Alright folks, the former No Way Out is now the Elimination Chamber, and following the opening video and pyro, the WWE is wasting no time getting started (ok, they are, but I want to get started, dammit), and neither are we!


John Cena is curtain jerking tonight, as he’s the first person out for this match – which means he’ll be in one of these chambers awaiting his turn for at least five minutes.  WWE is going with the white ropes for this evening’s event, likely to contrast with the black Elimination Chamber structure.

It’s a new day…

Ted DiBiase will also be waiting his turn trapped in one of the bulletproof chambers.  He’s locked in, and..

I hear voices in my head…

Randy Orton enters the arena, staring a hole through Ted DiBiase, his Legacy protege, as he enters the ring and heads for his chamber.

It’s time to play the game…

Triple H will be the last man to be locked in a chamber to start the match.  He’s 4-for-5 in Elimination Chamber matches – can he make it 5-for-6?

SOS – I hear them shoutin’…

Kofi Kingston will start this match.  He looks over his shoulder on his way in – as you’ll recall, Edge jumped him as he entered the Elimination Chamber last year and took his spot in the match.

It’s a shame that they lost their heads…

The WWE Champion will join Kofi Kingston in starting off this matchup, putting the odds against Sheamus retaining.  He holds his belt over his head, and then in the face of all four men trapped in the chambers.  He hands the belt to referee Scott Armstrong, who shows off the prize at hand in this match.  The door is locked by the referees on the outside, and we’re set to go.

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Sheamus takes a shot at the Pump Kick right at the start of the match, but Kingston moves out of the way and takes control.  Kingston, for what it’s worth, has finally dropped the Jamaican colors and is rocking some new red tights.  Sheamus wrests control of this match away from Kingston, and the crowd starts to chant “RKO, RKO.”  Sheamus tries to toss Kingston onto the steel floor that surrounds the ring, but Kofi lands on his feet, then nails a slingshot cross body for a two.  The two men continue to battle, Sheamus getting the majority of the offense.  Sheamus is firmly in control when the randomizer goes off, releasing…

Entrant #3:  Triple H

The fans chant The Game’s name as he stands face to face with Sheamus.  The battle begins, and it doesn’t take long for Triple H to go on the offensive.  The Cerebral Assassin tosses Sheamus to the steel floor and tries to toss him face first into the steel chain wall, but Sheamus blocks.  His attempt to do the same to Triple H is subsequently blocked, and the two wind up back in the ring, exchanging counters until Triple H drops Sheamus with a DDT for a two count.  Kofi gets back into the fray, dropping Sheamus with a top rope clothesline, then Triple H with a normal clothesline.  Kingston gets on a roll, and hits a slingshot Boom Drop on Triple H out on the steel perimeter.  When he gets up, Sheamus clotheslines him down, scoring a two count.  Sheamus is again in control of the match when the randomizer begins again, releasing…

Entrant #4:  Randy Orton

Orton immediately takes control of this one, hitting anything that moves.  He scores a two count on Sheamus following a knee drop.  He dumps the Champion out of the ring, and slams him face first into the wall of chain three times, followed by three for The Game.  Orton continues to work on Sheamus and Triple H until Kingston nails all three from the top rope.  He tries to springboard back into the ring, but gets caught with an Orton dropkick, giving the Viper a two count.  He starts stomping away on Kingston until Triple H comes back in and takes the offense momentarily.  Orton catches Triple H with a powerslam as the fans once again chant “RKO, RKO.”  The Viper coils, going for the RKO, he’s shoved off into a Trouble in Paradise attempt, which he ducked, then tried for an RKO on Kingston, who shoves him into a Pedigree attempt by Triple H.  Orton backdrops his way out of it, and all four men are left lying when the countdown begins, releasing…

Entrant #5:  Ted DiBiase

DiBiase goes after Sheamus, then Kingston, then Triple H.  He glances at Randy Orton for a moment, then stomps Triple H before walking over to his mentor.  He helps Orton up, and the Legacy members go after Triple H and double team him.  They then turn their attention to Sheamus.  After taking Sheamus down, they stick Kingston’s head through the chain wall and choke him on it.  While his head is still stuck, DiBiase locks in a Boston Crab while Orton stomps away.  The pair then turn their attention once again to Triple H.  Orton hits his elevated DDT on Triple H on the steel floor, and Orton and DiBiase walk to the door of John Cena’s chamber, just as the countdown begins…

Entrant #6:  John Cena

Cena doesn’t let them get to him, taking them both down, hitting Orton with  the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, then DiBiase with the Throwback and the top rope rocker dropper.  He goes for the Attitude Adjustment on DiBiase, whom he uses to hit Orton, then drops DiBiase with the Attitude Adjustment right over the top rope and to the steel floor.  Orton tries to take control back, but Cena doesn’t let that last long.  He locks in the STF on DiBiase, who is saved by Randy Orton.  Orton gets ready to hit the RKO, but Cody Rhodes brings out a lead pipe, distracting Orton momentarily.  Orton goes for the RKO, but Cena reverses it into an Attitude Adjustment attempt.  DiBiase hit Orton with the lead pipe while he was up in the fireman’s carry position, then hits Cena with it.  DiBiase looks at both men, then covers Orton, pinning him.

Elimination:  Randy Orton by Ted DiBiase

Kingston hits the Trouble In Paradise on DiBiase, eliminating him.

Elimination:  Ted DiBiase by Kofi Kingston

Kingston gets hit with a Pump Kick by Sheamus, who then drops him with the Celtic Cross and pins him.

Elimination:  Kofi Kingston by Sheamus

Sheamus turns his attention to John Cena, hitting a running knee.  Sheamus tries to grab Cena, but Cena gets him up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Sheamus escapes, hitting a Uranage backbreaker on Cena for a two.  He ties Cena to the proverbial Tree of Woe, then starts driving his knee into the prone Cena.  He sits Cena up on the top rope and goes for the Celtic Cross, but Triple H comes back in and hits a low blow.  He nails The WWE Champion with a Pedigree, and gets the three count.

Elimination:  Sheamus by Triple H

Notice a pattern developing?  Every eliminator was the next to be eliminated.  If this trend continues, John Cena should win this match.  He sure as hell tries, locking in the STF on The Game.  Triple H tries to fight but it seems as though Cena is wearing him down.  The Game taps out!!

Elimination:  Triple H by John Cena

Winner and new WWE Champion:  John Cena

No chance…

The boss is here, look busy!  Mr. McMahon congratulates John Cena on going to WrestleMania – just as long as he can defend his title right now against this man…

I walk for miles inside this pit of danger…

The Animal, Batista, has grown himself a nice little beard over the last two days, and he’s got himself a WWE Championship match!

Batista def. John Cena to become the New WWE Champion

Batista told Cena he’d be in the ring with him again, just didn’t think it’d be this soon.  Cena takes a shot, but it just serves to anger The Animal, who drops Cena with a Spear and a Batista Bomb to win the WWE Championship and send Cena once again to the list of the shortest WWE Championship reigns.

Cena looks up at the WrestleMania XXVI sign in disbelief as Batista leaves with his newly won WWE Championship.  Cena looks frustrated as he leaves, continuing to look up at the WrestleMania sign, still shocked that his spot on the biggest WWE show of the year is possibly just a distant memory.

Video: WrestleMania XXVI

Recap: Bret Hart tries to walk away, but gets his leg broken.  Oh wait, I made that joke Friday night, didn’t I?

The following contest is for the Intercontinental Championship!  Tradition be damned, Drew McIntyre and his cool new entrance is out first for his title defense.  Kane makes his way to the ring, and we’ve got ourselves our third title match of the night.

Drew McIntyre def. Kane to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship

Kane starts off throwing punches, taking the offense early over the Intercontinental Champion.  McIntyre’s attempts at gaining any momentum prove to be futile, until he ducks a clothesline and starts going to work on Kane.  He goes after Kane’s knee first, and gaining the advantage, he goes after his arm.  As Matt Striker points out, if you take the knee out, he can’t fly off the top rope, and if you take out the arm, he can’t chokeslam you.  Kane causes some separation by powering McIntyre over the top rope and to the floor.  He telegraphs a backdrop, however, and McIntyre turns the tide right back into his favor.  McIntyre goes for the FutureShock, but Kane battles out via backdrop, and the pendulum of momentum begins to swing again.  Kane scores a two count off of a right hand to the face, followed by another two count off of a side slam.  Kane flies, nailing the top rope clothesline, then signals for the chokeslam.  McIntire avoids it, but Kane continues his offense as the action spills to the outside.  Kane gets McIntyre back in at 6 this time around, but the Intercontinental Champion seems to decide to leave.  Kane catches him up the aisle, and when the action gets back into the ring, McIntyre thumbs Kane in the eye out of view of the referee, then hits the FutureShock for the victory.

Backstage, Maryse runs into Gail Kim, and says something in French to her.  She says it means she’s looking forward to their match, and unlike the SmackDown Divas, they’re sexy, beautiful, and they’re smart.  Gail responds in French, telling Maryse that she knows she’d been trash talking her in French for the past few weeks.  Also, she’s going to beat her.

Video: Please, DO NOT Try this at home.

The following is the finals of the WWE Divas Championship Tournament.  Maryse is out first for this match.  Gail Kim heads down to the ring, and we’re all set to get to the end of this Divas Championship tournament.


Vickie Guerrero is tired of the RAW Divas comments about the SmackDown Divas.  Being the Diva that Vickie is, she knows that the most beautiful and competitive Divas are on SmackDown.  The crowd starts to get on her case.  Since she’s the only Diva with authority in this building, she’s postponing the Divas Championship match to a tag team match.  Gail and Maryse will team up to face SmackDown’s top two Divas, Michelle McCool and Layla.

Michelle McCool & Layla def. Gail Kim & Maryse

The story here, essentially, is that Maryse refuses to tag in.  Gail manages to hold her own, until Michelle McCool boots her off of the ropes and to the floor.  Layla tags in Michelle, and they hit a double baseball slide on Gail, McCool scoring a two count after rolling Gail Kim back in.  Michelle shows an aggressive side, but Gail Kim finally starts battling back.  Maryse calls for the tag, but then pie-faces Gail when she gets to the corner.  A Styles Clash Faith Breaker earns the victory for the Blue team.

After the match, Maryse gets in Gail Kim’s face, then hits her with the French Kiss, leaving her future opponent lying unconscious.

Video: WWE NXT starts This Tuesday!

Josh Matthews is still a tool, and he looks even more like a tool as he asks The Miz what he thinks of Daniel Bryan.  Miz brags about all the gold he’s holding, saying he’s the only person who can show Danial Bryan how to make it in the WWE.  He says that Bryan is a loser, just like the St. Louis Rams, but when Miz gets through with him, he’ll be a star.  MVP interrupts.  MVP agrees that personality does wonders for being a WWE Superstar.  He then brags about winning the tag match this past Monday on RAW.  That earned him a shot at the United States Championship – which is happening tonight!

William Regal is here, and he may go to RAW as a free agent, according to Michael Cole.  He says that this Tuesday, we’ll see the new evolution in WWE Television.  It will feature 8 rookies paired with 8 WWE pros, and he, as a man with a wealth of knowledge and experience, has been chosen to be one of the pros.  He’s got the most experience and tenure in the ring, and because of that he demands to be treated with respect.  He’s the model of professionalism, and each of those men can learn something from him.  In fact, so could all of us…

You think you know me…

The Rated R Superstar interrupts.  He gets in the ring, and says that he’s sorry, but he was back there listening to Regal drone on, and it’s like watching paint dry.  He thought he’d come out here and tell the WWE Universe something they may want to hear.  Three weeks ago he won the Royal Rumble.  He can choose to face either the WWE Champion or the World Heavyweight Champion, and tomorrow night on RAW, he’ll make that decision.  But tonight, he’s here to do something else.  He then proceeds to spear Regal.

Promo video: WrestleMania XXVI is 35 days away!

The following contest is for the United States Championship – damn there’s a lot of title matches tonight!  Once again, damning tradition, the Champion, The Miz, is out first, and he’s accompanied by his tag team partner, The Big Show.   His opponent, MVP, is accompanied by the Kool-Aid Man… er… Mark Henry.

The Miz def. MVP to retain the WWE United States Championship

MVP is in control in the early going.  Miz mounts a comeback and hits a… well, an awesome move, sort of a reverse codebreaker, with MVP landing gut first across The Miz’s knees.  MVP manages to catch Miz in a small package for a two count.  MVP almost manages to steal a victory the same way he did on RAW, and then The Miz’s aggressive side comes out.  So much so, in fact, that the plug from my keyboard came out of the back of my computer.  Miz continues to maintain the offense, despite MVP’s attempts to mount a comeback.  Miz winds up crotched on the top rope, and this could be the turning point.  Miz avoids the superplex, but MVP springs back up and hits a belly to belly superplex.  Miz is busted open at this point.  Let’s see if he gets stitched up or not.  Apparently not – the pace quickens and MVP goes on the offense.  MVP hits the Ballin’ Elbow for a two count.  Big Show pulls The Miz out of the ring, out of harms way, but MVP goes after him.  Show sends Mark Henry charging through the security wall.  Back in the ring, Miz takes advantage of MVP missing a kick, and as the referee tries to pull The Miz off, Big Show hits the big right on MVP.  Miz quickly makes the cover and picks up the victory.

As soon as the match is over, the trainers hit the ring and stitch up The Miz, as The Big Show shows off Miz’s United States Championship.  Trainers start checking out MVP, as The Miz stands over him and gloats.

Earlier Tonight: Triple H tapped out to the STF, then Batista  beat Cena moments later to win the WWE Championship.

The sadistic structure known as the Elimination Chamber lowers, and we’re set for our final match of the evening.

Booyakah Booyakah, 619…

Rey Mysterio is the smallest guy in the match, but he has the advantage of being able to relax in one of the four chambers for at least a few moments before having to jump in and compete.

Now listen, this ain’t no make believe…

John Morrison is walking quite alright for a guy with a bum ankle.  He’ll get a chance to rest that ankle for a few extra minutes while awaiting his turn to enter the fray.


No stranger to an Elimination Chamber, Chris Jericho is 0-for-5 in his appearances in the structure.

BONG… BONG… (and not the RVD kind)…

The Undertaker is on fire – literally.  His hat and jacket supposedly caught on fire on his way to the ring, but he threw them down and rushed to the ring.

All I ever wanted was destiny to be fulfilled…

CM Punk is accompanied by the Straight Edge Society and a microphone.  He says that he hopes the symbolism isn’t lost on the four men in the chamber.  Here’s four extremely weak individuals who are locked every day inside a prison of addiction like most of the audience.  And now, the four of them are locked inside the Elimination Chamber with him.  Be sure, it’s not him locked in there with them, it’s them locked in there with him.  Tomorrow, when they’re nursing the pain and wounds that the Chamber and Punk have caused them, he wants to remind them that when their pod door opened, and he defeated them, don’t think of it as failure, think of it as Punks saving them, setting them free.  When they drown themselves in a pod of alcohol and prescription medication…


R-Truth will start this match off with CM Punk, but first, he’s going waste as much time as possible singing his stupid song.  The referee shows off the World Heavyweight Championship, and we’re set for our second Elimination Chamber matchup of the evening.

World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Truth and Punk battle back and forth, with Truth getting to show off his athleticism.  The Chamber comes into play as Truth slingshots Punk face first into it, and then face first into Rey Mysterio’s pod.  Truth climbs to the top rope and hits a rolling Senton off the top rope onto Punk.  Truth whips Punk into the Chamber wall twice more before getting back inside the perimeter of the ring.  Punk tries to mount a comeback, and ducks out of the way of a Truth Corkscrew.  He kicks Truth in the face, and hits the Go 2 Sleep for the pinfall…

Elimination: R-Truth by CM Punk

Punk gets the microphone and tells The Undertaker that he’d better pray his pod door opens last, or Punk will make him tap out again.  He tells Morrison that his decadent rock star life is wrong.  He invites us to place our hands on the screen and let CM Punk flow through you.  The countdown begins, and the randomizer chooses…

Entrant #3:  Rey Mysterio

Mysterio uses his quickness straight out of the box, attempting to get revenge on Punk for his Straight Edge Society’s brutal beatdown.  Punk avoids a 619, but when Punk goes for the Go 2 Sleep, Mysterio reverses into a Hurricanrana pin for a two.  Punk rolls to the outside, and Mysterio follows, Punk catches him trying to hit another hurricanrana, and swings him like a baseball bat into the wall of the Chamber.  Back within the ring ropes, Punk scores a two count.  Punk tosses Mysterio head first into the wall of the cell he’d come out of moments ago, but only scores a two.  Punk attempts a superplex, but Mysterio knocks him down and climbs to the top of his former cell.  Punk realizes Mysterio’s intent, and climbs up after him, setting him up for  top rope Go 2 Sleep, but Mysterio escapes and manages to crotch Punk on the top rope.  He hits a hurricanrana from the top rope, sending Punk crashing down on the steel floor.  Punk rolls back into the ring and Mysterio nails a slingshot splash for a pinfall…

Elimination:  CM Punk by Rey Mysterio

Entrant #4:  Chris Jericho

Jericho starts off strong against Mysterio.  He doesn’t follow up on his offense, and Mysterio takes advantage.  He hits a 619, but Jericho rolls out of the ring.  Mysterio clings to the wall like SpiderMan, but Jericho plays the Venom role and slams Mysterio face first into the steel floor.  Jericho uses the Chamber as a weapon, slamming Mysterio’s face into the wall.  Jericho beats down Mysterio, and takes a moment to tap on the glass of The Undertaker’s cell.  Jericho locks in a submission hold on Mysterio, who valiantly battles back.  The pace quickens, which works in Mysterio’s favor.  Mysterio locks in what Matt Striker calls a Dragon Sleeper, though it was kind of reversed.  Jericho gets out and locks Mysterio in the Walls of Jericho as the countdown starts…

Entrant #5:  John Morrison

Morrison knocks Jericho off of the Walls of Jericho, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t attack Mysterio as well.  Morrison rolls early on, but Jericho turns the tide.  Morrison climbs to the top, looking to take down Jericho, but Mysterio shoves him back first into the cell.  Jericho takes over, working on Mysterio.  Morrison takes them both down from the top rope and hits Mysterio with a standing moonsault for two.  Mysterio gets Morrison in line for the 619, but Jericho catches him with a torture rack style backbreaker and covers him for a two.  Jericho and Mysterio go back and forth, until Morrison nails Jericho.  Mysterio starts to go after Morrison, but when he goes for a top rope hurricanrana, Morrison hangs on, allowing Mysterio to crash and burn.  Morrison hits Starship Pain and scores the pinfall…

Elimination:  Rey Mysterio by John Morrison

Morrison loses his focus and finds himself locked in the Walls of Jericho as the countdown clock begins again, much to the delight of…

Entrant #6:  The Undertaker

The World Heavyweight Champion wastes no time wasting both of his opponents.  Undertaker goes for a chokeslam on Jericho, and then it becomes a double chokeslam attempt, which Jericho and Morrison break up.  The pair team up and go after the deadman, but once ‘Taker ends up outside of the ring ropes, Jericho goes for the running enziguri, but Morrison ducks.  He can’t maintain the advantage though, as Jericho backdrops him onto the steel floor.  Jericho goes and paintbrushes The Undertaker, which serves to anger the Champion.  Jericho tries to hide in one of the pods, but ‘Taker nearly rips it off the hinges and assaults Jericho.  As Jericho sits in the cell, Undertaker goes off on Morrision, but Morrison manages to nail a huge kick on The Undertaker, hurting his own ankle again in the process.  Morrison goes for Starship Pain, but ‘Taker gets his knees up.  Suddenly, Jericho is the only one on his feet, but The Undertaker sat up.  Jericho once again closes himself into a pod, and allows a groggy Undertaker to attack John Morrison.  Undertaker throws Morrison at the door that Jericho is hiding behind as the crowd chants “one more time.”  Undertaker goes for a Last Ride on Morrison on the steel floor, but Jericho attacks.  Morrison clings to the cage wall, and Jericho sends Undertaker crashing into one of the glass pods.  Morrison manages to pick up a two count on Jericho, but as he goes for a springboard move, The Undertaker grabs him by the throat and chokeslams him on the steel that surrounds the ring, which is enough to put the Shaman of Sexy away…

Elimination:  John Morrison by The Undertaker

The straps come down as The Undertaker glares across the ring at Chris Jericho, the only man standing between him and retaining his title.  Jericho runs right into a right hand by The Undertaker, who takes control until Jericho ducks out of the way of a charging Phenom.  Jericho nails a superplex, scoring a two count.  Jericho charges directly into a chokeslam attempt by The Undertaker, but he reverses it into the Walls of Jericho.  Undertaker attempts to reverse into the Hell’s Gate, but Jericho prevented the reversal and cinches in the hold.  Taker manages to escape the WAll,s and goes for the Hell’s Gate, but Jericho fights like hell to get to the ropes and out of the ring.  Taker sits up, and Jericho turns around into a Tombstone attempt – but he gets out and nails the Codebreaker!  Jericho crawls over to make the cover, and he gets a two count.  Jericho yells at The Undertaker to stay down before going back to work on the World Heavyweight Champion.  Undertaker catches Jericho with a Last Ride, but he collapses after delivering the move.  He finally gets back to his feet and calls for the Tombstone, when out from under the steel floor, Shawn Michaels appears and hits Sweet Chin Music on The Undertaker, watching as Jericho covers the Deadman for the victory.

Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion:  Chris Jericho

Shawn Michaels stands over a fallen Undertaker as the 2010 Elimination Chamber event comes to an end.

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