WWE Presents: Cyber Sunday
Live from Phoenix, Arizona
October 26th 2008
By Shane Whyte of Wrestling-Radio.com


The show opens with a promo for tonight’s event featuring all the current storied WWE superstars, talking as if it were not a big deal that the WWE Universe could vote for tonight’s event, until one of them says “It’s only our future” then they all start questioning the concept and plead that we’ve all voted for their matches.

“Propane Nightmares” by Pendulum kicks in and the show begins revealing a new Cyber Sunday stage, mainly centered around a giant blackberry with the HD LED lights surrounding it.

(Full details after the jump!)

Rey Mysterio Vs Kane
After the pyro display, Rey Mysterio kicks things off with his entrance.

After a welcome from Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler, they hand over to Todd Grisham who gives us the statistics for the first match votings:

39% voted for No Holds Barred

35% for Falls Count Anywhere

and 26% for 2 Out Of 3 Falls

kane then makes his entrance as Cole and King imply the No Holds Barred stipulation favours him.

The Match begins and after an irish whip, Rey holds onto the ropes and takes Kane to the outside, before diving over the ropes attacking the monster. Rey then goes straight under the ring for a weapon and brings out a Kendo stick and slides a stop sign into the ring.

Rey attacks Kane with the kendo stick several times and as the action gets back into the ring, Kane takes control with a big boot.

Kane then dominates Rey and the fight falls back to the outside.

Kane methodically picks apart Rey and slides him back into the ring for the first cover of the match, getting a 2.

Kane continues to work on Rey’s back with a backbreaker and knee level torture rack before the fans begin a 619 chant and Rey starts to fight back, only to meet another big boot from Kane, who goes straight back to work on Rey’s back.

Rey begins to fight back again after a lull with a kick to the big red machine’s face. then a double booted kick from the corner.
Rey then sets Kane up for the 619 and Kane comes right back with a falling clothesline.

Once Kane establishes control again, he goes outside the ring to get a steel chair, but Rey counters Kane’s attack.
Rey grabs the chair and hits a unique manouver, holding the chair behind him and sitting on Kane.

Kane takes control again hitting Rey with a throat thrust while Rey jumps from the top rope and then Kane brings in the steel steps, from the outside.

Rey counters Kane’s plan to slam him into them, set up in the corner, he again counters a chokeslam, and hits a drop toehold on Kane, making him fall face first into the steps.
After a seated senton, Rey gets a 2 count, and quickly follows up with a few chair shots to the big red monster.

Rey fails a 619 and Kane attempts a chokeslam, Rey counters with a hurracanrana, and finally hits the 619.

He launches himself from the top rope and gets the win.


Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler begin to promote the Divas’ Halloween costume contest voting, which has just opened. They suggest voting will be ongoing throughout the night, as the show then cuts to various clips of the divas in their outfits asking for votes.

Michelle McCool as an army sergeant, Katie Lea as a vampire, Lena as a Ninja and Candice, singing badly as Marylin Monroe.

Chris Jericho is then seen backstage and he meets up with Team Priceless.

He goes on to say how much he respects what they did to CM Punk at unforgiven, but doesn’t respect the way Orton takes credit for it.
He then suggests they do the same thing for Batista tonight.
Cody Rhodes then cuts him off claiming they’re busy tonight worrying about their potential match later on, and Ted DiBiase Jr says he’s looking forward to Jericho’s match, which should be…Priceless.


Todd Grisham then introduces ECW General Manager Teddy Long, with Tiffany.

As Matt Hardy makes his entrance, Todd and Matt Striker talk about the voting and Teddy Long then builds up for the results which are as follows:

6% for Mark Henry

69% for Evan Bourne

and 25% for Finlay

Evan Bourne then makes his entrance as Grisham and Striker talk about what an opportunity it is for Bourne.

The match begins with a fast pace.

Hardy hits a couple of shoulder blocks and they eventually stand off as the fans unanimously chant for Hardy.

They have a test of strength and it falls to Hardy covering Bourne on the mat, still tied up at the hands.
They continue in this impressive technical display for a while before Bourne slips over the top rope and Hardy knocks him to the outside, getting a break.

With the match back inside the ring, Hardy hits a clothesline on Bourne and goes for a Razor’s Edge like manouver, only to be countered by Bourne with a hurracanrana. Bourne hits a few nice right hands on Hardy but Hardy comes back with the Side-Effect, getting a nearfall.

He hits a second and gets another 2 count.

Hardy then goes to the second rope for his bat to the head, Bourne counters with a nice kick and the fight coninues. Bourne continues with these kicks and hits a nice running moonsault on Hardy getting a nearfall.

Bourne then hits a big move from the top dropping his knees into Hardy’s head, taking him down.
This gets a very CLOSE nearfall.

Bourne counters a Hardy attack and heads up top for the shooting star press, but Hardy fights back.
Bourne knocks Hardy off the turnbuckles and goes for it, but misses the shooting star press for the first time.

Hardy goes for the twist of fate, which Bourne counters with a backslide, getting a 2 count, but Hardy quickly gets the twist of fate in, for the win.

After the match Hardy extends his hand to shake with Bourne and after a bit of a struggle to stand up, they shake and the crowd cheers.


The WrestleMania ticket launch promo then airs before we return to King and Cole.

They lead us into more of the divas.

Beth Phoenix is a knight and Jillian is Batgirl.

Maria is a lovely bunny, with a carrot!

Kelly is a sailor – and doesn’t look as bad as I first thought she might.

Tag Team Match

Todd Grisham then introduces the next match.

The votes are as follows:

27% for Mickie James and Jamie Noble Vs Layla and William Regal

38% for Cryme Tyme vs Miz & Morrison

35% for CM Punk and Kofi Kingston Vs Team Priceless

Cryme Tyme then make their entrance followed by Miz and Morrison as King and Cole recap their rivalry during both entrances.

The match kicks off with the “money, money” chant from the crowd as JTG gets in Miz’s face.

After a quick start the tag is made to an angry Shad who gets a nearfall following a big scoop slam.

He then tags in JTG who sets up for their flipping double team move.

Miz quickly turns things around and tags to Morrison and Shad tags to JTG soon after.

JoMo gets knocked out of the ring and Shad tosses JTG to the outside, taking out both Miz and Morrison.

JTG then goes all around the ring, fired up as the crowd cheers.

The match slows down and Shad and Morrison are now both the legal men in the ring, with Morrison attempting a single leg lock on Shad before Shad powers out and JoMo tags in Miz who goes straight for the same leg.

Shad eventually powers out and tags JTG back in who takes out both Miz and Morrison one more time, and heads up to the top, taunting, but after a distraction from Morrison, falls prey to Miz who gets a nearfall, following it up with a tag to JoMo.

They hit a double gutbuster and Morrison proceeds to choke JTG on the middle rope as miz yells “Who Can’t Wrestle?”

JoMo gets another nearfall after a Miz cheapshot and tags miz back in, who hits his trademark turnbuckle clothesline, getting yet another 2 count.

JTG begins to fight back one more time, only to be taken down by Miz, who attempt to monkey flip him into JoMo, but JTG knocks Morrison down and eventually tags in Shad who takes Miz and Morrison both out again. Shad hits a flapjack on Morrison and after a follow up clothesline, gets a 2 count for Cryme Tyme.

Morrison takes out Shad’s knee and gets a 2, with his feet on the ropes as JTG pushes them off.

Miz hits a cheapshot as the referee is distracted by JTG, this leaves it open for JoMo to hit the Moonlight Drive for the win.


King and Cole continue the Halloween Costume Contest build up.

Tiffany is shown as a….nun???!!!
Brie Bella is cleopatra and Natalya is a hot cop.
but Eve is a ninja turtle!

Todd Grisham then promotes the Big Show Vs Undertaker match before the show cuts to Jericho backstage asking someone to be in his corner tonight…

The camera pans out and reveals The Great Khali.

Khali then speaks in indian for a while before Singh translates….”No”

A Survivor Series promo airs promoting Cena’s return.


GlaMrella then make their entrance and “UNLEASH THE HONKEMETER!”

Santino claims that “in one week…..and one year, he will be the greatest intercontinental champion of all the times”

He continues to put down the Phoenix, Arizona crowd, along with Shaq O’Neal who’s in the crowd tonight.

Then he asks “Rab Grishams” who he’s facing.

Grisham then introduces all the possible opponents who are waiting backstage.

34% for Roddy Piper

31% for Goldust

and 35% for “The Honken-Donken Man!”

The Honky Tonk man then makes his entrance, to a moderate cheer from the crowd, along with his trademark guitar.

‘Honky’ goes on to put Santino down claiming he can’t sing or dance like him, and that he could be Intercontinental champ for 10 years and he’d never compare to the honky tonk man.

He calls for his music and dances as only he can, before inviting Santino to try it out.

Marella embarrasses himself, and as everyone begins to laugh he hits a cheap shot and the match begins.

Honky hits a good few right hands and knocks Marella down, then sets up for a fist drop, going into the ropes, but then the glamazon grabs Honky’s feet and the ref catches her and DQ’s marella for interference.

Santino then blows a gasket and begins yelling at Beth Phoenix. They are both then interrupted by the arrival of Goldust…shortly followed by Roddy Piper.

Santino tries to escape into the ring but finds himself surrounded by all three legends.

They each hit their finishers on him and the crowd cheers as Honky Tonk Man’s music hits and the three legends raise each others’ arms.


A New RAW 800th episode celebration promo airs for the show in 1 weeks’ time.

JR and Tazz then welcome us back and continue the build up for the Divas’ Halloween Costume Contest.

Maryse is then seen as a french maid, Layla is “Princess Layla” – or Leia, from star wars.

Victoria is a big banana, who does the “peanut butter jelly time” dance from family guy and Mickie James is lara croft – tomb raider.

A promo then airs for Big Show vs Undertaker, recapping what happened at No Mercy.

Big Show Vs Undertaker

Todd Grisham introduces Smackdown GM, Vickie Guerrero, accompanied by Chavo.
She’s in her wheelchair, and still in a neckbrace.

She announces the results of the votes which are as follows:

9% for a Knockout Match

42% for an I Quit Match

and 49% for a Last Man Standing Match

Vickie announces that it’s an I Quit match, before JR yells “That’s not right” and obviously embarrassed, she quickly corrects herself.

Undertaker then makes his entrance.

Big Show comes out after a long Undertaker entrance.

The match begins with all right hands from both men, Undertaker then gets more shots in and Big Show quickly asserts his power, pulling ‘Taker over the top rope and out to the outside.

Show quickly throws ‘Taker over the barricade, into the timekeepers’ area.

Undertaker comes back with a chair shot to the head, and follows Show back into the ring and hits a couple of clotheslines into the corner. Big Show comes back with a clothesline of his own, and a shoulder knock down, then a headbutt.

Big Show begins to dominate and Undertaker sells his power.

Show walks away and referee Charles Robinson starts the count, getting to 7 before Undertaker semi gets to his feet and Show begins to beat him down again, taking them both to the outside again.

With ‘taker against the ringpost, Show goes for a chairshot, but Undertaker ducks and rams Big Show, with the chair against his throat, into the ringpost, enducing an 8 count from the ref before Show gets back to his feet.

Underaker gets Show into the ring and hits his vintage leg drop on the apron.

Both men regroup and another fist fight begins inside the ring.
Show then counters ‘Taker’s momentum with a clothesline, beginning a double count from the ref.

Big Show gets up at 5, and ‘Taker gets up at 8.

Big Show takes control of the match, and both men sell the new allowance of closed fist punching very well.

Undertaker finally builds momentum and goes for a chokeslam, but Show gets his hand around ‘Takers throat too, Big Show lifts the deadman up, but is countered by a DDT.

Undertaker rests in the corner as the ref counts.

Big Show gets up at 9.

Big Show reveals the top turnbuckle in the top right corner and gets taken down by Undertaker’s Flying Lariat clothesline.

Undertaker gets up at the 8 count and Show rushes to get up at 9.

‘Taker goes for a big boot in the corner but gets hung up on the top rope and falls to the outside, awkwardly.
They begin to strip the announce tables next and Big Show hits ‘Taker in the head with a monitor before throwing around some chairs and kicking the deadman over the barricade, into the crowd.

Show then grabs a steel chair and Undertaker punches it straight into Show’s Face.

Undertaker climbs the barricade and stands on top of it, before Show turns round and quickly chokeslams him through one of the announce tables.

The ref begins his count and gets to 9 but Undertaker is still struggling to get up but just about gets to his feet near enough to when a 10 count should’ve been.

After they slowly get back into the ring, more right hands come from Big Show.

Undertaker starts to retaliate as Vickie and Chavo look on.

The ref begins to count after an Undertaker DDT, and Show gets up after 6.

‘Taker goes for “Old School” but gets caught by another chokeslam from Big Show.

Robinson begins counting really slowly as Undertaker, again struggles to get to his feet, and he does so at 9, but as he does, Big Show hits him with a vicious straight right hand.

The Referee counts even slower, but at 8 Undertaker sits up and gets to his feet at 9, and is met with a steel chair shot.

Big show leans in to pick ‘Taker up and Undertaker locks in his illegal Choke hold and immediately Big Show taps, after a good 10 seconds, Big Shows’ head turns bright red and Undertaker lets go and the ref begins the count.

Undertaker STILL struggles to get to his feet, and clearly something’s up with his previously injured knee and hip. He gets to his feet, JUST in time for the referee to count the 10 on Big Show.

Undertaker wins the match.

During the replay, Undertaker falls back to the mat, and gets up slowly after the replay airs and celebrates the victory in deadman style, as the lights go purple/blue and the fans cheer.


A WrestleMania 25 promo airs, similar to one that aired for ‘Mania 24.

Chris Jericho is then seen backstage pleading with Mike Adamle to cancel the Special Referee stipulation.
Adamle claims he’s not spineless and won’t change the match, Jericho then looks at his cellphone and smiles, saying they can continue their discussion later.

Divas’ Halloween Costume Contest Result

Tazz is then seen in the ring announcing that the voting’s closed for the Divas’ Halloween Costume Contest.

All the Divas then make their entrances.

Tazz asks for the result of the contest.

Mickie James is shown on the screen as the winner and a brawl breaks out between them all.

All the heel divas are quickly taken out, leaving the face divas in the ring, celebrating together.

A promo for the WWE Championship Match is then shown.


Triple H makes his entrance as Tazz and JR talk up the fact that being WWE Champ is Triple H’s lifestyle.

They recap the choices for the match.

Jeff Hardy, Vladimir Kozlov or Both.

Todd Grisham reveals the votes which are as follows:

57% for Jeff Hardy

5% for Vladimir Kozlov

38% for Triple Threat

Jeff Hardy then comes out to the biggest pop of the night so far.

The match begins and after Hardy is quickly backed into a corner, HHH reminds Jeff he was 1 second away from winning last time.

They kick off again with a few technical holds and Jeff takes control with a grounded hammerlock, both men stand up and Triple H gets a headlock in, before they both part and a couple of hip tosses are traded before both men attempt to set up for their finishers but both fail and the two men stand off as the crowd cheers.

The match continues to be grounded and very technical based before Jeff goes up top, possibly for whisper in the wind, but the game just shoves Jeff off and out into the crowd barrier.

With Jeff back in the ring, Triple H takes control and throws Hardy into the ringpost a couple of times before rolling him up for a nearfall, which he follows up with an armlock.

Triple H continues to work on Jeff’s arm and hardy fights back a couple of times, only for the game to go back to work on the arm.

Hardy finally breaks free and hits his clothesline neckbreaker, followed up by the seated kick to the midsection.

The pace quickens and Hardy hits his faceplant suplex, getting a 2 count.

Hardy goes for his springboard dropkick in the corner, only to be met with a spinebuster from Triple H.

HHH follows up with another counter, into the crossface.

After a long time in the submission hold, Hardy moves onto his back, rolling Triple H up for a nearfall.

The fight is taken to the outside and Hardy whips Triple H into the ringsteps.

Jeff runs up toward HHH and sprints off the steps hitting a wheel kick on the game before getting back in the ring, closely followed by Triple H.

Hardy keeps on the attack with a Whisper in The Wind, and keeps the pressure on further with a second one, Still only getting a nearfall though.

After a spinning back kick, Hardy gets yet another 2 count and signals for the twist of fate, Triple H counters and sends Jeff into the corner, before going for the Pedigree.

Hardy counters with a pin and a bridge. Another 2 count.

after a brief sleeper from Triple H, Hardy hits a twist of fate, followed up by the Swanton Bomb.

He then gets greedy and goes for a second, which leaves the game with enough time to get his knees up, countering the last move in the attack.

Both men get to their feet, Hardy counters a Pedigree, and hits the spinning back kick again on HHH, knocking him out of the ring.

Jeff goes for the Swanton again after getting back in the ring, HHH knocks him off balance and hits a pedigree, dragging Hardy from the top rope.

Triple H wins the match and retains the title.


The same Survivor Series promo featuring John Cena airs again.

King and Cole talk up Survivor Series and recap the night before thanking Pendulum for the theme tune and introducing the Main Event.

A promo for the Main Event Airs.

WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Chris Jericho Vs Batista – Referee: ?

Lillian announces the Main Event match and Chris Jericho makes his entrance.

Batista comes out soon after Lillian announces Jericho.

She then announces Batista’s arrival.

King and Cole comment on Jericho’s attitude tonight and that he seems worried.

The two men stare off in the middle of the ring.

Todd then announces the voting, which is as follows:

4% for Orton

22% for Michaels

and 74% for Austin

Stone Cold makes his entrance next to the biggest pop of the night.

King and Cole comment that Jericho’s been bragging for 7 years about beating Rock and Austin on the same night, and Austin gets in Jericho’s face.

Batista unloads on Jericho after a slap from an upset Champion.

Jericho then attempts to walk out of the match.

Austin gets on the mic and claims that if he counts out or disqualifies Jericho, the title is changing hands
“and that’s the bottom line, ‘cos stone cold said so!”

He begins the count and Jericho angrily runs back into the ring to be caught by a clothesline from Batista.

Batista hits smash mouth move after smash mouth move on Jericho, before the champion manages to shift Batista’s balance, taking him outside and follows up with a baseball slide, shifting momentum back to his favour.

Batista gets up to the apron and swats away an attack from Jericho, before he comes back and kicks the animal, catching Batista on the bottom rope and taking advantage of that.

Chris Jericho begins work on Batista’s leg and knee with a leg lock, followed by a chop block then slamming his leg into the mat.

Jericho begins to get cocky and Batista seizes the opening, backing him into the corner, then smashing him with a clothesline before sending him into the ropes.

Y2J comes back with another dropkick to the animal’s leg and again takes control of the match.

Jericho gets a headlock on the big man, and after a Batista chant, The Animal gets to his feet and powers out of the submission hold.

Jericho counters another turnbuckle clothesline, but Batista comes back, and goes for the batista bomb, which is countered by Jericho, going for the walls of Jericho, placing Batista’s shoulders on the mat, Austin counts a two, but Batista manages to power out.

Batista gains control but is favouring his knee, he hits a big powerslam on Jericho and sets up for the batista bomb but his leg fails and Jericho locks in the Walls.

Austin goes straight down to the animal’s face, asking if he wants to give up.

Batista begins crawling towards the rope, Jericho has to lose grip on one leg, putting more pressure on the other but Batista makes it to the rope.

Austin grabs Jericho by the hair and pulls him off Batista and flips him the middle finger.

Jericho goes right back to work on the knee but Batista counters with a side slam, getting a LONG 2 count.

The animal catches an aerial attack from Jericho and sets up for another Batista bomb, which is countered again by Jericho, who heads up top but is met with another powerful clothesline from Batista.

He only gets a two.

Batista sets up for a spear and Jericho moves out of the way leaving nothing between Batista and he ringpost.

Jericho climbs the turnbuckles and drags the animal up there with him, who pushes Jericho off and onto the mat, and meets him with a diving shoulder.

Jericho begins talking trash to Austin and moves into position, ducking a clothesline from Batista who knocks out Austin instead. Jericho hits the codebreaker then realises he’s just got Austin knocked out.

Shawn Michaels then comes out and counts the world’s slowest 2 count before getting up and apologising, He feigns a super kick, and Batista takes down Jericho, Michaels counts a fast two before JBL comes out of nowhere to take Michaels out.

Jericho grabs the world title belt and brings it into the ring and as Austin gets back in Randy Orton appears from nowhere to take out the rattlesnake.

Jericho hits Batista in the face with the belt and gets a two from Orton, Austin then gets up and hits a stunner on Jericho.

Jericho looks shocked and Batista hits the spinebuster followed by the Batista bomb.

Austin then counts the three and Batista wins the match and the World Heavyweight Championship.

Stone Cold then presents Batista with the belt, and shakes hands with the animal, leaving the ring as Batista celebrates the victory.

After the replay airs Stone Cold Steve Austin comes back out, hands Batista a beer and they toast the victory as King and Cole sign off and the show ends.


In My Opinion the show was OK, but Charles Robinson wins the Retard of the year award.
If Undertaker is clearly struggling to get up (not selling, but dues to his bad knee and hip) and you’re counting in a last man standing match, where you already know he’s the winner…

You’re supposed to be making it look real, not make it look MORE fake!

No wonder he was a WCW referee…

Vickie Guerrero comes in close second with her bad eyesight.
thinking 42% meant it was an I Quit Match.
It was the confidence in which she said it, and JR’s reaction afterwards that had me giggling.

She professionally corrected herself though, and no doubt, it’ll be nicely edited on the DVD.

Triple H wins the Greedy Bastard award, for once again booking himself in the main event and once again teasing Jeff Hardy with another shot at the gold and making him look JUST that little bit weaker, every single time he wrestles him. WWE would be stupid to never let Hardy win the gold, just because of his issues in the past, but the fact is, nobody deserves the belt more, because of what they’ve overcome and how far they’ve grown, not just in their career, but in their life. They’d be silly to never give him the belt, but they’re making a mockery out of him by letting Triple H play his games as a booker.

Jericho did well, and Batista totally squashed him, which was expected, but not needed. JBL was an absolutely pointless inclusion in the main event, as there were 2 other run ins, PLUS Austin.

Austin did great, but I felt let down that he didn’t stun Batista right at the end, I think everyone was expecting that. Maybe the crowd got to see it after the show went off the air?

Other than all those negatives, it was a pretty good show, and the diva’s looked great!

MY winner..is still undecided, it’s a toss up between Natalya and Maria.
They looked amazing!

But who cares? This is wrestling!

And there was some mighty fine wrestling put on tonight, mainly by both Hardys.
Evan Bourne gets rookie of the year award in my opinion, a great performance tonight, proving to all non indie fans that he can hang with the big boys and is definately championship material.

Well, that’s it from me. I’ll see YOU….at Survivor Series!

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