This year I thought I’d point out some things you may/may not have known about the event known as Wrestlemania, since this year is the 26th one I figured I’d give you 26 things you may /may not know about Wrestlemania: (note some events may not have actually happened or have been exaggerated for entertainment puropses)

1. At Wrestlemania 20, Triple H stretched his arm out and raised his head, tapping to thin air while Shawn Michaels slept on the outside of the ring. The World Heavyweight title then disappeared until it was found by Randy Orton at SummerSlam that year under the ring in a duffel bag.

2. Wrestlemania has been held at Madison Square Garden three times, (1, 10, 20) the most of any venue.

3. The number of time Wrestlemania has been at the Carrier Dome, none. This place seats 50,000 for college football games. If you bring it, we will show up!

4. Kane will be making his 13th consecutive appearance at Wrestlemania (14-26) surpassing Bret Hart’s record of 12 consecutive Wrestlemanias (2-13).

5. If you ask Lawrence Taylor, he has the match of the night at Wrestlemania 11. What he doesn’t tell you is the everyone who told him that also has the last name Taylor.

6. Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker II isn’t the first rematch to happen at back to back Wrestlemania’s, it was the third. Hogan vs. Andre II at Wrestlemania 4 was the first one and Yokozuna vs. Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 10 was the second.

7. The main reason Ozzy Osbourne hosted RAW a couple months ago was because he owed Vince a favor because a wasted Ozzy urinated on Vince backstage. If you ask Ozzy, he was so wasted that he didn’t remember it.

8. King Kong Bundy Defeated S.D. Jones in 9 seconds at the first Wrestlemania for the shortest match in Wrestlemania history.

9. Most wins in a single Wrestlemania: Randy Savage with 4 unless you ask Hogan who will tell you that he won every match on the Wrestlemania 2 card.

10. Most wins total: Undertaker with 17 unless you ask hogan who will tell you that he won every match on every card from Wrestlemania’s 1-8.

11. Number of Wrestlemania’s attended byt the Triumvirate of TN-Awesomeness- 4 (ThinkSoJoE with 3, Drowgoddess with 1, JT with 0)

12.  Kane has proved to be the Undertaker’s toughest opponent by taking a record 6 tombstone piledrivers and kicking out of 4 of them.

13. At Wrestlemania 22 CM Punk made his first appearance as a gangster in John Cena’s entrance.

14.  Legendary Heavy Metal band Motorhead performed Triple H’s theme “The Game” at Wrestlemania 21.  He still refused to put them over.

15.  The real reason Vince had his head shaved at Wrestlemania 23, he felt lonely after thematch because he was the only one with a full head of his original hair.

16.  This year Batista will face John Cena for the WWE championship.  Ironically  they both won their first world titles at Wrestlemania 21.

17. The WWF(E) title has been defended twice in the same night at both Wrestlemania’s 9 and 10.  The first of these matches was Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna, the last of these title matches was Bret Hart vs. Yokozuna.  Ironically both ended in title changes.

18.  The first Wrestlemania to come out on DVD was 15.

19.  The only time the WWE(F) title has not been defended at Wrestlemania was the first one.

20.  The only venue to hold back to back Wrestlemania’s was Trump Plaza Atlantic City, New Jeresy for Wrestlemainia 4 and 5.  In the main event at both of them, Rnady “Macho Man” Savage!

21. Being a World or WWE champion walking into the event doesn’t bold well for the champion.  Since having both a World and a WWE title, at least one title has changed every year, will this year be different?

22.  Along with his 17 wins, The Undertaker also has the most appearances at the event with you guessed it 17.

23.  I give you a list of the one-appearance club but it would go on too long and I have to work in the morning.

24.  Number of wins by Vince McMahon or anybody he’s associated wit before the event: 0.

25.  My first Wrestlemania experience, Wrestlemania 3 back in the day when it used to start at 4pm eastern time.

26. And last but not least, speaking of Wrestlemania 3, this is what happened at the event: (Copyright The Green Teabagger, used with permission, thanks)

Hulk Hogan THREW a two ton Giant across the Atlantic Ocean starting from Detroit with one hand in front of 12 billion Hulkamaniacs while the other hand was playing a best of nine series of Paper, Rock, Scissors with Aretha Franklin over who was picking up the tab for the catering. Hogan won 5-4 with a devastating rock to Franklin’s scissors in the ninth round. Eventually, Andre landed in Madrid where Hogan had to swim over to get him. While swimming across, Hogan read three Agatha Christie novels and discovered a new species of salmon. Five minutes after Hogan arrived in Madrid, he threw Andre back across the Atlantic where he landed back in the ring and Hogan hit the Leg Drop from Hell to keep his World Title.

Well that’s it 26 things you random things about Wrestlemania.  And that is the end, thank you all for reading and I will be back on Saturday for the Wrestlemania Roundtable.


  1. Uh, Her Nibs has been to two Wrestlemanias, IIRC. She still won't let me live down not going to X-7, and she sat approximately next to me last year. Neither experience compares with her living out her Sabin Groupie Dream that time.

    • 11. Yeah, I was at two. X-7 and 25. I was going to say so, but the good Professor beat me to it. 😛

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