It happened on WWE’s NXT program of all places. This FORCED me to rewind while having it on in the background…

I’m not reviewing the whole show. What I am posting is a superb free-TV match of the new year thus far. It was a solid actual wrestling match. Yes. Like I just wrote… on NXT. We don’t even have a category for that show ’round these parts, fella.

Note: none of the following involves Sheamus, unless you count the Royal Rumble highlight video promoting this weekend’s PPV.

Daniel Bryan versus Ted Dibiase.

They gave this a lot of time to begin with, which allowed for the circus that occurred, to occur. While this match happens, the panel of “pro’s” have a storyline of random heat generating crowd response. Valet’s flirt with commentators. Clips of the Bella twins storyline ending with Bryan doing the vegan/virgin PG-13 storyline thing with Gail Kim. And yet, it somehow adds to the match itself. Daniel Bryan truly brings out the best in Dibiase!

Hopefully the following videos here when you check, otherwise search by clicking on this link, provided Google still exists in your time.

Another spot.

How can a match on NXT be possibly the best new matchup I’ve seen in a while in the WWE?

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