Given that we are celebrating all things pro wrestling this week, and particularly this weekend, the timing on this tidbit was too good to not share. Making its way ’round the Interwebs is this little gem:

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that in a meeting held yesterday, it was agreed upon that WWE would no longer be referred to as “World Wrestling Entertainment.” Because of Vince McMahon’s desire to rid the use of the word “wrestling” in the company name, it’s being said that the company will solely be referred to as “WWE,” and it will be branded as such.




While we’re all reveling in the awesomeness that is pro wrestling, the company that has defined everything about it for decades has now officially removed the word from its name. Does this mean that the biggest event of the year in the entire industry will no longer be called “Wrestlemania?” Will they change the name to “Entertainmentmania?” I’m not joking.


  1. That's bloody daft. It's like when Kentucky Fried Chicken did the, "no, we're KFC."

    I understand they want to be perceived as creating other things than wrestling, especially with the films and books. But that is not the answer. It'll be interesting to see if they launch a propaganda campaign on the show? Perhaps the "Get the F Out" will be rehashed.

  2. We're not a wrestling company! We just happen to put on events that feature wrestlers, wrestling in a wrestling ring.

    I understand they want WWE to grow beyond wrasslin', and they still feel the stigma of wrasslin', but this is just plain dumb.

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