Our Celebration of Professional Wrestling continues!

This weekend is very special for Professional Wrestling.  See, friends, we’re approaching a very special WrestleMania.  What makes this one so special, you ask?  Well, on its own merit, it’s a fantastically-booked card, one of the best WrestleManias, on paper, in YEARS.  A decade, in fact.  A decade since WrestleMania X-Seven, the closest rival WrestleMania III has had to date, for the crown of “Best WrestleMania of all time.”  A decade since WrestleMania X-Seven, the Last Hurrah of the Attitude Era, and the last great wrestling boom.

The following comes to us courtesy of Al Creed from Wonderpod-Online.com AND The Cultural Revolution

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  1. YES!

    I'm forever spoiled because this was my first live Wrestlemania. If you listen carefully to the dvd, you can barely hear the "Die, Rocky, die!" chant that we started. 🙂 There was a tiny wizened man next to us who was the biggest Austin fan on the planet. Watching him attempt to jump up and down and scream with almost no teeth, or functional joints, was priceless. I refuse to accept that it has been that long! Stop making me feel so old!!!

  2. Since we're posting at two sites, here is my thoughts from the wPo wolfpac site!

    “I rewatched a bunch of this over the last week. And it was a pretty damn good show. There were a few matches that were nothing special, but with the TLC, Rock/Austin, Benoit/Angle, Hardcore title, Taker/HHH, and yes, the Gimmick battle royal, I was sated as much as I was the first time around.

    What I really liked here, was the historical perspective you make following the review. It’s cool that we started this Celebration of Professional Wrestling with the anniversary of the final Nitro, and you capped it off with the anniversary of the WM that followed immediately after. And, that the rematch they neglect to mention with Taker/HHH is later today…

    Will we see the start of a new era of wrestling tonight? I don’t know, but we could sure use something to shake things up. I’m not saying there is anything terrible about the current product, but it would be fantastic to see the youth movement go full tilt tonight at WM27 (where possible, of course). Now would be a great time.”

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