Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, November 10th, 2008 (USA Network)
Location: The Manchester Arena in Manchester, UK
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-Live via tape delay from Manchester, England.
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-We get a video package from last week’s 800-hour long edition of Raw, featuring the World Title win of Christopher Jericho, Esquire.

~Batista does not approve…~

Batista makes his way to the ring, and he has something to discuss. I don’t think its politics. He won’t whine and cry about last week, he is here to use his rematch clause and win back his title.

Stephanie McMahon is here live via satellite, and says no dice on the rematch clause. Shane made it clear that the winner of the cage match would defend against Cena at the Survivor Series. And Jericho will face Cena at that show, but out of respect Batista cannot have a title match before then. She then says there will be a new era on Raw with Adamle gone. She wants to wipe the slate clean. They want to end some feuds here tonight. Kane will meet Rey in a NO DQ match, and for the last time Chris Jericho faces HBK in a last man standing match. She thanks us all, and then thanks Batista for being so understanding.

Randall K. Orton, Tattoo Artist comes to the ring now. Orton says that when it comes to a title shot, Batista will have to wait in line. John Cena gets his chance at Survivor Series, but then it is his turn because he is better than Batista and was always better than Batista. He even got kicked out of Evolution because he was better, and Batista couldn’t beat him then or now. That is why he deserves the title shot. Batista, obviously not approving of this says that history is written by winners, and if you look at their history, he has been better in every way, shape and form. Better when they were with Evolution and better now. Batista says they should go ahead and move on, so tonight, Orton vs. Batista to settle it! Orton thinks it over, and agrees to this. But just so Batista knows, when he wins the title, he will be a champion longer than 8-days. Batista tosses the mic to Orton, looks for the Batista bomb, but Orton escapes.

-Santino Marella comes to the ring and introduces the HONK-A-PERFECT-MOUNTIE-METER~! This is because he is so confident that he will be the IC Champion of the Earth! The combined title runs of the three men were 123-weeks! He has been the champion for 13-weeks. According to his calculations, that is just 2-years and 4-months and he will break that record and will be one step closer tonight to his goal. He then mocks Regal and states that Italy is the best.

-Regal and the fine as hell Layla make their way to the ring.

-Lillian does the super special ring announcing.

WWE IC Title Match: Santino Marella © w/Beth Phoenix vs. William Regal w/Layla Lndon

Lock up, to the corner and rights and lefts from Regal. A whip, back elbow and then the Regal-plex! Charging knee to the head and Regal covers for the win!

Winner: NEW CHAMPION William Regal @ 0:30 via pin

-Cole heads into the ring and interviews Regal. Regal says that he will be proud to wear the title with the pride and dignity of an Englishman. He will also be proud to take the spirit of the UK fans all around the world. Regal is proud to be a loyal subject to her majesty the queen, but most of all, he is proud to be our Intercontinental Champion.

-Kane is backstage and welcomes Stephanie and Shane back to Raw. Shane brings out his inner child, when he used to torture insects and birds. He will do the same to Rey tonight. He never liked being liked, not by anyone. After tonight, they will like him even less, and he will like himself even more.

Mike Knox’s Beard vs. D’Lo Brown

Hey D’Lo still has a job, that’s good to see. Mike Knox’s Beard is officially a part of Raw now. He take Brown to the corner, rights follow and he just beats Brown down. Knees follow, to the other corner and a knee by Brown. Mike Knox’s Beard answers with a boot and then the KNOX OUT and that is all.

Winner: Mike Knox’s Beard @ 1:00 via pin

-Cole and King hype WrestleMania 25. We get footage of the on sale bonanza.

-Santino talks on his phone as Beth finds him. She makes sure he is ok, and he calls his loss a tragedy. He called Shane and let him know what was on his mind. Shane is apparently taking it out on Beth Santino says, and Shane made a Women’s Title match between Beth and Mickie James. Beth then breaks Santino’s phone on the wall.

-Cole and King hype WrestleMania 25. We get footage of the on sale bonanza.

-Santino talks on his phone as Beth finds him. She makes sure he is ok, and he calls his loss a tragedy. He called Shane and let him know what was on his mind. Shane is apparently taking it out on Beth Santino says, and Shane made a Women’s Title match between Beth and Mickie James. Beth then breaks Santino’s phone on the wall.

-We get a John Cena video package, focusing on his jump to Raw and his return at Survivor Series.

Jericho is out and mocks Cena’s return. He then says Batista took out Cena, and he was able to beat Batista for the title to prove that HE is the best in the world today. And then there is HBK. He exposed HBK for everything he is, HBK got offended so he through him threw a TV monitor, punched his wife “accidentally,” which HBK mocks to deal with the pain and then he destroyed him time and time again before he defeated him in a ladder match. And now we have tonight, the final chapter in the sad and pathetic story of HBK. Cena needs to pay attention because the same will happen to him. Jericho is the champion, at the top of his game and Cena is returning from injury. He will show us all that not every story has a happy ending.

-Rey walks.

NO DQ Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Kane

Rey uses his speed, goes to the floor and hides from Kane. He was under the ring and drop toeholds Kane into the steps. Cross body by Rey, caught and then Rey escapes and lays the boots to Kane. Moonsault off of the barricade by Rey and we’ll head to a commercial @ 1:20.

We are back from commercial @ 5:00 with Kane in control of the match. Kane beats Rey down, boots to the head and then a whip to the corner and Rey drops to the mat. Rey manages a RANA, but Kane bails before Rey can get the 619. Kane stops a baseball slide and swings Rey like a bat into the barricade. Kane wraps the arm around the post and then tries to rip off Rey’s arm. He then slams the arm off of the steps and tells Rey to quit. Back in the ring we go and Kane with more boots to Rey. Kane then slams the arm to the mat and then drops the knee and covers for 2. Rey tries to kick at Kane, fails and then gets the wheelbarrow bulldog out of nowhere. Leg kicks by Rey, off the ropes and eats the big boot. That only gets 2. Rey rips off a turnbuckle pad, another and then grabs Rey. Kane goes for the splash mountain into the corner, Rey escapes and then gets a RANA. Boot by Rey, eats a right and then Kane misses a boot and crotches himself on the top rope. Rey dropkicks Kane to the apron, charges, goozled but Rey counters the chokeslam with the stun gun off with the arm. A plancha by Reyis met with an uppercut from Kane, which had to suck. Kane peels away the padding on the floor, grabs Rey but he escapes and Rey then gets the DDT on the floor. Rey rolls Kane back into the ring and covers for 2. Enziguri by Rey, 619 connects. Slingshot splash and Kane gets the GOOZLE! Chokeslam escape, drop toehold by Rey and Kane hits the exposed buckle. Rey flies in for the seated senton, but that gets fucked up. He covers for the win anyway, so it worked out ok for Rey.

Winner: Rey Mysterio @ 13:00 via pin

-Orton prepares backstage when Simply Pussies minus Ted come into visit him. They say they won’t let what Orton did to Ted slide. Orton calls DiBiase a weak link for losing the tag titles, screwed them in the IC Contender’s Battle Royal and then messed up Orton’s match. Orton simply did what they wouldn’t do, and says that they aren’t in his league. Cody slaps Orton, and Manu then steps in the middle to cool things down.

-Batista comes to the ring, and then Orton. It is then that Cody and Manu come to the ring and say that Orton cannot beat him or Batista. But Cody thinks that he can beat Batista. Batista laughs, and we have a NEW match.

Batista vs. Randy Orton Cody Rhodes

Lock up, to the corner they go and Cody kicks at the knee of Batista. Batista then begins to kick his ass, kick to the face and as he goes for the powerbomb, Cody escapes, works the knee and then gets the 2nd rope bulldog for 2. Orton watches on as Cody works a standing knee bar, Batista kicks off and gets a corner clothesline. Cody back to the knee and he then lays the boots to Batista. A cheap shot by Manu and Cody has control momentarily until he eats a bog boot. Clothesline by Batista, but Cody escapes the powerslam only to run into the spinebuster. Batista clotheslines Manu, DAVE BOMB to Cody and that is all.

Winner: Batista @ 3:00 via pin

-After the match Batista hooks up Manu with a king size spear. Orton and Batista stare down after the match, and then Orton bails.

WWE Women’s Title Match: Beth Phoenix © vs. Mickie James

Phoenix attacks at the bell and as she goes for slingshot suplex, James escapes and gets a roll up for 2. James escapes again, forearms to Phoenix and then the clothesline follows. Phoenix covers up for the basement dropkick, James waits and then connects with it anyway. James with rights, a whip and Phoenix reverses it and a left by James. Phoenix stops the RANA try, James up top and Santino pulls her off. James kicks him in the head, but Phoenix slams her head into the post and then covers for the win.

Winner: Beth Phoenix @ 3:00 via pin

-Santino in with her and they celebrate.

Last Man Standing Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho

And after a commercial we are back, the bell rings and here we go. HBK misses the superkick, but beats Jericho down a bit and gets a short count. HBK whipped to the corner, rebounds out and clotheslines Jericho. Chops by HBK, off the ropes and a flying forearm by HBK. Kip up, slam, up top and EATS KNEES on the elbow try! Jericho gets to his feet as the ref counts on HBK. Jericho then clothesline HBK to the floor, HBK back to the apron and ducks under the springboard dropkick attempt by Jericho. HBK then gets the slingshot cross body to the floor. HBK is up as the ref counts on Jericho. Jericho is up, HBK back to the floor and tackles Jericho from behind. Mounted rights and lefts follow, HBK calls Jericho on and misses a superkick, which allows Jericho to get the bulldog on the entrance ramp. HBK makes it to his feet, and then Jericho punches HBK in the previously injured eye. We head to a commercial @ 5:00.

When we come back, Jericho throws Michaels into a taxi they have setup. Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho on top of it. Michaels ends up countering and throws Jericho off the stage. HBK drops the elbow on Jericho through the announce table. JBL comes out and distracts Michaels while Jericho hits him with the title. JBL hits Michaels with a chair right after Michaels hits Jericho with Sweet Chin Music. Jericho gets up at 9, as Michaels is counted out. Jericho is the last man standing. Good match to end RAW.

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