Legend Killer: This is the one they call ‘Legend Killer’ alongside Drowgoddess for the Extreme Rules Post-PPV recap

Drowgoddess: This is the one they call Drowgoddess alongside the notorious Legend Killer. Let’s recap this thing!

Legend Killer: First of all, we had the United States Championship match, where Kofi Kingston retained the title against William Regal, Matt Hardy and MVP

Now, to be honest, I didnt see much of this match, due to technical reasons

Drowgoddess: Kofi Kingston was certainly a popular choice with the fans, and for the first t ime in a long time, there doesn’t seem to be any grudge between the previous and current champs.

The focus was just on two guys who want to be the champ.

Sometimes, that’s all you really need.

Legend Killer: Did you really see the need for William Regal and Matt Hardy to be involved in the match?

Personally, I believe that they were there just to make up numbers, as they seemed to be as involved in this match as they were in the build-up to the Vickie/Santina Hog Pen match.

Drowgoddess: Agreed. Since Kofi just won the title off of MVP, perhaps a rematch that quickly might not have seemed enough. Regal and MVP have certainly had their differences, as have HArdy and MVP.

The history between all the guys was there.

Legend Killer: Was Kofi the deserved winner?

Drowgoddess: I think so. MVP is definitely the guy who is at the breakout point. He could very possibly get in the main event picture soon. HE’s the complete package, and he has huge fan support.

That being said, Kofi is the guy to step up to the place where MVP was at.

Kofi has tremendous athleticism, more charisma than half the roster, and a connection with the fans.

He’s exactly the kind of guy who should be wearing that belt now.

Legend Killer: He reminds me a bit of Shelton Benjamin

but I’ve never heard Kofi on the mic

Drowgoddess: He’s more conversational and comfortable in the little bit of backstage talking that I’ve heard from him, but he hasn’t had much mic time. Maybe now he will, and we can see what he’s like.

Legend Killer: As long as he doesnt put people to sleep, or make their ears bleed, he should be fine.

Drowgoddess: I think he’ll be ok, then.

Legend Killer: Next on the card was the Intercontinental Championship, where Chris Jericho not onlt captured the title for a record ninth time, but he also claimed the mask of Mysterio

Drowgoddess: Jericho has captured luchedor masks in the past, like Juventud Guerrera’s.

I wasn’t crazy about this outcome, though I’m taking a “wait and see” attitude because Jericho is so amazing.

Legend Killer: How long will it be before Rey Mysterio wrestles without a mask on WWE TV?

I’m looking at it, to be as early as SummerSlam

Drowgoddess: I hope he doesn’t. Part of his massive appeal to kids and to the Hispanic market is that mask. He’s a superhero. Seeing his face will kill that, even though it has been done before in WCW.

I know that’s no realistic, considering that Jericho took the mask, but Rey has a different mask almost every night. It’s not like his only one was stolen.

Legend Killer: maybe he comes out on Smackdown! with a paper bag on his head

Drowgoddess: Followed by The BEautiful People?

Legend Killer: quite possibly, that would surely be a swerve nobody saw coming

Drowgoddess: It’s a license to print money!

I know that the IC title is supposed to be the #2 guy in the company, but Jericho winning it is almost a step back. A 9-time champ is great, and he should have a belt, but he’s been at th etop before. This almost seems like something he doesn’t really need.

Legend Killer: Or it shows that the WWE has nothing for Jericho at this present time

Drowgoddess: That’s my thought.

Unless he goes after Punk now.

Legend Killer: They know he should hold a Championship belt, but they dont want him to hold the World Championship, as it wouldnt fit in with their plans

Drowgoddess: Which would be the greatest thing in the history of things.

Legend Killer: A Punk/Jericho feud would be something worth watching

Drowgoddess: If both guys were allowed to go all-out on the promos.

It would be GOLD, I say!

You don’t script those two.

Legend Killer: there’s no need to

Drowgoddess: You and I know that. Does WWE know that?

Legend Killer: for those who havent seen Punk’s promos in ROH, should check them out

Drowgoddess: Absolutely! The man caused near-riots. He went from being the most beloved guy in the building to the most reviled in the space of five minutes once.

Legend Killer: They probably do, but because of the G rating they’re trying to get, it wont happen

Drowgoddess: A true thing of beauty.

Legend Killer: The interesting thing here is what they do with Jericho and Mysterio from here on

Drowgoddess: I have no idea. If they mean to unmask Rey for good, it could backfire completely.

Jericho can’t go after Punk while tormenting Rey. He CAN, but it won’t work as well.

Legend Killer: unless Rey goes after Punk as well

Drowgoddess: Although I believe that at one point, Jericho was feuding with most of the roster.

Rey and Punk have no history, not really.

Legend Killer: It will be somewhat interesting seeing what happens

CM Punk defeated Umaga in a Samoan Strap match

I can see that this match was there, to make people think that Punk wasnt going to cash in MiTB later on in the night.

Drowgoddess: I was surprised at that. Punk actually got Umaga on “Smackdown,” so I thought Umaga would destroy him at the ppv.

Being the huge, huge Punk fan thatI am, I wanted him to win, but I really didn’t see it happening.

The real question is what does Umaga do now.

Legend Killer: Probably what he’s been doing before this match. Nothing.

Now, match four … ah yes, the ECW Championship

Tommy Dreamer’s last night on his contrac, and he becomes the new ECW Champion

What does this mean for ECW?

Drowgoddess: Hopefully, a return to its roots, however slight. Tommy Dreamer is the last of the ECW originals. Yes, I understand very well that the only two things the current and original ECW have in common are him and those three letters.

However, Tommy’s been heelish lately, and a heel Tommy as the ECW champ could be fantastic.

Imagine him taking the rest of the roster to task for not “getting” what ECW is really about, and re-enacting some of his worst momenbts upon them.

Imagine him losing the title and becoming GM of ECW.

Legend Killer: I would like to see Jack Swagger get caned in the middle of the ring, like Dreamer was back in the day.

Drowgoddess: I think it could only be good, even if nothing really changes in terms of the current product.

Legend Killer: Would they need more ECW originals besides Dreamer, in order for that to work?

Drowgoddess: His face turn writes itself. Tommy schools him for months, gets him in the ring for the caning, and Swagger takes it with, “Thank you sir, may I have another?”

Not really. Most of them are dead, crippled, retired, or in other companies.

There aren’t many to choose from. Tommy was, and always has, been the heart and soul of ECW, so he’s really all you need.

If you wanted to bring in others, like RVD, for example, it would certainly help, but it isn’t critical.

Legend Killer: How about say, one-off appearances?

Drowgoddess: I’d personally love it if Evan Bourne’s recent comments about the new ECW blowing the old ECW out of the water in all ways were to set up a Dreamer/Bourne conflict.

One-off appearances would be great.

Particularly if they were handled in true randomness fashion.

Legend Killer: But, as you mentioned, the majority are either too old, or in different companies like TNA

Besides RVD, is there anyone else they could bring in

Drowgoddess: Yes, but some on the indies, who are free to make appearances anywhere, could do it.

For example, the way that Balls Mahoney and Spike Dudley turned up on TNA for a one-shot was perfect.

If WWE would be willing to use guys like that who may have appeared on TNA but don’t work for them, there could be several people left.

Too bad someone treated Jim Mitchell like trash, he’d be a good one.

Balls, Spike, Mitchell, RVD, and possibly Mikey Whipwreck might be good choices.

Mikey retired, but he could make an appearance or two.

Legend Killer: What about guys like Storm and Credible?

Sandman and Sabu?

Drowgoddess: Storm might do it, but I’m not sure he’d be interested. I don’t think they’d ask Credible.

Legend Killer: possibly even a guy like Steve Corino

Drowgoddess: I don’t think that Corino, Sandman, and Sabu are on the WWE call list.

I’d love to see as many of the ECW originals turn up as possible, but considering how the WWE looks at people like that, I don’t think full reunions are likely.

It’s a shame really

Legend Killer: Imagine Paul Heyman returning to ECW, with Dreamer as Champion

We both agree that Tommy Dreamer being Champion is nothing but good for ECW

Drowgoddess: Yes.

Legend Killer: I think we’ve talked enough about this match. Santina Marella pinned Vickie Guerrero in the Hog Pen match to reclaim the Miss Wrestlemania crown

Drowgoddess: The less said about this mess the better.

If the only purpose of it was to divorce Vickie and Edge, then so be it.

Legend Killer: Couldnt agree more.

Batista defeated Randy Orton to become the new WWE Champion

Good move of bad move?

Drowgoddess: Bad. Very, very bad.

Legend Killer: How so?

Legend Killer: The only logic I can see why this is good, is to have Batista feud with Triple H

Drowgoddess: Some say that he was a main eventer coming back from an injury, and where else could he go but a main event push?

While there is truth to that, Batista didn’t have to WIN tonight.

I personally don’t care for the guy. He doesn’t entertain me. That’s irrelevent. The thing is that Orton has been so hot lately, and having anyone take the belt off him right now just feels like a very bad idea.

The match itself just didn’t seem good enough to be a main event world title match where the title changed hands. The whole match was a letdown.

Legend Killer: Batista isnt my cup of tea. I refer to him as ‘PenisHead’ in my columns, and him winning the title has destroyed any momemtum Randy Orton has made since winning the title at Backlash

This match wasnt worthy of a WWE Championship match. Batista cant climb the cage, and the match went way too quick for my liking

Drowgoddess: Agreed on all points.

Orton shouldn’t have lost the title to anyone yet, certainly not to Batista.

Legend Killer: The next match, saw John Cena beat the Big Show in a Submission match

the only thing I need to say is, did anyone not see Cena winning this match?

Drowgoddess: Stevie Wonder and the ghost of Helen Keller saw Cena winning this match.

Note to WWE: If you must have a submissions match, put guys in it who have actual knowledge of and ability in submission wrestling.

Awful. Just awful. Knowing the outcome didn’t help.

Legend Killer: The only move I knew either of these two could do, was Cena’s STFU. That right there, showed me that this match shouldnt of been a Submission match.

Is there any type of match that could have worked? I think an I Quit match could’ve been good.

Drowgoddess: COnsidering the negative attitude that WWE, and Vince in particular, has shown in the past towards submission wrestling, it’s not surprising that they didn’t think this through.

An “I Quit” match might have worked, or a “Last Man Standing” match, as was brought up in the thread.

Legend Killer: Those matches at least, would’ve made things less predictable

Drowgoddess: And less dull.

Legend Killer: A match involving John Cena being less dull?

Drowgoddess: I know.

I speak of madness, sir.

Legend Killer: Speaking of madness. That could be the word describe the results of the Ladder match between Jeff Hardy and Edge

Drowgoddess: In a positive way!

Legend Killer: Jeff Hardy won the World Title, only for CM Punk, to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase, and end the night as new World Champion.

First off, let’s talk about the Ladder match itself. Was it a Main Event quality match>

Drowgoddess: It had main event quality spots. Overall, it wasn’t quite there. It was a very, very good match. I’m not insulting it or the guys involved in any way. The main event of any ppv, particularly when there is a stipulation like a ladder match, should be a Match of the Year candidate on basic principle.

While it blew away almost everything else on the show, it wasn’t quite that.

When you add ppv, main event, world title on theline, and ladder match, it should be epic.

However, I have to stress that nothing about thismatch was a letdown or in any way disappointing.

Legend Killer: This match definately had its high points. For example, Jeff Hardy’s Mid-Air Twist Of Fate, and both men destroying the Ladder on the otuside were great moments.

However, it all pales in comparison somewhat, to CM Punk.

Drowgoddess: I had heard nothing, absolutely nothing, about him possibly cashing the MITB shot tonight, so hearing his music play was a total shock.

Legend Killer: It made the, disappointment you could say, of Jeff Hardy winning the title, a lot brighter, seeing CM Punk cash in.

Drowgoddess: Jeff HArdy is extraordinarily popular. Most of the fans in attendance were thrilled that he won it. That he and Punk are both faces made me wonder, briefly, if Punk might be turning heel.

It opens up possibilities of an Edge/Punk feud, as Edge lost the title to Hardy, and Punk won it from HArdy, so Edge never lost the title to Punk.

Legend Killer: but it also opens up a new challenger

Drowgoddess: I truly did not think that they’d do the same thing twice. I thought for sure that Punk lose after cashing in his title shot. I was stunned in a good way when he won.

Legend Killer: Perhaps Punk will say he used Edge as inspiration

Drowgoddess: I could see that.

Legend Killer: Seeing as thats how Edge won the title using Money In The Bank

Drowgoddess: True, and Edge is constantly referred to as the”Ultimate Opportunist.”

Legend Killer: Could that work though, seeing as Punk didnt beat Edge for the title

Drowgoddess: He really didn’t have to. He could use Edge’s past actions as inspiration.

Legend Killer: Who do we see challenging Punk for the title?

and what does the happenings of this PPV, mean for Jeff Hardy’s much-documented Contract negotiations?

Drowgoddess: Edge will demand a rematch, for sure. Hardy may or may not stay with the company. Jericho could certainly go after him. Even Umaga could give it a shot.

Jeff Hardy’s contract negotiations are like Edge’s old entrance music. We know what they allow us to know. I personally think that nothing has been decided yet, and WWE got the best of both worlds.

If Hardy leaves, they don’t lose a champ and he goes out on his back.

If Hardy stays, he’s in a program for the top title after being taken advantage of in losing it.

They’ve covered themselves either way. I don’t think it tells us anything about Hardy’s current status, apart from the fact that nothing has been decided.

Legend Killer: Could the WWE be sending a message to Hardy, stating possibly that, ‘You would be World Champion if you re-sign’?

Drowgoddess: Definitely. The situation not only covers the WWE either way, it could be a very clear bribe, as it were.

If that’s what they are doing, I have no problem with it.

Legend Killer: When if Jeff Hardy’s contract up by the way?

Drowgoddess: I’m not sure. I thought that it was some time this month, but I could be wrong.

Legend Killer: It looks like being a very interesting next few months for SmackDown!

Drowgoddess: Indeed! It was already far and away the best show on WWE. I’m certainly going to be watching without fail.

Legend Killer: Arguments could be made that ECW is the better program

Drowgoddess: ECW is a very close second. It’s a smaller show, and talent seems to be less restricted or controlled, which is good. Some of the talent on ECW is awesome, and from an in-ring perspective, ECW may be the best program. In terms of an overall show, “Smackdown” takes the top spot.

Legend Killer: I agree, although with Dreamer as Champion, ECW could very well take the the spot

Drowgoddess: That it could. Over the next several months, both “Smackdown” and ECW could give wrestling fans something to feel proud about.

Legend Killer: What do you say for RAW’s future?

Drowgoddess: I have trouble watching RAW. Compared to the other two shows, it has felt boring, plodding, utterly ridiculous, or repetitive. With Batista as champ, I don’t know what that spells for Orton and the Legacy.

Having Orton chase the belt doesn’t work as well as him holding it.

Trips will turn up soon, and if he wants to be a heel, he can go after Batista again.

I don’t know what to say about RAW’s future, but it can only go up.

Legend Killer: Finally, what was your opinion on Extreme Rules as a whole?

Drowgoddess: Low. It was a weak show that did not live up to the name or the expectations. Kofi Kingston winning a title was great, but how “extreme” was that match, really?

The ladder match at the end and the aftermatch saved the show.

In general, they need to do better next time or scrap the idea altogether.

Legend Killer: I saw it as not worth my money. Sure, Punk coming out at the end was a surprise, and the Mysterio/Jericho and Edge/Hardy matches were good. But nothing else, really made me sit up and go Wow!

Drowgoddess: No, not at all. Lots of people are going to feel ripped off as far as this show is concerned.

As well they should.

Legend Killer: Although, those who are Batista/Cena/Punk fans will feel quite happy

Drowgoddess: This is what happens when you shove too many ppvs in a year out there.

True. I revel with the Punk fans.

Legend Killer: The next PPV is just three weeks away, the Bash. Will you be watching?

Drowgoddess: It’s too early to tell. Those of us not billionaires have to pick and choose our shows. I’ll be watching TNA’s “Slammiversary” for sure, and “The Bash” is the following Sunday. I’ll wait and see what the card is before committing to another ppv.

Legend Killer: Whereas I wont be watching any of them. Pay-Pre-Views just arent as good as they used to be.

Drowgoddess: Generally speaking, I have to agree with you, but there are good reasons for watching “Slammiversary” this year.

Again, if there weren’t so many ppvs, the quality would almost HAVE to go up.

Legend Killer: You would think so

Drowgoddess: A ppv should never feel like an episode of tv that you shelled out $30 or $40 to watch.

Legend Killer: exactly

and especially, when you can watch the high points of the PPV matches, on the next week’s weekly shows

Drowgoddess: Over and over and over again.

That really doesn’t make the paying customer feel very smart.

Legend Killer: No it doesnt, it’s a shame the WWE got rid of these streams

Drowgoddess: Indeed.

Legend Killer: Well, I’d say that about call it a night.

Drowgoddess: Agreed.

Legend Killer: Thank you for joining me for the BWF post-PPV recap

Drowgoddess: My pleasure, anytime.

Legend Killer: My thanks to ThinkSoJoe and Drowgoddess for helping with BoredWrestlingFan.com’s coverage of WWE Extreme Rules, this has been the one they call ‘Legend Killer’, reminding you to tune in this Wednesday for my column, plus for all thr weekly wrestling coverage as well. So long from Extreme Rules!

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