Today is a great day for BoredWrestlingFan – we’ve likely had our most articles posted in one day, what with the three earlier and now the No Way Out posting actually going up on the day of the show!

It was a unique PPV to say the least, and whether or not I like the event in general is irrelevant.  What matters is that WWE put on a great show with a surprise here and there, and gives credible reasons for some of the rumored WrestleMania matches to happen.

What happened?  Find out, after the jump!

Triple H won the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber

Edge was eliminated by Jeff Hardy before any of the other four men got out of their pods.  When it eventually came down to Triple H and The Undertaker, it was The Game who fought out of a Last Ride and dropped the deadman with the Pedigree for the win!

Randy Orton def. Shane McMahon

Cody Rhodes ate the Coast to Coast, but Shane O Mac ate the RKO, giving Orton the victory, and apparently sending Shane (with Stephanie by his side) to the hospital.

Jack Swagger def. Finlay to retain the ECW Championship

I personally didn’t see most of this match, but I did see Swagger drop Finlay with the Red White and Blue Thunderbomb for the victory.

Shawn Michaels def. JBL

A Clothesline from Hell couldn’t keep HBK from his goal of breaking free of JBL’s contract, but Sweet Chin Music after a slap to the face from Shawn’s wife Rebecca was good enough to keep JBL down for the count.

Edge won the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber

Kofi Kingston didn’t make it to the ring for his first Elimination Chamber match – because Edge jumped him on his way, gave him a con-stair-to, and took his spot in the match.  In the end, it was Edge with the Spear on Rey Mysterio for the victory!  Not to sound cliche, but the ultimate opportunist strikes again!

My thoughts: Two of my predictions  were wrong – but the fact that Edge walked off with the World Heavyweight Championship kind of makes up for him losing the WWE Championship, so I really only got 1 1/2 of my predictions wrong.  See you tomorrow for RAW!

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