Once again, another show that I’ve had a chance to watch, but not a chance to review, so once again, here are the WWE RAW results for December 22, 2008 from our friends at Rajah.com (after the jump, of course)!

RAW this week starts with Santino and Beth out back. He says the fans have shown him nothing but disrespect the last 12 months. We laughed when he lost his IC Title and hurt his… region. He has a secret about Santa Claus. Beth cuts him off and says he doesn’t want to do this. He tells her to shut-a-her mouth.

Cena comes in and said Santino has never liked Santa Claus. Not since he asked for that big Barbie doll house with the Barbie doll Corvette.

Santino asked how he knew. Santino says he doesn’t like John Chena and wants to face him. He can pick anyone to face Glamarella. Camera swings to Goldust. Santino then says it has to be someone with ovaries. Goldust is upset by this. Santino says when he wins he will tell the secret of Santa Claus.

Kane comes out with Kelly following quite a bit behind him. Video of Kane tormenting Kelly last week then assaulting the Miz. Kane approaches the male in ring announcer and takes him mic. He says he was politely asked by Steph to apologize for the events of last Monday night. He gives her a truly sarcastic apology. But she should apologize to him for leading him on and then lying to him. Someday she’ll regret not telling him the truth. Kelly looks freaked out. HBK comes out to face Kane. He actually looks like his normal self, not the way he has lately.

HBK throws punches but then runs into a big boot. HBK is in deep now with Kane in charge. Snap mare to HBK and he drops a knee for two. Headlock to HBK in the center of the ring. HBK works to his feet and punches out. Chops to Kane. Inverted atomic drop to Kane but Kane quickly comes bac with a high knee. HBK is whipped and Kane hits a clothesline in the corner. Kane gets a two count. Stomp to the back of a sitting HBK’s head. Punch then big boot to HBK. Kane covers for two. Kane telegraphs and HBK’s kicks him. Flying forearm to Kane and my DISH feed died! I am so sorry!

– Winner: HBK

HBK hit sweet chin music and got the win. Sorry I couldn’t tell you more! HBK looks very tired after that match.

– Commercial

Video of Orton challenging Batista to a rematch last week and then calling him a coward. Orton slapped Batista who followed Orton to the arena area. Cody and Manu attacked Batista. Cena made the save. Steph made a Handicap Match between Batista and Cena against Manu, Cody and Orton. They fight in the ring. It looked as though Batista had the win, but Orton fought dirty and hit the RKO. Cena was assaulted outside the ring and Orton punted Batista’s head off. Batista was out with the trainer working on him.

Kofi comes out to the ring. Upper left corner video of Kofi wishing his family and every a Happy Holidays.  Cody and Manu come out. Manu is facing Kofi.

Arm bar on Manu. Manu punches out. Huge dropkick from Kofi. Kofi dropped a kick but gets slammed down. In corner Manu goes for a splash but Kofi gets his feet up. Anu slams the back of Kofi’s head and covers for two. Head lock on Kofi in the center of the ring. Flying headbutt from Manu for two. Manu locks on a submission hold but Kofi uses the corner to hit a jawbreaker type move. Kofi climbs and flies. A huge clothesline to Manu. Kofi hits his double leg drop for two. Kofi runs up a corner and flies. Manu catches him but somehow Kofi flips Manu around and pins him for three!

– Winner: Kofi

Kofi celebrates while the two heels stomp off.

Out back Cena is talking to Kelly. They shake hands.

– Commercial

Sim Snuka is talking to Orton and wants into the group. Cody and Manu come up. Orton is pissed at Manu. He tells Snuka they’ll talk later and maybe they could use a new member.

The announcers talk about how the DX commercials were taped before HBK started working for JBL. They talk about all the DX products available for Christmas. Plus the Elimination Chamber playset that upsets HBK. HHH said once it’s all said and done you have to spend time with your family, especially your inlaws. The way to get through it is to hideout and watch the History of the IC Championship. See HBK’s (slaps HHH’s chest) three title reigns. Or HHH’s (slaps HBK’s chest) five title reigns. Or you can watch the complete SummerSlam Anthology 1988-2007. HBK talks about his favorite being when he beat HHH. More slaps back and forth. Finally HHH said something about HBK having hair back then and they start brawling. They continue to fill in the commercial as they fight and beat on each other like little (brothers) boys.

Punk is talking to HBK. HHH comes up and says they need to talk. HBK’s avoided his calls and him. He asks what HBK is doing. If he had financial problems he should have gone to HHH. HBK said it would have changed things. It would have always hung over them. HHH told him not tel let pride ruin him again. HHH asks how him helping him is unacceptable but working for JBL is fine? HBK says he has to do things his way and he knows what he’s doing. HHH says he hopes HBK does and walks off. HBK says he does too.

– Commercial

Jillian is in the ring singing. Layla is with her. Mickie’s music. Mickie comes out in white with flames and Melina is with her in blue with flames. Melina rides Mickie’s back down the ramp and then they leap frog a bit. Melina does her normal ring entrance.

Melina works over Layla then Mickie comes in to pin Layla for two. Mickie on the corner but Jillian pushed her off. She landed hard and her pants fell some. Her thong is showing big time! Back in the ring Mickie’s holding her knee and Layla works it over. Regal is talking on announce. Jillian tags in and keeps working that knee. One footed monkey flip to Jillian and Mickie is able to tag out. Melina takes her down hard and pins for two. Melina takes Jillian down hard but Layla breaks the count face plant to the mat for Melina. Mickie rushes in and removes Layla from the ring. Melina comes back with her new (amazing) finisher for three.

– Winners: Mickie & Melina

Melina helps Mickie up who looks really distraught. Mickie is playing the injury well!

– Commercial

WWE Rewind – last Monday Cody and Manu watched ringside then got involved in Rey’s match with Sim Snuka. Then when Cody and Manu got involved Rey escaped but was attacked but Knox!

Rey comes down to the ring in red and white. JBL comes out to face down Rey.

JBL takes a paw to Rey’s head and plants him on the mat. JBL gets Rey up, Rey reverses it and set up the 619. JBL drops out of the ring but Rey flies.

– Commercial

JBL scrapes Rey off the mat. Rey gets whipped but gets his feet up. Rey climbs and flies but JBL catches him and hits a huge fallaway slam. Abdominal stretch on Rey in the center of the ring. Rey elbows into JBL’s thigh. Rey tries for a sunset flip but moves before he’s punches. JBL clotheslines Rey and covers for two. JBL drops elbows and covers again for two. Low dropkick to JBL’s knee. Rey covers for two. They both get up slowly. JBL someone flips Rey from the ring hard through the ropes and Rey’s holding his left knee – immediately upon landing! JBL goes out and works over Rey but gets back in the ring because of the count. Rey dives back in the ring after nine! JBL pulls Rey into a huge clothesline. Another big clothesline to Rey who’s like a ragdoll. JBL drags him up and pulls Rey into yet another clothesline. JBL covers but Rey kicks out again! JBL gets Rey up in the rack! Rey punches the heck out of JBL’s face and head. JBL then catches Rey in a sleep. Rey somehow gets out and jumps on JBL’s back and locks on a sleeper. JBL back into a corner. Rey hits a drop toe hold into a corner. A seated senton then head scissors from Rey who covers for two. Rey then runs into a big boot for two. Rey gets a big kick to JBL’s face. JBL was about to fallaway slam Rey out fo the ring but Rey reverses it into a DDT. Rey covers for two. JBL catches Rey’s foot so Rey hits the enziguri. Rey sets up JBL for the 619. Suddenly HBK is there and snatches JBL from the ring. HBK looks around and then bitch slaps JBL.

– Winner: JBL via DQ!

Rey’s in the ring pissed once he realizes what happened. Video of HBK hitting JBL to cause the DQ.

Video from/about Kennedy’s movie.

– Commercial

WWE Slam of The Week – Batista about to hit the Batista bomb and Orton used Manu as a battering ram. Orton then hit the RKO. Then he kicked Batista’s head off.

Orton comes out to the ring. A ref comes out and talks to the announcer. The announcer says Batista is unable to appear so Orton wins by forfeit.

– Winner: Orton Via Forfeit

Orton grabs a mic and says he’s had many memorable moments in his career. Being the youngest Champion, winning the main event of WM. But none as satisfy as when he kicked Batista in the skull last week. He won his very first title four years ago and Batista raised him on his shoulders but then dropped him. He’s been dreaming of kicking Batista in the skull every night, the same dream all four years. Last week it happened. Christmas came early. How does it feel Dave? How does it feel to not be facing Cena? Four years ago they were in Evolution and now he’s back where he started, taking a back seat to Orton. He said Batista did it to himself and his time is over. When Batista sees him again Orton will be Champion.

– Commercial

Out back Dolph introduces himself to Kelly. She turns around. She turns around again to find Miz and Morrison. Miz is pissed. He said he knew they had problems in ECW, but he can’t believe what she did to him. But they heard someone’s hotel room had been trashed and everything stolen. It was her room. Who would do that? Happy Holidays!

Jericho comes out to the ring. Punk comes bouncing out to face him.

Jericho sneers at everyone. They lock up and then break Jericho complains about something to the ref. Side headlock on Punk. Punk pushes off and a shoulder block from Jericho. Lock up and side headlock on Punk. Jericho takes Punk all the way down. Head scissors on the mat to Jericho. Jericho telegraphs and gets kicked for it. Huge kick to Jericho’s head and Punk covers for two. Jericho barely gets Punk over for a suplex. Punches to Punk in a corner. Punk gets whipped and hits a cross body. Punk uses his feet and takes Jericho down! Jericho hold the side of his head. The kick actually did hit his jaw and rocked him. He looks a little woogy.

– Commercial

Jericho reversed a whip. Punk somehow tied Jericho up in the ropes using Punk’s legs. He let go before the ref got mad. Jericho took Punk down. Sounds like a drunken group in the audience singing loudly. Headlock on Punk in the center of the ring. Head butt to Jericho but a high knee form Jericho takes Punk down. Kick to Punk. Jericho sets Punk up top and I think some fans are cheering Jericho! Jericho climbs and tries for a superplex. Punk pushes Jericho down and the fans boo loudly. Cross body onto Jericho for two. Dropkick to Jericho. Jericho gets a foot up in a corner but Punk comes back with a scoop slam for two. Jericho wiggles out of a suplex and hits a bulldog to huge cheers. Jericho went for a lionsault but Punk was there and got Jericho on his shoulder. He went for the GTS but Jericho reversed that and managed to lock on the walls! Punk almost got out but wasn’t able to. Punk almost made it to the ropes when Jericho pulled him back to the center of the ring. Huge “Y2J” chants. Punk managed to counter out. Jericho tries for the walls again but Punk powered out. A big knee lift to Jericho’s chin for two. The fans are HOT! Knees to Jericho’s face. A high knee in a corner. Another high knee in the opposite corner. Punk fell to the apron. Punk came in over the top and face first into a code breaker. Jericho got the three.

– Winner: Jericho

Jericho is face down on the mat panting from that (amazing) match.

Kelly is rushing from the back area to leave. Someone asks her where she’s going. She said she talked to Cena and has to go.

– Commercial

The announcers are talking about Kelly leaving and how freaked out she was. They go on to talk about the Tribute To The Troops.

Video from the Tribute To The Troops.

Cena is out back heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Santino and Beth come out. She poses on the stage and he bites her muscle. The same Beth fan is right there on the corner with a huge sign. Santino glares at her. “Santino” chants! He says before they get started he wants to draw our attention to Rosa Mendez who’s the world’s biggest Santino fan. She’s yelling for Beth. Actually Beth is his girlfriend and so Rosa is second. Second place isn’t bad! Canada is second place in everything behind America. He said he’d reveal a secret about Santa Claus, but why wait. He tells all the kids that he’s going to tell them something so big it will change-a their lives forever. Cena’s music cuts him off. Cena says he did some research and found out Cena’s secret. It started off as pop for Cena then turned to huge heat. Cena said the secret is Santa is there. He slid down the chimney, ate some cookies and granted him a wish – gave him a tag team partner. Out comes Trish Stratus! The fans are wild! She looks thrilled and excited to be there!

Santino bows up but Cena takes him down. The fans give Cena huge heat. Cena backs Santino into a corner the ref breaks it up but Santino gets a cheap shot. Santino scurries to tag out. Beth steps in and bows up. In comes Trish. Beth talks smack and pushes Beth. Foreams to Beth and a back bend to avoid the clothesline. Huge punches to Beth. No ring rust! Chops to Beth in a corner. Beth chokes Trish and tosses her in the heel corner. Santino tags in and climbs. Trish tosses Beth into the ropes and Santino falls hard. Trish did her bottom ropes hand stands head scissors on Santino. Beth then takes control of Trish. Beth drags Trish by the hair to the hell corner and throws punches. Beth gets Trish up and she does this strange back bend to reverse into a bulldog! Cena tags in as does Santino. Five knuckle shuffle. Cena gets Santino up but Beth rushes in. Trish rushes in and hits her chick kick! FU to Santino for three.

– Winners: Trish & Cena

Video of the chick kick. Cena and Trish celebrate hugely in the ring.

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