William Shatner hosts as we get the fallout from the Royal Rumble!  What’s to become of Legacy?  What about DX?  What will Shawn Michaels do now that his dream of winning the Rumble and challenging The Undertaker at WrestleMania is gone?  Will Edge appear on RAW tonight and challenge Sheamus?  What will happen when Bret Hart confronts Mr. McMahon?  All this and more tonight on RAW!

Tonight’s RAW is dedicated to the memory of Jack Brisco, whom I had the pleasure of seeing inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame a couple years back.

We’re gonna burn it to the ground – and then run like hell!

Tonight, Bret Hart confronts Mr. McMahon, and William Shatner hosts.

But first, here’s the winner of the 2010 Royal Rumble, my favorite WWE Superstar, EDGE!!!!!

Edge says he’s back, and it feels good.  He’s not just back in a WWE ring, he’s back in the main event of WrestleMania!  He wants to take us back to about six months ago – he and Jericho just won the Unified Tag Team Championships, and then he got injured.  The doctors had Edge coming back in March, April, maybe never.  Seven weeks ago, Edge watched The Slammys, and saw Jericho thank him for getting injured so he could team with The Big Show.  He saw Jericho making light of his injury and everything he was going through, and the room got very silent.  It didn’t get silent because Dennis Miller bombed with another brutal joke, but because Edge made himself a vow.  He promised himself he wouldn’t miss a third WrestleMania because of injury.  He’s the ultimate opportunist.  So he made himself the promise to prove the doctors wrong, and he did.  He promised himself he’d enter the Royal Rumble and win it, and while Chris Jericho has a Slammy Award and a mugshot on TMZ, while Edge has a title shot at WrestleMania, meaning he can face any champion he wants.  Two years ago he faced The Undertaker and he lost.  But unlike Shawn Michaels, if he wants the Deadman, he can have him.  When we talk about opportunity, the smart thing to do wouldn’t be to face the guy who’s 17-0 at WrestleMania, it would be to go after the guy who’s never competed at WrestleMania.  Edge could make a decision tonight, or do the smart thing and wait until after the Elimination Chamber and decide then.  This year, the Rated R Superstar will headline WrestleMania!

It’s a shameful thing…

The WWE Champion, Sheamus, heads to the ring before Edge could leave.  Sheamus says that Edge isn’t back 5 seconds and he’s already mouthing off.  Edge says a lot has changed, RAW’s been taken over by an evil Ronald McDonald.  Sheamus says Edge is right about one thing – Sheamus has never competed at WrestleMania, but he did what Edge couldn’t do last year – he beat John Cena for the WWE Championship.  Edge says he’s made a career out of beating John Cena for the WWE Championship, and he’s also beaten Orton.  Sheamus tells him that he’ll walk out of the Elimination Chamber still the WWE Champion.  If he can beat Cena and Orton, he won’t break a sweat beating Edge.  So why doesn’t he run off to SmackDown like a good fella before Sheamus ruins his Royal Rumble moment by ripping his head off.  Edge doesn’t go anywhere, and Sheamus takes a cheap shot.  He goes for a Pump Kick, but Edge ducks and goes off on the WWE Champion before hitting him with a spear.  Edge is back!

All of the matches tonight will be Elimination Chamber qualifying matches, including John Cena’s match, which is up next!

<COMMERCIAL BREAK (Edge is awesome edition)>

@Jess1186 EDGE!!! YES!!! He’s on RAW tonight!!!

@TheMelBrand EDGE! He looks great!!!

@stevenamoney It’s the Rated R Superstar! He’s here! #WWE #RAW


@Graelam With some of his witty comments I think Edge should do some commentary for #BWF

@TKeep123 EDGE knocking the white off of Shaemus! #RAW #WWE  #BWF

The Following is an Elimination Chamber qualifying match, scheduled for one fall.  Introducing first, from West Newbury, MA, John Ceeeeeeeena!  His opponent, from Marietta, GA, Cody Rhodes!  Yeah, that intro to this match was a cop out.  So what?

John Cena def. Cody Rhodes

Rhodes starts off on the offense.  Yes, you read that right.  We’re reminded that Sheamus is already in the match as the WWE Champion, and we’re having matches to determine the five challengers.  Cena manages to build a bit of momentum, but Rhodes manages to maintain offense – until Cena hits a protobomb and a Euphamism for Masturbation.  Rhodes still doesn’t allow Cena to hit the Attitude Adjustment, instead managing to regain the offense.  Rhodes his a moonsault, and Jerry Lawler keeps inadvertently calling Rhodes “Orton.”  Cena finally manages to catch Rhodes long enough to hit the Attitude Adjustment and picks up the victory.  John Cena has now qualified for the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber.

Video: Montreal Screwjob

That tool, Josh Matthews, asks Mr. McMahon if he’s seen The Hitman.  McMahon says he probably won’t show up.  He enters his office, and is surprised to see that a Canadian barged into his office.  If he’s got something to say, say it.  William Shatner tells Mr. McMahon, as only he can, that as a fan of WWE, and as a human being, he can’t wait for Bret Hart to embarrass him tonight.


@dasharpshooters Put Beth in the Elimination Chamber #wwe #raw

@robbyfischer  Cena vs Rhodes… Horrible. Cena lands his Fireman’s Carry of Doom after 0 offense and we’re supposed to buy the 3 count? No. #bwf #wwe

@Crash_Underride Shanter has to stop and think to remember his lines. lmao #wwe

@slave2mybulldog No one can beat the Shatner. Pure awesomeness

@B_alpha_male  We all know what happened in Montreal. TNA showed us that 2 weeks ago #wwe  #raw #bwf

The All American American is here for an Elimination Chamber qualifying match, and it’s explained that Swagger’s attack last week injured Santino to the point that he couldn’t make it to the Royal Rumble.  King says he’ll bet on Swagger in this match, but Cole asks if he wants to take that back when Triple H’s music hits, and The Game makes his way to the ring as Swagger’s opponent.

Triple H def. Jack Swagger

Swagger takes The Game down early, utilizing his amateur wrestling skills to his advantage.  Swagger taunts Triple H, and gets decked for his trouble.  Triple H clotheslines Swagger over the top rope (Swagger must be used to that by now, huh?) and we go to a…


@Saiyavenger  Um, why is Swagger being depushed so badly? And I thought Chavo had it bad… #BWF

@tazzybabie  Its all about the game and how play it all about control if u can take it muahahahahaha *triple  h theme song voice*

@WellYoureWrong Poor Biff, he’s facing Triple H..it’s like crashing into the Manure truck all over again. #wwe

@bottlekids  Folks, please. Let’s not make fun of Jack Swagger because he has a speech impediment. Focus on the dumb chest beating thing he does instead.

Biff – er, um – Swagger is in control when we get back, and he even gets a couple of near falls.  Triple H tries to get some offense in, but not much of it.  It’s apparently “guy who’s obviously doing the J-O-B getting in all the offense” night.  Triple H finally turns the tide in this match, but Swagger counters a Pedigree attempt, and he hits the Vader Bomb for a two count.  He hits a belly to belly suplex for another near fall, but he gets too cocky, and The Game nails the Pedigree for the victory.  Triple H has now qualified for the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber.

Up next, it’s Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels in an Elimination Chamber qualifying match.


@Torchwood_03  What a HUGE shocker!!! Triple H beats Jack Swagger. #WWE  #RAW

@CAFR Ha, I just noticed Hunter didn’t come out with either of his belts. He truly doesn’t give a f**k about being Tag Team Champion. #raw

@LouisOHaraTKz  Fun match, Triple H made Swagger look better than he has in months. 🙂 #WWE  #RAW

@DSmithImages  is guessing Randy Orton’s qualifying match will be against The Brooklyn Brawler or Iron Mike Sharpe. #WWE #RAW

@Samicanrana Marked out a second time during the Royal Rumble preview, just hearing Edge’s theme is enough to make me mark out!

@SadieandSAFE RKO vs HBK. It’s the battle of the initials. Who’s your money on? #WWE #BWF

@MarieMeriwani I want Randy to become champ again, make up with Legacy, and Legacy to stay together forever, all for around 10 bucks!

Promo video: William Shatner’s spoken word versions of WWE Entrance Themes – including “Sexy Boy,” “The Time Is Now,” “Booyakah 619,” and “The Game.”  I totally want the Shatner version of “Booyakah 619” as a ringtone.

Backstage, Triple H runs into Shawn Michaels and asks if he’s got a second to talk.  Hornswoggle comes in and tells Triple H something.  Hunter tells Hornswoggle to go bite somebody.  HHH tells HBK that he wouldn’t have eliminated HBK – nah, he’s kidding.  Shawn needs to lighten up.  Shawn says he was going to win the Rumble and go to WrestleMania to face and defeat The Undertaker.  Triple H tells him to get that out of his head, he needs to let it go.  He went crazy, superkicking referees, he’s lucky he wasn’t suspended.  What HBK needs to do is get himself into the Elimination Chamber tonight.  If he does, one of DX will walk out WWE Champion, and if they do, they can face each other and tear the house down at WrestleMania.  All Shawn has to do is beat Orton.

Randy Orton is still hearing voices in his head after all this time.  He really needs to get that checked out.


@AlyKat_730 Okay. I’m happy with either winner here. I can’t help it. v.v

@JNHLover Dear Randy Orton, I’d still like to spank you please come here now!

@KickAssWrestlin About 10 of you agreed, you would buy a CD of Shatner singing WWE themes. I say we get it done, old and new themes alike lol

@iLuv_Kris_nd_DX  DAMN SHAWN MICHAELS  I LOVEEEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #WWE

WWE Rewind: Orton lost to Sheamus by disqualification last night at the Royal Rumble.

Orton has been standing in the ring for the last 5 minutes while we watched commercials.  Shawn Michaels is special, he doesn’t have to come out during the break, he gets to make a full entrance.

Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels

Orton and Michaels lock up, and Orton backs HBK into the corner.  They continue to lock up and push each other around until HBK slaps Orton.  The match picks up from there, with Orton escaping the ring when HBK goes for quick Sweet Chin Music.  HBK manages to escape an Elevated DDT when Orton gets back in the ring, then hits a high cross body for two.  Orton takes control, hitting his inverted backbreaker.  Orton starts to stomp away at Michaels, slowing the pace to a speed more his liking.  HBK tries to battle back, but Orton hits a dropkick for two.  Orton maintains control as they battle back and forth.  HBK finally manages to turn the tide, sending Orton crashing to the canvas and hitting the flying elbow.  He tunes up the band, but Orton avoids Sweet Chin Music.  Michaels avoids an RKO, and the battle wages on.  Michaels kips up after a flying forearm, but Orton rolls him up and picks up the victory!  Randy Orton has now qualified for the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber.

HBK throws a mini tantrum in the middle of the ring before leaving, frustrated by his loss.

Video: Bret screwed Bret.


@lalunetropbleme rofl@ shawns hair

@MissieBird Here it commmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeees… her it coooommmmeesss. Shawns 19th Nervous Breakdown…

@MRIGal3 Well that was disappointing, no snapping there

@AndrewJanus nobody got my “lost his smile” joke here…what has happend to wrestling fans? #wwe #raw

WrestleMania 26:  55 Days Away!

Some band is playing across the street.  It’s not my band thinksobrain, so I don’t care.

Michael Cole and The King talk about the disappointing setbacks HBK has suffered over the past 24 hours.

Randy Orton is backstage when he runs into Ted DiBiase.  DiBiase congratulates him on his win, but he’s sorry about what happened last night.  Orton just gives him a look and walks away.

Mark Henry is getting his opportunity to qualify for the Elimination Chamber, and I just glanced at the clock and realized how good this episode of RAW has actually been – I haven’t noticed that it’s been on for 76 minutes already!  To qualify, Henry will have to defeat Legacy’s Ted DiBiase.

Ted DiBiase vs. Mark Henry

Henry uses his strength advantage early, but DiBiase finally starts to fight back on the outside.  He hits a drop toehold that sends Henry face first into the steel steps.  Henry gets back in at 8, and DiBiase goes right after Henry’s arm that he seemed to injure during the battle on the outside.  Henry starts to battle back, taking DiBiase down with clotheslines and headbutts, but DiBiase gets a boot to Henry’s face.  He tries a cross body, but Henry catches him – but DiBiase winds up on the apron and drops that injured arm over the top rope.  DiBiase hits an armbreaker and picks up the pinfall victory.  Ted DiBiase has now qualified for the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber.

Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole talk about Jack Brisco.

Video: A Tribute to Jack Brisco.

<COMMERCIAL BREAK (We’ll miss you, Jack Brisco edition)>

@skullxcrusher  REST IN PEACE JACK  BRISCO

@IGNVesti R.I.P. Jack Brisco  #wwe #wrestling

@TanababeeV3  RIP JACK BRISCO!!!!!!

@lorena2054  R.I.P Jack Brisco, 1941-2010 you’ll be missed,

@oldiesmike  Now THAT’s the way to do it @WWE – RIP Jack  Brisco

@RealLifeKaz  Daaaaaaamn, Jack Brisco  died? Shiiiiiit

@ANDaniloTheRef  WWE’s Jack Brisco  Tribute Video brought Me to tears. Brisco Brothers=1 of the greatest Tag Teams in Wrestling. Jack will be missed. R.I.P

@guitardude83  Thought’s and prayers go out to Jack Brisco family! #wwe

@taker4life14  R.I.P. To Jack Brisco  1941-2010 Former NWA and Tag Team Champ you will be missed….

WWE Slam of the Week: Gail Kim def. Alicia Fox last week.

Backstage, Kelly Kelly congratulates Gail Kim, as Maryse comes in and tells Gail that she’s looking forward to their title match.  She says that Michelle and Mickie on SmackDown are acting like little girls, and they should show everybody what real women can do.  Maryse says something to her in French.  Kelly asks what that was about.  Gail says that was strange.

The Miz and The Big Show are in the Shatner’s Raw Nerve seat and talking about how they expect Shatner to give them a Unified Tag Team Title match.  The Straight Edge Society come in and say that they should get their shot that they were denied on SmackDown.  Shatner comes in, and he’s the RAW Match Negotiator.  Punk says that he and Gallows deserve the tag title shot.  MizShow explain that the Straight Edge Society aren’t even on RAW, so they should get the shot instead.  Shatner says he’s going to make a deal.  Next week on Monday Night RAW, Triple Threat.  MizShow vs. SES vs. DX, winners get the tag titles.  Hooray for CM Punk on RAW!  Shatner then says that Priceline and Wells Fargo are sponsors of the Hollywood Charity Auction and freezeframes.  Everybody asks him if he’s ok, and he explains it’s a freezeframe.

DX are talking in the back.  Triple H tells Shawn Michaels that it’s not the end of the world.  HBK is Mr. WrestleMania and he doesn’t need the Undertaker for that.  There are plenty of others for him to compete with at WrestleMania.  HBK says not for him.

Kofi Kingston is set for an Elimination Chamber qualifier – He faces The Big Show, NEXT!

<COMMERCIAL BREAK (Best.  Guest host.  Ever.  Edition)>

@TheGeneius  Shatner is probably one of the best guest hosts yet.

@costibizzle  william shatner on raw is blowing my f**king mind.

@treyirby Shatner’s insistence of a freeze frame was great. Great touches they’ve made with the humor tonight. I’m shocked. #wwe #raw

@bwompbwomp  I would like Shatner  to appear on RAW every week as the Match Negotiator.

@SpncrJhnsn  Shatner, the straightedge society and miz-show all in one segment? Marking time!

@Coreyranes  William Shatner is crackin’ me up as a guest host on Raw.

@_MFS_ LMAO! man you gotta love Shatner #WWE #RAW  #BWF

The Big Show makes his way to the ring, and…


The Miz heads down to ringside, and he’ll join on commentary.

Kofi Kingston vs. The Big Show

Big Show uses his size to his advantage as The Miz says that after they win the Unified Tag Titles next week and Big Show wins the Elimination Chamber, they’ll run RAW.  Kofi battles back and sends Big Show over the top and to the floor, and us into another…


@Dizislikeaboss  I want @TrueKofi to win and not just because I mark out for him, but because I don’t think Big Show adds anything to the E.C.

@lita_punk  Go Big Show!!!

@kickoutblog: When’s the last time Big Show had a t-shirt?! #WWE #RAW

Show speared Kofi during the break, and has been in control ever since.  Kofi tries to battle back, but gets dumped to the outside.  The Miz gets up and starts trash talking Kofi, but MVP attacks him from behind, chasing him out of the arena.  Kofi manages to hotshot Show over the top rope, but he can’t keep his balance on the top rope.  He gets a dropkick in and then starts to roll.  He dropkicks Show’s knees out from under him, then dropkicks him in the face.  Kofi nails the Boom Drop, but only gets two.  He does his top rope punching thing,  and thumbs Big Show in the eye on accident.  Show then inadvertently knocked out the referee.  Another referee comes down and disqualifies Big Show.  Show protests that it was an accident, but Kofi Kingston has now qualified for the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber.

Show continues to protest, and the replay clearly shows that it was an accident.  Show takes his rage out on the steel steps as he leaves, screaming that it was an accident all the way to the back.

Video: Mr. McMahon kicks Bret Hart in the guts.


Well folks, we had a guest host scheduled for this week, but apparently there must’ve been a bit of a miscommunication between us and them, so as such, here’s the results for the rest of the show, courtesy of Marc Middleton at PWPix.net

– Back from a break and Jerry Lawler is in the ring. He introduces a personal friend of his and tonight’s guest host, William Shatner. Shatner comes out with The Bella Twins. He enters the ring and falls on top of Lawler, knocking them both to the mat. Shatner introduces the best there was, is and ever will be… Bret Hart. The music hits and out comes The Hitman to a big pop.

Bret enters the ring and gets a nice reaction from the fans. Bret says he’s had about a month to think about what happened the last time he was on RAW. Bret says he came back for all the right reasons, thinking he could put it all behind him. He says he thought wrong. Bret says he didn’t come tonight to make peace or get closure, he came to talk to Vince McMahon face to face. Bret tells Vince to get his ass out here or he will come up there with a camera crew and find him. Bret says he don’t like to wait and he’s getting madder.

Vince comes strutting out to the stage in typical McMahon fashion. Vince says he has some things to get off his chest also but says he has never regretted anything he’s said or done to Bret. Hart calls Vince the world’s greatest liar. Bret says Vince couldn’t lace up his father’s jock strap, talking about Stu. Bret talks about having a stroke eight years ago and being in a wheelchair, wondering what it would be like to walk again. Bret says he found the courage to stand up and get past it but says he felt pathetic sometimes. Bret says he promised himself then he would never feel pathetic again in his life. Then, he says, he came back to RAW and offered Vince his hand and Vince kicked him, leaving him in the ring feeling pathetic again. Bret says he has a problem with that.

Bret says he worked for Vince 14 years and always thought that one day Vince would appreciate him. Bret says Vince described him as chewing gum that lost it’s flavor a few weeks ago. Bret says this stick of chewing gum has just enough flavor in it to kick Vince’s ass. Vince says Bret’s name and gets the crowd to pop, going over all Bret’s nicknames. Vince says Bret being the best is all a crock of crap. Vince says Bret isn’t a hero and the crowd boo’s. Vince says he can’t understand what the fans see in Bret. Vince says he thinks Bret is pathetic. Vince says Bret has no personality and says if it weren’t for Bret’s opponents like HBK or Austin who had personality, Bret would be nothing. Vince says Bret has no charisma, no command over the English language and a hound dog looking face. Vince disses Bret’s hair and the way he dresses. Vince says Bret deserves to be screwed.

Vince says he mentioned before how Stu Hart might go into the WWE Hall of Fame. Vince says he thought about it and says Stu won’t be going into the Hall because he doesn’t deserve it. Bret kicks Vince in the gut and unloads on him with right hands. Bret goes to lock on the Sharpshooter. Out of nowhere, Batista rushes the ring and beats Bret down. Batista holds Bret facing Vince. Vince rips into Bret’s face and spits on him. They toss Bret aside. RAW goes off the air with Vince McMahon irate and the crowd chanting for John Cena.

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