Author note: I, unfortunately, have to leave my house at 8PM on weeknights, and therefore miss RAW live as it happens.  As AlyKat was unable to cover the show tonight, I offered to do so and keep the Tweets going in the review.  I reviewed the show first, and added in Tweets later.  Thank you to all of you who used the #BWF hashtag to make it easier on me!

Let the fallout from WrestleMania XXVII begin!  I know for a fact that Steve Austin and The Rock are confirmed for the show, and that Daniel Bryan will challenge Sheamus for the WWE United States Championship, unless they decide to bump it again.  I hear we’re supposed to go until 11:15 or later, so let’s get this review on the road – the road to WrestleMania XXVIII!

Wow – we’re killing time with the opening video tonight?  I’m surprised!  Opening pyro, too!  JR’s voice opens RAW!  Tonight we’ll see John Cena call out The Rock.  Jerry Lawler is alongside JR, and they’re just as excited as I am!


Triple H obviously didn’t die trying last night, so he’s here to kick things off on Monday Night RAW!  I’m using a lot of exclamation points tonight.  Can you tell I’m excited?!?  Good to see that a couple of the signs from ‘Mania survived and are in the house for RAW tonight.   The Game milks his time for all it’s worth before finally saying that this is the most tired and beat up he’s ever been in his life.  Last night, 71,000 fans in the Georgia Dome saw Triple H stand in the ring at WrestleMania against The Undertaker and his streak.  Triple H has gotta tell us, he’s never been a nervous or emotional guy, but he stood in that ring last night, and when that gong hit, and Undertaker came to the ring, Trips almost hyperventilated.  He’s never been that nervous.  He’s wrestled The Undertaker before, hell, even at WrestleMania, but never like this.  That undefeated streak has become everything to The Undertaker, and he’s willing to destroy himself to keep it in tact.  He hit Undertaker harder than he’s ever hit anybody.  He beat on him like no man he’s ever beat on in his entire life, and Undertaker kept getting up.  They both left everything they had in the ring last night.  Apparently it wasn’t good enough for Triple H.  He hears people talking about the match.  Call Undertaker what you want, but nobody’s ever been like The Undertaker.  What Triple H saw getting carried out on a stretcher was a man.  A man that is willing to destroy himself to keep that streak in tact.  A lot of people are talking about the fact that Undertaker got carted out, and that he is just a man, that he’ll never be the same.  A lot of people are saying he’s done, and he won’t be back.  If that’s the case, then Triple H wanted to come out and say one thing – Thank you, Dead Man.  Thank you.  Undertaker gave him the fight of his life, thank you.  Here’s the thing.  Triple H doesn’t believe Undertaker won’t be back, and when he’s back, The Game will be waiting.  Great opening promo from Triple H tonight.

JR hears that Michael Cole is going to challenge Jerry “The King” Lawler to a rematch.  King has his gear on just in case.


@JohnHexLives This show is going to be 75% talking. #WWE #RAW #BWF

Tonight, Stone Cold Steve Austin will be on RAW!

JR asks King about his match last night.  King was excited about wrestling…

Michael Cole is in his terrible orange singlet, and wants our attention.  Despite overwhelming odds, history was made at WrestleMania.  Despite biased refereeing from Steve Austin, Team Cole emerged victorious.  He overcame every obstacle to defeat Jerry Lawler.  When it was over, nobody was talking about The Rock, the streak, they were talking about Michael Cole.  The WWE Universe told him how he stole the show, and is now 1-0, undefeated at WrestleMania.  With Shawn Michaels inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, the WWE Universe will forever call Michael Cole “Mr. WrestleMania.”  King wants Cole’s attention.  He tells Cole to shut his piehole.  First of all, he didn’t beat anything, a computer beat Jerry Lawler.  Lawler made Cole tap out, and he was crying like a little girl.  In Cole’s record book, he may be the winner, but he’ll forever be known as a worthless jackass.  Cole says that’s cute.  He tells Lawler to get over it, he beat him.  Stone Cold manhandled Cole, and Lawler took advantage of it.  Cole says he’s the better man, and to prove it, he’s got a proposition for him.  How about Lawler have a rematch tonight.  Lawler can prove to the world that he’s still The King.  King says Cole’s on, let’s do it right now.  King takes his t-shirt off, and Cole saunters down to the ring.  Cole forgot one thing.  He’s not talking about a WrestleMania rematch – Cole’s already beaten The King.  He’s talking about a rematch from last Monday against Jack Swagger.

Swagger and Cole do pushups in the aisle, and we’re set for one on one action!

Jerry “The King” Lawler def. Jack Swagger via disqualification

Swagger backs King into the corner and starts throwing fists, but King reverses and gets Swagger in the corner.  King ducks a clothesline, and decks Swagger.  Swagger gets Lawler in the corner again and starts ramming him, but when he tries to do the same in the other corner, King moves out of the way.  The fans chant for Lawler, but Swagger takes over with a scoop slam.  He misses with a legdrop, however, and King throws a right hand.  The tide turns back into Swagger’s favor with a huge clothesline.  Swagger misses the Vader Bomb in the corner (I refuse to call it the Swagger Bomb), and Lawler takes back over, even hitting a vintage Lawler dropkick.  He climbs the ropes for the fist drop, but then opts to chase after Cole, whom he catches and starts wailing away on, only to find himself locked in the ankle lock by Swagger, forcing him to tap out.  Swagger refuses to release the hold, and the referee reverses his decision – Jack Swagger is disqualified!

Cole asks JR if he thinks it’s funny.  JR asks whose laughing.  Cole goes into the reconstructed Cole Mine, and finds JR’s Barbecue Sauce, which he squirts all over JR.  JR, pissed off now, chases Cole out of the arena.

Up next, it’s Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio to take on CM Punk and Cody Rhodes!


@willhernandez if this keeps up with michael cole i will give up on watching wrestling, this is annoying. #bwf #wwe #raw

Cole tells us that JR just got what he deserved for sitting in his seat.  Cole is in the Cole Mine, and we’re stuck with Josh Matthews and Booker T joining him on commentary.  If I wanted to watch SmackDown, I’d tune in on Friday Nights.


Dude, you might want to get that checked out…


What does that even mean?  Anybody?  Also, why didn’t Cody Rhodes try to take Rey Mysterio’s mask, like he said he was going to do?

Cody Rhodes’ “GROTESQUE” and “DISFIGURED” headline background follows Rhodes to RAW.  I like it.  Of course, with the introduction of his partner, IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME!  CM Punk’s got a new New Nexus shirt on, so I guess we haven’t seen the last of them.

Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio def. Cody Rhodes & CM Punk

Rhodes and Orton start things off for their respective teams.  Orton takes advantage and wails away on Rhodes, but as Michael Cole points out, the shots can’t be that effective with Rhodes’ protective mask on.  Mysterio gets the tag, but Rhodes takes him down and starts trying to pull of his mask.  Mysterio regroups and takes Rhodes down, and returns the favor, trying to pull Rhodes’ mask off of him.  Cody scrambles to the outside, which makes this a perfect time for a…


@JohnHexLives Cody Rhodes on tonight? And I thought this #RAW wouldn’t be entertaining. #WWE #BWF #PhantomofTheRing

Orton and Rhodes are legal when we come back.  Orton drops a knee – the injured knee – on Rhodes, but only gets a two.  He brings Rhodes back to the corner and allows Mysterio to tag in.  Mysterio drops the dime, but Rhodes kicks out.  Rhodes jaw jacks Mysterio, then tags in Punk, who looks at Orton while Rhodes does more damage.  A quick tag back out and Rhodes and Mysterio are legal again.  Orton gets the tag back in, and he and Rhodes battle back and forth.  Orton explodes out of the corner with a clothesline, then allows himself to get distracted by Punk, which allows Rhodes to take over.  Punk goes after the injured knee of Orton, who kicks Punk off, only to get chop blocked by Rhodes.  Punk gets the tag back in, and he capitalizes on the injured leg.  Punk gets Orton up, but the Viper slithers out of the GTS.  Orton goes for the RKO, but Punk escapes and chop blocks Orton’s injured leg.  The advantage right now is for Rhodes and Punk, can they maintain it?  We’ll find out when we come back!


@JRosz78 #InPunkWeTrust #OneNationUnderPunk #RAW #BWF #MNBW (TSJ note – I think this is the first time we’ve ever used an all hashtag tweet in our reviews!)

Good to see these guys getting some time for this tag match.  Punk’s got Orton in a submission hold when we come back, but Orton starts to battle back.  Orton tries to get the tag, but Punk holds him off – momentarily.  Mysterio comes in and turns the tide right into his team’s favor with his high speed, high flying offense.  Mysterio goes for a kick to the face, but Punk ducked, and took control right back.  Mysterio gets caught up in the wrong corner, but Orton knocks Rhodes down on the apron.  Mysterio gets Punk set up, but before he can hit the 619, Rhodes hits a springboard knee to the face.  Punk tags Rhodes in, and Rhodes takes over, punishing Mysterio.  Punk and Rhodes double team Mysterio, who desperately needs to get a tag.  Mysterio manages to cause some separation on Punk, and he gets the tag to Orton, who takes over on Rhodes, who’d just been tagged in by Punk.  He nails the elevated DDT, and sets up for the RKO – but then he turns his attention to Punk.  Orton hits the Angle Slam, but only gets two before Punk breaks up the count.  Mysterio manages to get Punk out of the ring, Orton gets Rhodes set up in 619 position, Mysterio hits the 619, and Orton follows with an RKO, picking up the victory!

Still to come, John Cena calls out The Rock!

Stone Cold Steve Austin is walking backstage, when he’s met by Triple H.  Austin says he doesn’t know if it’ll ever happen again, but if it does, he’ll be there.  It was a helluva match.


@willhernandez The Nexus is still a thing? It was only good with Wade Barrett. Now its just dull #BWF #WWE #RAW

Promo: Sin Cara is coming to the WWE – I thought he was supposed to debut tonight, but I guess I was wrong.

The glass shatters, and the Texas Rattlesnake makes his way to the ring as Michael Cole complains about him.  Cole says he thinks he might challenge The Undertaker next year.  Maybe Austin can referee that one too.  Stone Cold says “Oh hell yeah!”  We got Tough Enough premiering following RAW tonight.  If you’re ready for Tough Enough, give him a “Hell Yeah!”  He’s going to bring the Tough Enough kids out right now.  Booker T puts over “Miss USA.”  He says he doesn’t know about the kid with the afro though.   Austin asks how they’re all doing.  He’s got 14 men and women here, and they’ll put them through the paces with Bill DeMott, Booker T, and Trish Stratus.  They’ll open up a can of whoop-ass on these kids.  When Austin’s through with them, there will only be one.  He’s going to toss the mic around and let them introduce themselves.

First up is Ryan, he’s 23 from Louisville.

Next is Christina, and she’s a future WWE Diva.

Andy from Tampa

AJ was born to do this.

Ariana is the next WWE Diva.

Luke is from Auburn Maine, a future legend.

Jeremiah from Mississippi, representing the Dirty South.

Rima is Miss USA 2010 from Deerborne, MI

Michael says ain’t nobody tougher than him.

The blonde is from Puerto Rico to give the WWE fans what they want.  Apparently we don’t want to know your name.

Eric is from Southern California.

Matt is from Cleveland, OH.

Michelle is from North Carolina and says she’s good looking enough to be a Diva.

Martin is from Salt Lake City, and can’t wait to wrestle in front of the WWE Universe.

A “Stun them all” chant starts.

AWESOME! The WWE Champion, The Miz is here to save this segment!  He says that Austin is right.  Back when Miz was on Tough Enough, all he heard was “Go back to the Real World,” but after last night, nobody will ever tell The Miz where to go again.  Wanna talk about being tough enough?  Valor and determination?  Look at this.

Video: Miz suffers a concussion in his match with John Cena.

Last night, not only did Miz continue, he went on to retain the WWE Championship.  The fourteen of them can always dream – but The Miz just headlined WrestleMania and beat John Cena.  He’s the most must-see WWE Champion in history.  He’s the new face of the WWE.  Get a good hard look, soak it in, because this is the closest they’ll get to a WWE Championship.  Miz asks Austin if he wants to hold the WWE Championship too?  Is Austin thinking what Miz is thinking?  Does Austin have one more run?  Miz bets Austin thinks he’s tough enough.  The fans chant “one more match” – having been at Austin’s last match, I don’t like that idea.  Miz suggests we do that right now.  Austin looks at the belt, and he says to clear the ring.  The Tough Enough cast bails, and Miz takes a cheap shot, allowing A-Ry to get the jump on Austin.  Miz watches from the aisle as Austin turns the tide and stomps a mudhole in Riley.  Riley takes over, but gets hit with a Lou Thesz Press!  Austin drops the elbow, and waits for Riley to get up – STUNNER!  Austin gets beer from Mark Yeaton, and tosses them to the Tough Enough cast.  Austin toasts them all, and Tough Enough premieres tonight, immediately after RAW!  Austin goes over to the Cole Mine, and pours beer all over Michael Cole.

Still to come, John Cena calls out The Rock!


@TKeep123 Stone Cold with the Snookie-Press!!! Oh, wait….. #WWE #RAW #BWF

Justin Roberts introduces Ricardo Rodriguez, who in turn introduces Alberto Del Rio, who is walking into the Philips Arena tonight.  No expensive cars tonight.  Evan Bourne just magically appears in the ring, and is Del Rio’s opponent.

Alberto Del Rio def. Evan Bourne

It’s all Del Rio in the early going.  I wonder who is going to win this one – could it be the guy who actually got an entrance and has two guys (Brodus Clay came out after him) in his corner?  I bet it will be!  Del Rio is taking his frustrations out on Bourne.  Bourne manages to score a two count on a unique rollup, and another unique pinning combination scores him a second two count.  Bourne manages to flip himself to the top rope, but Del Rio managed to kick him down.  Del Rio locks in the Cross Arm Breaker and picks up the submission victory (despite the fact that Bourne was clearly close enough to get a foot on the ropes).


@TKeep123 Evan Bourne up next against ADR, but he better fear…..Bordus Clay! #WWE #RAW #BWF

We’re still live in Atlanta, as the WWE has been for the past week.

Video: WrestleMania week

Michael Cole announces that he’s going to give Jerry Lawler his WrestleMania rematch in the art show during WrestleMania week next year.


Vickie Guerrero tells us that Snooki beat LayCool last night.  It’s all LayCool’s fault.  Dolph Ziggler had nothing to do with it, because he’s full of perfection.  For some reason, they bleeped “perfection.”  Guess that statement doesn’t apply to WWE censors as well as Ziggler.  Dolph congratulates John Morrison on his first big WrestleMania win.  Or maybe he should congratulate Snooki.  Dolph challenges Morrison and Trish Stratus to a match with himself and Vickie Guerrero.


Apparently, nobody has anything to tweet – at least not with our hashtag #BWF about this)

Looks like the challenge is accepted, because right after the break, John Morrison slo-mo’s his way to the ring.  Trish Stratus makes her entrance, and we’re set for mixed tag action!

John Morrison & Trish Stratus def. Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero

The men kick things off, but when Morrison took over, Ziggler tagged Vickie.  Trish has to come in, per the rules of the match.  Vickie fails at a cartwheel and winds up getting taken over for a two count.  Trish Matrixes out of the way of a Guerrero attack, and gets rolled up for two again.  Ziggler distracts the referee, and Guerrero takes advantage by pulling Trish’s hair.  Vickie misses with a legdrop, and Morrison gets tagged in.  Morrison gets the edge right away, but misses a springboard move.  Ziggler hits an impressive belly to back suplex.  Trish breaks up the pin attempt and slaps Ziggler, allowing Morrison to hit a Flying Chuck.  Morrison connects with Starship Pain, and Morrison and Stratus win for a second straight night.

Still to come, John Cena calls out The Rock.  I feel like I’ve typed that before.


This bout, set for one fall, is for the United States Championship!

Sheamus has modified his ring gear to red white and blue – because he’s the Champion of the United States of America.  Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring, and we’re ready for a match we were supposed to have on WrestleMania but instead got a pointless promo from The Rock.

Sheamus def. Daniel Bryan to retain the United States Championship

It’s weird not seeing Sheamus in green, but it works for the gimmick he’s working right now.  He had gold when he won the WWE Championship, so why not red white and blue for the United States Championship?  Sheamus is dominating.  I mean that.  It’s all Sheamus.  Bryan hasn’t gotten any offense in at this point.  Sheamus locks in a submission hold, but Bryan counters.  He can’t capitalize, because when he tries to, Sheamus hits the Irish Curse backbreaker for two.  Bryan starts to fight back, and manages to score with a pair of kicks and a pair of clotheslines.  Bryan scores a two count off of a jumping kick – not a dropkick, mind you, he kind of jumped up and kicked Sheamus.  Bryan goes for the LeBelle Lock, but Sheamus escapes.  A Brogue Kick later, and Sheamus is still the United States Champion.

After the match, Sheamus assaults Bryan.  The lights go out and a new theme hits – IT’S SIN CARA!  He points at Sheamus, then charges down to the ring, diving over the top rope from the floor, then taking Sheamus down with a Hurricanrana, a dropkick, a kick to the head, and an extraordinary cross body from the top rope to the floor – you absolutely HAVE to see what I just saw!  I’m freakin’ impressed!  What’s this dude’s vertical leap?!?

John Cena calls out The Rock – NEXT!!!!!


@JohnHexLives Oh my God. Everyone has a Captain America suit. #Sheamus #WWE #RAW #BWF

@JohnHexLives Oh crap, Sin Cara is here. #WWE #RAW #BWF

John Cena, in his bright ass red shirt and his new video wall graphics that look like a Confederate flag, runs down to the ring.  I didn’t notice that last night, but after Justin Ruff pointed it out a couple articles ago, it’s impossible to miss it.  Cena gets the mic, and he says that there are a lot of people who are upset about a certain someone’s actions last night.  Cena would have to be pretty naive to have not expected it, because that someone put on their Twitter that they were coming to WrestleMania to whip some candy ass.  He didn’t think that this someone would decide the winner of the main event at WrestleMania, but if he didn’t the final moment of WrestleMania would’ve been a draw, and “that would’ve sucked donkeys.”  Cena won’t complain, he’ll congratulate The Miz.  It doesn’t matter how he did it – he walked in as the WWE Champion, and walked out the same.  He says Miz is still the most annoying person on the face of the earth, but he’s earned Cena’s respect.  Anyways, back to that “certain someone.”  After hearing him speak for so long, it’s obvious Cena hasn’t earned his respect, and that he doesn’t like Cena very much.  That someone is hear tonight.  He was supposed to be the guest host of WrestleMania but became involved in John Cena’s business, which means that they now have business of their own to settle right now.


The Rock is here!  He’s in the same ring with John Cena!  This could get interesting!  The Rock wants to be direct with John Cena.  What did Cena think was going to happen?  He knew payback was coming.  Did The Rock talk trash about Cena?  Of course, it’s what he does.  Cena’s wrong about respect.  The Rock respects Cena, and knows what he’s done.  The Rock knows all about Cena, that he lives and breathes the WWE.  The Rock knows that.  He knows that it’s because of that drive that he’s become one of the greatest WWE Superstars of all time.  It doesn’t change the fact that The Rock doesn’t like him.  They’re completely opposite.  They look, talk, and fight different.  But they have one thing in common – they always want to do what they do better than anybody, period.  They’re very similar, except when they go shopping.  Rock shops at department stores, Cena obviously shops at Baby Gap.  Cena says “what do you know, fashion advice from the Tooth Fairy.”  Cena says that the time for talk is over.  Rock’s the People’s Champ, and to listen to the people.  People are standing to the ceiling, not to hear them talk, but to see them wrestle.  Not just a match.  A match where generations collide.  Only in the WWE would you be able to see Muhammed Ali and Mike Tyson in their primes.  Only in the WWE would you be able to see Michael Jordan one on one with Lebron James.  The match the fans want is John Cena vs. The Rock.  It’s obvious that it’s what they should do.  Does Rock wanna talk about it, or does he want to bring it?  Cena takes his shirt off and tosses it to the crowd.  Rock says that Cena has no idea what he just asked for.  The Rock will bring it – But they make history – they make the biggest matchup of all time.  On the Grandest Stage in the World – WrestleMania XXVIII – John Cena vs. The Rock.  It’s not just any matchup.  It’s gonna be The Rock, The People’s Champ, with the millions of the Rock’s fans.  John Cena vs. the People’s Champion – the People’s WrestleMania, if ya smell what The Rock is cookin’.  Rock extends a hand.  Cena accepts it.  We’ve got our main event for next year’s WrestleMania!

The Corre surround the ring, and they attack.  Gabriel and Barrett attack The Rock, Jackson and Slater attack Cena.  The Rock battles back, as does Cena.  Cena hits a 5 Knuckle Shuffle on Slater, and The Rock hits a spinebuster and drops the People’s Elbow on Wade Barrett.  Who did The Corre piss off to have the last two nights happen?  Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment on Slater.  Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Barrett.  It’s a classic show of one-upsmanship.  Rock and Cena shake hands, and Cena heads backstage.  Rock, Cena, WrestleMania 28!

@Whovian_23 Your not a Marine Cena, you just played one in a shitty movie. #WWE #RAW #BWF

@TKeep123 Amazing……#WWE cranks up the hype-machine for 2012 #Wrestlemania 28 nearly 1 FULL YEAR in ADVANCE ! RAW #BWF

My Thoughts: I’m not going to say anything about Cena/Rock right now other than the fact that there will be a special “A Minute With ThinkSoJoE” based solely on this.  Whether I record that tonight or tomorrow, well, I’m not sure just quite yet.  The one thing I’m taking away from tonight’s RAW outside of that is this:  Holy shit, what took them so long to sign Sin Cara?!?  That dude is amazing, and I just saw him for the first time for about a minute.

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  1. I guess they actually are attempting to be patient with the build… I'm kind of both shocked and pleased with this Rock/Cena next WM. The next thing for the Rock has to be a vanishing act, so we forget about him until the time is right (i.e. movie schedule). Nonetheless, I have no problem with the outcome. I'm old enough to blink and it will be next year anyways.

  2. I've got a bit of a concern about it but I'll address that when I do my next "AMWTSJ." Other than what I'm going to talk about on there, I've got no problem at all with the concept of booking a match a year in advance.

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