentary for this one with a brand new WrestleMania III t-shirt.  He must have traded the dog for it.  Ventura is complaining about the taped fists of Koko, which is ridiculous – he’s clearly wearing a glove.  Two great athletes in this match.  Nice back and forth here.  Reed slows the pace down, and it works for him.  Koko takes control back and speeds things up again.  Koko scores two with a small package.  Koko goes for a cross body, but his momentum allows Reed to wind up on top of the pin, with a handful of tights, for the victory.  After the match, Koko goes after Reed, Slick nails Koko with his cane, and Tito Santana comes to the rescue.  Tito catches Slick and starts to tear his clothes off.  Slick scurries off, and Santana & Ware hit a double dropkick on Reed.

Winner by pinfall:  Butch Reed

Hall of Famer count:  18 (adding Koko B. Ware)

How do they get that bird to be so well behaved?

Video package:  Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage  We see Savage crushing the throat of Steamboat, and Steamboat’s comeback.  We see George “The Animal” Steele kidnap Elizabeth.  We see Steamboat come after Savage.  Savage says he’ll embarrass and pin Steamboat, and put him out of action for good.

The Intercontinental Champion is out first with the first lady of the WWF, Elizabeth.  How did she get away from George Steele?  They don’t explain that.  This is 26 years ago.  I was 5.  I don’t know these things.

Steamboat is with Okerlund.  He says that the day has come.  They will clash like two titans, but there will only be one winner.  This dragon is breathing fire.  He’ll win the championship belt.  Dragon is breathing fire.  That doesn’t sound like a bad idea.  Oh, wait.

WWF Intercontinental Championship:  “Macho Man” Randy Savage (w/ Elizabeth) (c) vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (w/ George “The Animal” Steele)

I’m watching this.  Screw this review.  You should go buy this PPV.  Right now.  Google Play.  Amazon Instant Video.  iTunes.  Who cares.  Go get it.  This match is considered to be the greatest WrestleMania match of all time.  I want to sit back and enjoy.  Steamboat works over Savage’s arm early.  I’ll give you the basics.  How’s that sound, good?  I can’t leave you good people hanging too much.  Savage goes after the throat.  It’s funny to hear Gorilla defending the faces doing things that could be considered breaking the rules.  I would love for the Jericho/Fandango match this Sunday to be as good as this one.  Let’s see people chant “you can’t wrestle” at Fandango after that.  Ventura says that Steamboat should be disqualified for intentionally tossing Savage over the top rope, which, of course, was never illegal in the World Wrestling Federation, at least not to my knowledge.  Near fall after near fall, and the crowd gets louder with every one of them.  This is how a wrestling match should be.  The first WrestleMania ref bump happens in this match.  It causes there to be no official to count when Savage hits the flying elbow.  Savage snatches the bell from the timekeeper, but it’s stolen from him by Steele.  Savage gets it back, but Steele pushes him off the top rope.  Savage goes for a bodyslam, but it’s reversed into a small package by The Dragon, and we’ve got a new Intercontinental Champion!  What a friggin’ match!  I see why this is considered the greatest WM match of all time!

Winner by pinfall and NEW Intercontinental Champion, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat

Hall of Famer count:  20 (adding Steamboat and Steele)

It’s great to see that very tarnished Intercontinental Championship and know the story behind it.  Apparently, when Savage was champion, he tried to polish it with Brasso polish, which stripped the paint from the title plates.

Okerlund is with Alice Cooper and Jake “The Snake” Roberts.  Roberts still remembers what happened to him on The Snake Pit.  He says he’s still walking, and all he needs to do is get his hands on Honky Tonk Man.  Alice Cooper says this is his hometown, and the hometown of heavy metal.

Roberts and Cooper are out first.  I got to see Alice for the first time a few years back, it was the coolest thing ever.

Okerlund is with Honky Tonk Man and Jimmy Hart, who say that Peggy Sue is at ringside, and the people will get to hear his song, not no nightmare song by Alice Cooper.

Honky Tonk Man (w/ Col. Jimmy Hart) vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts (w/ Alice Cooper)

I go to scratch an itch, and Roberts goes straight after HTM.  HTM hasn’t even gotten out of his jumpsuit yet.  Roberts is all over him, angry because he was knocked cold with a guitar on the Snake Pit.  Legitimately.  It says a lot about the people involved in this match that my least favorite out of the four is Jimmy Hart.  I love that dude.  It’s all Jake here.  Short-arm clothesline, but Honky avoids the DDT.  HTM finally turns the tide, whipping Roberts into the post.  I just heard Monsoon make a coming out of the closet (about Adrian Adonis) joke.  In 1987.  Anyways, HTM is in control, hitting a second rope fist drop.  He picks Jake up and keeps taking the fight to him.  Honky goes for Shake, Rattle, and Roll, but he gets backdropped.  He maintains control, however, but shows off a bit too much to the audience.  Roberts starts to mount a comeback.  HTM begs off, but Jake will have none of it.  Jake goes for the DDT, but the Colonel gets involved.  HTM rolls up Roberts and holds on to the top rope for leverage, and the referee counts the three.  After the match, Jake swings a guitar at HTM’s head, smashing it into toothpick size pieces on the ringpost.  HTM takes off, but Roberts catches Jimmy Hart, as Alice Cooper gets Damien out of his bag, scaring the hell out of Jimmy Hart.  HTM comes in and snags up his manager.

Winner by pinfall:  Honky Tonk Man

Hall of Famer count:  20 (when is Alice Cooper going in to the celebrity wing?  Drew Carey is in there…)

“They don’t got snakes like that in Memphis.”  They have them in Detroit?

Howard Finkel hands the mic off to “Mean” Gene Okerlund, who has a special announcement.

“Alright, ladies and gentlemen, we all are part of history in the making here this afternoon for WrestleMania III.  I have come to the SilverDome, like you, to be part of this historic date, March the 29th, 1987.  Thanks to our millions of fans all around the world, and a special thanks, as we have established, all of us, a brand new indoor attendance record of 93,173.  Give yourselves a big hand!  Let’s hear it!”

They’re expecting 90,000 for WrestleMania 29.  It’ll be the closest we’ve gotten over the past 25 years of matching that.

Slick’s suit is still in tatters as he leads The Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff to the ring.  Of course, we’re all supposed to rise and respect the singing of the Soviet national anthem.  Hacksaw Jim Duggan interrupts that with his 2×4.  He says that Volkoff needs to understand that he won’t sing that anthem, because this is the land of the free, and the home of the brave.  So… it’s the home of the free, but he’s not free to sing his national anthem?  Gotcha.  B. Brian Blair and Jumping Jim Brunzell, the Killer Bees are the opponents.

Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff (w/ Slick) vs. The Killer Bees (w/ “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan)

Iron Sheik and B. Brian Blair.  That sounds familiar.  Hmm.  This match is out of the referee’s hands right off the bat.  The ring is full of trash.  People really don’t like Sheik and Volkoff, apparently.  I find it funny that I can see everybody in this match’s socks.  I don’t know why.  The heels are in control of this one as Volkoff locks in a bearhug.  Daniel Bryan would bearly be able to contain himself.  Sheik gets the Camel Clutch on one of the bees, and Duggan blasts him in the back of the head with his 2×4, giving the win to the foreigners.  Then Duggan rants about something, then gets a U.S.A. chant going.

Winners by disqualification:  Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff

Hall of Famer count:  23 (adding Volkoff, Sheik, and Duggan)

Okerlund is with Andre The Giant and Bobby Heenan.  Again.  Andre says it won’t take him long to come back with the title around his waist.  Heenan says Hogan better be ready.

We get a video package of Hogan and Andre celebrating Hogan’s title win over the Iron Sheik, Andre being attacked by Bundy and Big John Studd, with Hogan coming to the rescue, then Hogan and Andre winning a tag match against them, Andre winning a trophy, and finally, the two of them on Piper’s Pit as Andre challenges Hogan for the title.

Okerlund is with Hogan.  Again.  Hogan is glad he showed up early because he beat traffic.  He’s worried about the people in the building because he’s going to bodyslam Andre.  I think that’s what he was saying.  I’m really not sure.

Just prior to getting ready for our main event, Howard Finkel introduces our guest ring announcer, Mr. Baseball, Bob Uecker.  Uecker introduces the guest timekeeper, Mary Hart.

Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Andre The Giant make their way out to the ring first.  I’m surprised that ring cart can carry all that weight of The Giant.  Hogan follows, and it’s obvious that unlike the last two WrestleManias I watched, “Real American” isn’t dubbed over “Eye of the Tiger.”  Hogan walks to the ring with a cameraman directly in his face.  You know, instead of riding the cart down to the ring.

WWF Championship:  Hulk Hogan (c) vs. Andre The Giant (w/ Bobby Heenan)

Hogan looks intimidated, and legend has it that he wasn’t sure if Andre was going to do his part.  Hogan tries to slam Andre early, but he can’t.  Andre falls on top of him, and then goes to work on the Champion’s back.  It’s all Andre in the early going.  The Giant easily slams Hogan.  Aside from this match, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen Hogan be beaten so badly in a match.  Hogan starts to mount a comeback, he picks up the pace, but he can’t seem to take the big man down no matter what he throws at him.  Andre hits Hulk with a big boot, then locks in the big bearhug.  This was the cover of the VCR WrestleMania game.  I know because I own a copy of it.  Or at least I did, I don’t know if I still do.  Andre has it really cinched in.  Hogan’s arms fall to the side, and the referee checks him, but the arm doesn’t drop the third time, and the Hulkster fights his way out of the hold.  Hogan tries a shoulder block, but Andre barely moves.  The second time, Andre takes a step back, but the third time, Hogan gets chopped down.  Andre sends Hogan to the floor with a big boot and takes control of this one again, until Hogan ducks a headbutt, causing Andre to hit himself head-first into the steel post.  Hogan pulls up the mats on the outside and goes for a piledriver, but Andre backdrops his way out of it.  Back in the ring, Hogan ducks a big boot and knocks Andre down with a clotheline.  The crowd goes bananas.  Hogan picks Andre up and bodyslams him, then drops the leg, and Hogan picks up the victory!  Bob Eucker announces Hogan as the winner and still Champion.

Winner and still WWF Champion:  Hulk Hogan

Hall of Famer count:  25 (adding Hogan and Andre)

Hogan celebrates as Heenan and Andre ride off into the sunset.  This celebration goes on for a while.  This is why my Uncle hated Hogan when I was a kid.

We close the night with still photos of the event set to Aretha Franklin’s rendition of “America The Beautiful.”

ThinkSoJoE’s Thoughts:  It was a great show, top to bottom.  Nothing at all bored me about this.  LOVED Savage/Steamboat, and Hogan/Andre was amazing as well.  Plus, Alice Cooper!  Now, the next show I have to review…  We’ll see how much I enjoy it.  Thanks for reading!

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