This is’s review of WWE Extreme Rules. Proudly brought to you by ThinkSoJoe, Legend Killer and Drowgoddess, through the powers of MSN Messenger. The following contains some Coarse language and mentioning of John Cena. Reader Discrection is advised. Also, the following was viewed via a stream. Streams are illegal, and BWF does not recommend viewing WWE PPVs this way. However for us, it works really well.

Legend Killer: this could be good, if the streams decide to work lol

ThinkSoJoe: right. The one I’m watching is up and running the pre-show, so I should be good unless WWE snipes it at some point

Legend Killer: I have one thats died and another that just loves to cut out

ThinkSoJoe: well, that was weird. the pre-show just ended and my browser crashed. I got it back up though.

Legend Killer: somehow I see the WWE sniping this like 2 seconds in

Legend Killer: It contains scenes not suitable for children LOL

ThinkSoJoe: Well, I guess we’ll find out in about two minutes if you’re right. I love the European disclaimer at the start of the shows over there

ThinkSoJoe: Kofi Kingston is out first – breaking the age old wrestling tradition that says the champion comes out last

ThinkSoJoe: This match could do well as just Kingston vs. MVP in a rematch from Monday. Luckily Matt Hardy and William Regal are pretty good wrestlers in their own right and will probably add to the match quality rather than take away from it

ThinkSoJoe: Matt Hardy’s trying to steal a win, but Kingston is holding his own

ThinkSoJoe: Regal caught Kofi out of the Trouble in Paradise, tossed him into Hardy – Kofi got a two on the move

ThinkSoJoe: Trouble in Paradise on Regal – Kingston retains!

Legend Killer: that was predicted, you dont normally change a title twice in a week

ThinkSoJoe: I’m 1 for 1 so far tonight in my predictions from my column from yesterday

Legend Killer: I made my predictions in the forum at WWI

ThinkSoJoe: Josh Matthews is special. He gets to be on RAW and ECW for some reason

Legend Killer: maybe because he finished third in Tough Enough?

ThinkSoJoe: Big Show has his own bus. He’s planning on doing worse to Cena than what he did at Backlash.

ThinkSoJoe: shhh… don’t tell anybody – Rey lost his mask in WCW

Legend Killer: maybe Big Show thinks he’s DX?

Legend Killer: or the new Lex Luger?

Legend Killer: is it just me, or is Jericho getting as big as JBL?

ThinkSoJoe: he’s definitely put on a bit of weight

Legend Killer: it looks like he could eat the Filthy Animal

ThinkSoJoe: Even with his added girth, Jericho’s still a hell of a wrestler

Legend Killer: I cannot agree more

ThinkSoJoe: nice counter there by Jericho, catching Rey out of a low dropkick into a Walls of Jericho attempt

Legend Killer: oh no shit JR, the first time the IC Title has been defended at Extreme Rules

Legend Killer: probably because this is the first Extreme Rules PPV, do we really think we’re that stupid?

ThinkSoJoe: finally, we’re getting down to the no holds barred stuff. sort of. I don’t think the plastic top piece of the table is really going to make a difference.

ThinkSoJoe: I just saw WCW Rey Mysterio!

Legend Killer: without the mask?

Legend Killer: They dont want Mysterio to look 6

ThinkSoJoe: indeed, Jericho had it pulled up, Rey’s face was on camera.

ThinkSoJoe: interesting note is that Jericho mentions in his book “A Lion’s Tale” that the first time he met Mysterio, he thought he was a 12 year old kid.

Legend Killer: thats because he really is 12

ThinkSoJoe: Rey’s call got disconnected – nice backbreaker by Jericho

Legend Killer: they just say he’s older so he can drink

Legend Killer: Why do I see Rey winning?

ThinkSoJoe: Jericho once again hits the Codebreaker out of nowhere

Legend Killer:oh look, 619 got countered! HA!

ThinkSoJoe: Finally, some plunder – Jericho’s got a chair

Legend Killer: I’ve somewhat enjoyed this match

ThinkSoJoe: Rey Rey goes Raven with the drop toe hold onto the chair

ThinkSoJoe: WALLS OF JERICHO out of nowhere! But a nice counter by Mysterio with the chair!

Legend Killer: I was gonna say, that chair seems comviently placed doesnt it

ThinkSoJoe: Jericho got the mask! And the Intercontinental Championship for the 9th time!

Legend Killer: look at his small, small head

ThinkSoJoe: Jericho should start collecting trophies from his opponents like he did in WCW

ThinkSoJoe: in fact, bring back the WCW trophies, such as Juventud Guerrera’s mask and whatnot

Legend Killer: it wouldnt surprise me if they re-hashed old gimmicks for Jericho

ThinkSoJoe: they’re not really going to do the WWE Championship match this early, are they?

Legend Killer: is Batista/Randy next?

ThinkSoJoe: well, I did see Josh Matthews standing by with Batista, so maybe they’re just re-living what happened on Monday for the fun of it

ThinkSoJoe: Batista wants Orton to get ready for a long road of pain and suffering.

Legend Killer: or because they have to kill time

ThinkSoJoe: Samoan Strap match is next. Complete with a real live Samoan

ThinkSoJoe: According to JR, Umaga was not born on the Bayou. Thank you for pointing that out there, Jimmy.

Legend Killer: He’s been the king of the obvious tonight has Good Ol’ JR

ThinkSoJoe: shouldn’t the arms be crossed on CM Punk’s shirt? I mean, it’s a cool shirt and all, but when does he just put his arms like that?

ThinkSoJoe: notice they never show the part where Umaga actually challenged Punk to a strap match in plain English?

ThinkSoJoe: I think this is the first time the announcers have actually pointed out that you have to be dragging your opponent by the strap when you touch the turnbuckles in these kind of matches. I was wondering why the faster guys never just tried to run around the ring touching the turnbuckles as soon as the bell rings

ThinkSoJoe: a sign of the dumbing down of humanity – there’s actually a score graphic to illustrate if a corner has been touched, despite the fact that you have to touch all four uninterrupted. There’s only four corners, it’s not that hard to keep up, people.

Legend Killer: they are dumbiying this down for children remember

ThinkSoJoe: ah, the old PG rating

Legend Killer: people like us who have a fully developed brain can understand

ThinkSoJoe: but still, my four year old can count to four, I don’t know how hard it is to figure out

Legend Killer: but those who the WWE are targeting as their fanbase, they have to explain everything to them

ThinkSoJoe: I suppose those who found RAW at the Staples Center a couple weeks ago entertaining would probably need to have this concept visually explained to them

Legend Killer: they’re probably wondering what the red and green lights mean

Legend Killer: for us well minded people, JBL beat Eddie Guerrero in a similar match for the WWE Championship at the first WWE version of the Great American Bash

ThinkSoJoe: Umaga showcases his strength with that pull of the strap

ThinkSoJoe: GO TO SLEEP! and Punk falls conveniently back into the fourth corner and picks up the win!

ThinkSoJoe: now maybe Punk can go on to other things, like using the MiTB briefcase again

Legend Killer: I forgot he had that until it said at the start

ThinkSoJoe: well there it is. He’s confusing it for a hat

ThinkSoJoe: Gregory Helms standing by with Captain Charisma. WASSUPWITDAT?!?

ThinkSoJoe: Dreamer seems confident. Hey look, it’s Jack Thhhhhhwagger

Legend Killer: it’s Dusty Rhodes!!!… I mean Jack Swagger!

ThinkSoJoe: Ah Tony Chimel. I remember when you got to work more than one match at a PPV

ThinkSoJoe: Christian’s got a 33% chance of leaving with his championship – but it’s “hardcore rules,” which completely benefits Tommy Dreamer

ThinkSoJoe: and once again, the Champion is out first for the title match

Legend Killer: although Jericho came out first, so it-s 1 and 1 in that count

ThinkSoJoe: You are correct, sir

ThinkSoJoe: ECW Chants – I bet Vince can’t wait to get rid of Dreamer, which will probably kill that chant off in WWE once and for all

Legend Killer: the ECW chant will never die

Legend Killer: it’s like Matt Hardy

ThinkSoJoe: Tommy and Christian bringing the Extreme

ThinkSoJoe: Tommy needs to hit people with random things again, not just the usual crap

ThinkSoJoe: I remember in ECW he hit a guy with a Nintendo

ThinkSoJoe: Christian did the Tree of Woe dropkick – that’s gimmick infringement!

Legend Killer: Jack Swagger is gimmick infringement of Dusty Rhodes.

Legend Killer: is Dreamer and Christian carrying this match?

ThinkSoJoe: THhhhhwagger’s gotten a bit of offense in so far

ThinkSoJoe: but indeed it’s mostly Christian and Dreamer

Legend Killer: which doesnt surprise me

ThinkSoJoe: Tower of Doom by Christian, Dreamer crashes into the trash cans and Swagger to the mat

Legend Killer: that move is unique to WWE, yet TNA seem to do it every PPV

ThinkSoJoe: I used to see it in NSPW before I ever saw it on TV

ThinkSoJoe: In fact, I think Eric Young was the first one I saw do the move


ThinkSoJoe: Did Striker just say Dreamer’s real name on the show?

Legend Killer: I missed it

ThinkSoJoe: Dreamer picked it up with a crutch shot and DDT to Thhhwagger

Legend Killer: I just caught the replay, notice how Christian didnt get pinned

ThinkSoJoe: yup

Legend Killer: we are 1 hour and 17 minutes into the PPV, and already four matches are won and done

ThinkSoJoe: and two titles have changed hands
and I’m currently two for four

Legend Killer: I’m three for four

ThinkSoJoe: Chavo just got popped in the snout by Aunt Vickie

Legend Killer: the winner will join Henry Godwinn as the only winners of a Hog Pen match

ThinkSoJoe: Jerry Lawler is standing by a bunch of pigs. And I don’t mean the Jerry Lawler type of pig, I mean like real pigs
did he say “without further doo doo?” Is John Cena scripting Jerry Lawler’s promos?

Legend Killer: I thought for a second it was Billy and Chuck

ThinkSoJoe: You asked about three minute warning earlier, well, you know what happened to Rico’s theme music.

Legend Killer: I bet we can reviews this match without needing to watch it

Legend Killer: oh look, Lieutenant Loco is taking the place of Vickie

ThinkSoJoe: I wonder if Corporal Cajun will make a triumphant return to help out tonight – they are in Louisiana

Legend Killer: Doesnt the Cajun do cartoons for a wrestling magazine?

ThinkSoJoe: As a matter of fact, he does for PWI

Legend Killer: I thought so

ThinkSoJoe: Vickie’s been slopped.

Legend Killer: Cole’s impersonation of JR. Slop! Slop! Slop!

ThinkSoJoe: Vickie did the J.O.B.

Legend Killer: Goldust has turretts again

ThinkSoJoe: Goldust needs expense reports signed – and still has turrets

ThinkSoJoe: no, Chavo, I’m laughing at you

ThinkSoJoe: EDGE!

Legend Killer: they’re not even married are they?

ThinkSoJoe: Edge calling for the divorce. First Jeff Hardy, then the marriage
Not a good night to be the GM of RAW

Legend Killer: here comes the Cage!!

ThinkSoJoe: Speaking of RAW…

ThinkSoJoe: be interesting to see which superstar is out first

…and it’s the Champ

Legend Killer: 1 and 2 for champs out first

ThinkSoJoe: so that’s three out of four title matches tonight where the Champion has come out first – tradition be damned, it’s Extreme!

Legend Killer: but Kofi’s the only one to retain

ThinkSoJoe: So far. This and the World Heavyweight Championship to go for title matches

ThinkSoJoe: John Cena vs. The Big Show is still to come as well

Legend Killer: wheres Triple H?

ThinkSoJoe: “injured”

Legend Killer: isnt it about time he returns?

ThinkSoJoe: he was kicked in the head at Backlash, which was in April, so given the timetable for a return from the Randy Orton Mega Final – whatever G-Bag calls it is about 4 months, so since we’re talking about The Game, probably soon

Legend Killer: he is the Super-Being Triple H after all

Drowgoddess: I’m in!
Like Flynn!

ThinkSoJoe: LK and I were just discussing the timetable for a Triple H return from his “injury”

DrowGoddess: A Randy Orton Super Mega Kick of Final Ultimate Death
I see.

Legend Killer: it only took Vince like a month to come back didnt it?

ThinkSoJoe: He got kicked in the head before the Royal Rumble in January and came back after WrestleMania in April, so three months
(LK EDIT: Vince McMahon was back the RAW before Wrestlemania.)

Drowgoddess: But he was, of course, superhuman.

ThinkSoJoe: well, of course. He’s the boss.

Drowgoddess: How much more superhuman than Vince is Trips supposed to be?

ThinkSoJoe: He’s not – Vince came back from torn quads faster than Triple H did

Drowgoddess: Didn’t Vince tear two and Trips just one?

ThinkSoJoe: indeed

Drowgoddess: Ok, let me rephrase. Trips is Vince’s representative on Earth, and therefore cannot compete with his power, but is the next closest thing.

ThinkSoJoe: that sounds about right.

Drowgoddess: Who thinks the Batista chants are “helped?”
Of course, he may actually be that popular.
What do I know of such things?

ThinkSoJoe: Batista recently lost a cage match to Jericho – and Monday on RAW defeated Cody Rhodes in a cage by pinfall instead of climbing out of the cage. Then he didn’t climb in to help Ric Flair. Perhaps Batista’s been rendered incapable of physically climbing the cage?

Drowgoddess: Between nailing Divas like his name was Bob Vila and “medicating,” would you be shocked that he can’t?

ThinkSoJoe: As far as Batista’s popularity, I’ve been at WWE shows with Batista chants, but the one I attended recently wasn’t one of them

Drowgoddess: I remember when Randy ORton had reversals for everything.

Drowgoddess: My friend Arthur was playing an e-fed character called “The Pinfall Wizard” Michael merlin (from the mean streets of suburban Delaware), and he thought that Orton was the exact wrestling style that his character would have.

ThinkSoJoe: Chris Jericho is the one who does that now. Hell, he reversed a 619 into stealing Mysterio’s mask and rolling him up for a pin earlier in the night.

ThinkSoJoe: Holy shit – Batista won?

Drowgoddess: BULLSHIT!!!

Legend Killer: Oh FUCK no

As if RAW didn’t suck bad enough as it was

Drowgoddess: What the fuck was that???

Legend Killer: he must’ve ‘polished off’ Triple H

ThinkSoJoe: look – he’s climbing the ropes but not even bothering to climb up the cage to show off the belt

Legend Killer: thats because he cant

Drowgoddess: What a shit match for a world title change, regardless of the outcome. And the outcome is proof that there is no god.

ThinkSoJoe: I absolutely have to agree with you on that one, Drow

ThinkSoJoe: Hopefully this means Edge is going over

ThinkSoJoe: Hell, they have to have The Big Show go over Cena too to make up for this shit

Legend Killer: If Edge doesnt win, I’m rioting

Drowgoddess: A one-man Aussie riot. I’d pay to see that. Moreso than this show.

Legend Killer: mand I’m starting with PenisMan himself, Batista

Drowgoddess: It’s at times like this that I feel TNA gets a disproportionate share of shit from people.

ThinkSoJoe:You can’t lose a step if you never had it, Cena!

ThinkSoJoe: Which means I’m probably stuck watching John Cena and The Big Show pretend they know how to properly apply submission holds

Legend Killer: oh wait, I’m back

Drowgoddess: And better than ever…

ThinkSoJoe: got a knack for making things better?

Legend Killer: I’m surprised their not showing footage from 2004 and WM

Legend Killer: face facts, cause your opinion dont matter

ThinkSoJoe: my official prediction for this match on BWF yesterday was that I’m going to fall asleep.

Legend Killer: my predcition is Cena, because Cena secretly wears the Yellow and Red

ThinkSoJoe: The only thing that could save this match is the ghost of he-who-shall-remain-nameless coming back and making them both tap in a total of 5 seconds. Or killing them

ThinkSoJoe: I did wind up saying Cena would win

Legend Killer: theres no pillows or kettle cords, so theres no chance of that happening

Drowgoddess: I’d rather see Benoit kill them both than watch this match.

ThinkSoJoe: The set for this PPV is a giant X. That’s almost as good of a set as the inVasion set with it’s giant V

ThinkSoJoe: wtf. There wasn’t a PPV in March, but since WrestleMania, there’s been a WWE PPV every three weeks.

Drowgoddess: Ooo! Maybe Bryan Danielson is stopping by to see Regal, and he hits the ring to show those bitches what real submission wrestling is all about!

Drowgoddess: It’s what Jesus would do.
You know you want it.

ThinkSoJoe: I’ve never wanted to see Kurt Angle make a run-in any more than I do right now.

Drowgoddess: Ok, yeah, but I like my idea better.

Drowgoddess: Is it a submission if Big SHow sits on your chest?

ThinkSoJoe: I guess you get what you pay for – or in this case, don’t pay for

Drowgoddess: Ah, back on.
Not that that’s a good thing.

ThinkSoJoe: *disclaimer: and it’s staff do not endorse streaming PPV feeds*

Legend Killer: *disclaimer* However, the staff member who writes columns on Wednesdays endorses not paying for a WWE Pay Per View*

Drowgoddess: *disclaimer* The Executive Shareholder endorses ppvs not being mind-numbingly shit-tacular, regardless of company.

ThinkSoJoe: I figure if I say we don’t endores streaming the PPVs then it’s less damaging if WWE reads this review and decides “hey, these guys are telling people that it’s possible to watch our completely unnecessary and shitty PPVs for free on the internet”

Drowgoddess: Good point.

ThinkSoJoe: especially since I’d be the one getting the letter from their attorney

Drowgoddess: That’s why you’re the boss.

Drowgoddess: But hey, we’d be proving Vince’s assertion that fans watch the show together, instead of each person buying it separately.

ThinkSoJoe: and if WWE legal are reading this, Hi, Mr. McDevitt!

Drowgoddess: I’m glad Big Show is enjoying something about this. Someone should, it sure as hell isn’t us.
Jerry! Wassup, man!

ThinkSoJoe: of course, if anybody from WWE were actually reading this, they’d know that real fans hate John Cena and Batista

Legend Killer: if WWE were watching, they’d have shut BWF down due to my links in my columns

Drowgoddess: The man has a point.

ThinkSoJoe: this is true

Legend Killer: how can this match go longer than anything else so far?

Drowgoddess: Your links are patently offensive.

ThinkSoJoe: This match isn’t over yet?

Drowgoddess: Slow, lumbering plodding takes time.

Legend Killer: my links also dont lead to what I hint them to

ThinkSoJoe: the longer this crap goes, the shorter the ladder match that everybody actually wants to watch will be

Drowgoddess: Therein lies the beauty of them.

ThinkSoJoe: I hate leaving comments about the links in your articles, LK, for the sheer fact that I don’t want to spoil them for anybody who reads the comments first for some reason

Drowgoddess: You know, at “Tag Wars 2008,” ROH had a tag match between AOTF (Black and Jacobs) and the MCMG. It really ended up being a submissions match between Alex Shelley’s Border City Stretch and Jimmy Jacobs’s End Times. THAT was a fantastic submissions match. I wish I were watching that match right now.

Drowgoddess: Sorry, I waxed nostalgic for actual submission wrestling done by people who, you know, can actually do it.
In case WWE reads this.

ThinkSoJoe: every time I see a submission match between two guys who suck at submission holds, I really miss Kurt Angle and you-know-who. Their ultimate submission match was just pure awesome

ThinkSoJoe: hooray for using the attitude adjustment in a submission match.

ThinkSoJoe: goodnight, Cena

Drowgoddess: I don’t mean to sound rude, because you ARE the man, but why do you call him you-know-who? This isn’t “Harry Potter,” and I don’t see the point in not saying his name when everyone knows who he was.

ThinkSoJoe: “if Cena can’t answer the count, this one’s over”
when did this become a last man standing match?

Drowgoddess: You’re totally right about the match, though. A thing of beauty, it was.

Drowgoddess: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stepping on your right to call it as you see it, I just honestly want to know from someone who isn’t twelve or retarded. Or both.

Drowgoddess: BULLSHIT!!!!

Drowgoddess: Sure, we could all see it coming, but I cry BULLSHIT!!!

ThinkSoJoe: bullshit or not, it’s thankfully over.

Drowgoddess: Indeed.
My soul hurts.

ThinkSoJoe: for the record – no problem with mentioning Benoit by name, just habit after two years.

Drowgoddess: Ok.
The best announcers ever could not make this match work.
The only thing extreme about that match was my desire to gouge out my own eyes with a plastic fork.

ThinkSoJoe: PPVs have to end by – I think – 10:57, so with intro video and entrances, we’re looking at no more than 30 minutes for this one

Drowgoddess: They can make it work. They’re both good enough.

Legend Killer: I thought they had to end 10 minutes before

ThinkSoJoe: it’s either 10:53 or 10:57
I’m not entirely positive
and that’s here in the States, so I don’t know if it’s earlier on that side of the pond

Drowgoddess: Either way, WWE isn’t know for filling the entire time.

ThinkSoJoe: JR mentions Bob Vila just about an hour after Drowgoddess mentions him in our conversation here. Is JR spying on us?

Legend Killer: Thats not good

Drowgoddess: But does JR have a webcam?

ThinkSoJoe: Once again, the Champion makes his way out first

Drowgoddess: If we can’t be personally identified, nothing can be proven.
Anyone could have sat here and typed.

Legend Killer: I just realized, I have to somehow edit this (LK EDIT: The edit is what you’re reading right now :D)

Drowgoddess: HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Legend Killer: and turn it into something readable

ThinkSoJoe: yup. You sure do

Drowgoddess: SOrry, that was rude of me.
Drink up, then!

Legend Killer: and the Vampiro fans go wild

Drowgoddess: Are there any left?

ThinkSoJoe: I’m still a fan of Vampiro

Legend Killer: I thought they were gonna call him the Charismatic Enigma

ThinkSoJoe: They’ve been calling him the unique enigma. I’m sure if you search for Charismatic Enigma you’ll eventually find the DVD that TNA put out on him

Drowgoddess: I liked Vampiro back in the day. He’s honestly been off my radar. I watch him every now and then on the luche libre show on Galavision.

Legend Killer: I believe they’re still selling that DVD on

Drowgoddess: Unique enigma is even dumber than the original name.

Legend Killer: its better than the ‘Rainbow Warrior’

Drowgoddess: Granted.


Drowgoddess: Yup.

Legend Killer: these two are the best in ladder matches *cough*Shawn Michaels*cough*

Drowgoddess: I’ll give Michaels credit where it’s due, but even things that the great and powerful Michaels has done can be improved upon.

Legend Killer: I’m finding it funny that Todd Grisham is trying to tell us that this is the first Ladder match Jeff Hardy and Edge have competed in

ThinkSoJoe: these guys get the credit though because they took the standard that Shawn Michaels set and, as Drow said, improved on it

Drowgoddess: Perhaps he means against each other, one on one. Or perhaps he’s retarded.

ThinkSoJoe: I’m sure he meant it’s the first singles ladder match between the two

Drowgoddess: YEs. What he said.

Legend Killer: I agree. Todd Grisham is retarded

Legend Killer: Edge meet Ladder. Ladder meet Edge

ThinkSoJoe: and now, Mr. Ladder, let me introduce you to Jeff Hardy

Drowgoddess: Now that we all know each other….

Legend Killer: Those ladders will not give, yet that ladder is bent up all out of shape

Drowgoddess: Shhh!

ThinkSoJoe: that ladder must’ve been in the clearance aisle at the home depot
it was a factory defect

Drowgoddess: This show is a factory defect.
Todd Grisham is a factory defect.

Legend Killer: Factory defect? I thought all ladders were meant to have a guy like Hardy fall on them
WWE Extreme Rules is a Factory Defect

ThinkSoJoe: how much do you think the annual ladder budget is for WWE?

Drowgoddess: What’s the entirity of the Gross National Product of Sweden?

Legend Killer: thats probably why Jeff Hardy wont re-sign, they’re taking the Ladders out of his paycheck

Drowgoddess: LOL

ThinkSoJoe: best submission hold I’ve seen all night – and there was a submission match on the card!

Drowgoddess: Two of the best wrestlers all night.

Legend Killer: I still dont know how a Submission match is ‘Extreme’
It’s about as extreme as a ‘Judy Bagwell on a Pole’ match

Drowgoddess: It would have been if Angle and Danielson and Low Ki were doing it.
Or Samoa Joe from 2004-06.

ThinkSoJoe: the fatal four way “stipulation” was more extreme than that submission match

Legend Killer: or these two circa 2001
reviewing Extreme Rules the way we have, is more extreme than a Submission match

Drowgoddess: Playing around with my dogs is more extreme than that submission match.

Legend Killer: getting up of a morning is more extreme than a Submission match

Drowgoddess: A working ladder. As opposed to the white-collar variety.

ThinkSoJoe: I’m getting ready for work right now – and THAT’S more extreme than a submission match

Legend Killer: why doesn’t Jeff just knock the title down with the Ladder?

Drowgoddess: Look at the size of that ladder! Could Todd Grisham be much more homoerotic?

ThinkSoJoe: he does know he’s nowhere near the belt, right?

Legend Killer: I wanted to see Jeff’s legs stretch like a Stretch Armstrong

ThinkSoJoe: oh shit, that was a slick move by Hardy. Kid’s got more guts than brains, but that was a smart move right there

Drowgoddess: Edge’s move was likewise smart.

ThinkSoJoe: Hardy, for those reading the conversation instead of watching the match, tipped a very tall ladder in the corner forward and kind of fell on the belt. Edge sprang up and pulled him down off the title

Legend Killer: Why wouldnt someone else not in the match, think of climbing up the ladder whilst these two are outside, and grab the title?

ThinkSoJoe: because it wouldn’t count. Unless you’re CM Punk.

Legend Killer: Why wouldnt it count? You could claim to be World Champion
much like if you did it at Wrestlemania in MiTB

Drowgoddess: You could claim to be Emperor of Rome, and if you aren’t booked in the match, it won’t count.

ThinkSoJoe: this isn’t TNA where you can just steal something and then defend it at will

Drowgoddess: Oh, snap!

Legend Killer: or WCW where you can find a title in the rubbish and claim it as your own

Drowgoddess: But that’s just the American Way!

ThinkSoJoe: well, to be fair, WWE did something similar when Mideon found the European Championship in Shane’s bag

Drowgoddess: But that was kind of funny.
Kind of.

Legend Killer: It could have been Naked Mideon?

Legend Killer: I wonder do they realize that their not gonna reach the title from there?

ThinkSoJoe: shades of WrestleMania 23

Legend Killer: will those Ladders give now JR?

Drowgoddess: Jeebus, that looked like it hurt a LOT.

Drowgoddess: Can they talk about impact on WWE programming?

ThinkSoJoe: after that fall through a ladder, they’re back in the ring and trying to climb for the title? Somebody should do an article on the art of selling.

ThinkSoJoe: Oh wait

Legend Killer: is that a ref bump in a Ladder match?

ThinkSoJoe: Twist of Fate out of a midair spear!

Drowgoddess: That’s a great idea, someone should.

Legend Killer: That was impressive

Legend Killer: We ready for the post PPV show Drow?

Drowgoddess: Huh?

Legend Killer: may as well do a post-PPV show considering we’re here

Drowgoddess: Ok.

ThinkSoJoe: Hardy just tied Edge up in the ladder…. NEW CHAMPION!

Legend Killer: Oh FUCK no

ThinkSoJoe: Well, my predictions all sucked for tonight

Drowgoddess: Your predictions weren’t the only thing.

Legend Killer: I enjoyed Mysterio and Jericho for some reason

ThinkSoJoe: this show certainly isn’t going to be the breeding ground for any MOTY conversations, but I have to agree that Mysterio and Jericho wasn’t terrible

ThinkSoJoe: Show’s not over yet folks…

Legend Killer: CM Punk!!

ThinkSoJoe: IT’S CM PUNK!!!

Drowgoddess: So we have Kofi as IC champ, Batista as one world champ and Jeff HArdy as the other.

ThinkSoJoe: LET’S GO PUNK!!

Legend Killer: this is what happens when you dont sign new deals Jeff


ThinkSoJoe: Hardy Kicked Out!

ThinkSoJoe: Hardy gets two!

ThinkSoJoe: this PPV just got exciting

Legend Killer: things just got exciting all of a sudden

ThinkSoJoe: GTS #2

Drowgoddess: I want Punk to win, but I don’t see it.

ThinkSoJoe: 1, 2, 3 NEW CHAMPION!!

Drowgoddess: YES!!!!!!!!
Sweet mother of god, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Legend Killer: Two NEW Champions in the space of three minutes

ThinkSoJoe: Finally, something good on this PPV

Drowgoddess: CM Punk ruined nothing, JR!

ThinkSoJoe: CM Punk is your New World’s Heavyweight Champion!

Legend Killer: at least they know how to end things with a BANG!

ThinkSoJoe: OMG what an end to a pretty weak show

ThinkSoJoe: Hardy winning would’ve been enough, really, but Punk taking it makes it even better

Legend Killer: it kinda makes it worthwhile in a sense

Drowgoddess: Too bad Punk isn’t supposed to turn heel. As popular as HArdy is, it would be a g reat time.

ThinkSoJoe: I’ve got to get out of here guys

Drowgoddess: Awww.
Bye, then, Joe!

ThinkSoJoe: Later

Legend Killer: Joe leaves for work, now stay tuned for the post-PPV show

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