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Tonight’s RAW is hosted by actor and Twitter sensation (I read that somewhere… I think it was WWE Universe’s Twitter), Ashton Kutcher!  The main event is a tag-team match between Randy Orton and WWE Champion John Cena, taking on Sheamus and Edge!!

We start in the middle of some action already up.  Edge was beating on Evan for some reason, and told Evan that it was his ring.  According to Michael, Edge came out before RAW and said it was his ring, and Evan Bourne came out to say that he wasn’t going to wait for a chance.  Holy crap, is the RAW set backwards?

Anyway, Edge and Evan Bourne are fighting in the ring, and as Edge Irish Whips Evan into the ropes, Evan gets the upperhand.  Here, Jerry Lawler would like to point out to us that this is not an official match, which I think all of us knew based on the fact that Edge was still in his jeans…  Anyway, Evan gets Edge down, and goes for Air Bourne, but Edge rolls out of the way and hits Evan with the Spear.  We find out that before we joined RAW, Evan asked for a match, stating that if he beat Edge, he wanted Edge’s spot in the Fatal Four-Way for the WWE Championship.

Edge calls for a mic and says that what happened to Evan Bourne is exactly what is going to happen to his opponents at Fatal 4Way: Randy Orton, Sheamus, and WWE Champion, John Cena.  He continues on, saying no matter what he does, or how many times he proves his dominance, people like Evan Bourne and the WWE Universe continue to disrespect him.  At Fatal 4Way, that all changes, because he’s nothing like his opponents.  He’s not like John Cena, who’s the WWE Universe’s superhero, and quite possibly the strongest man in the industry.  He’s not like Sheamus, who doesn’t care who gets in his way and will bulldoze his way through anyone to take what he wants.  And he’s definitely not like Randy Orton, that snake in the grass who lies in wait to pounce and sink his fangs into you.  He goes on to say that the WWE Universe are a bunch of sheep (Chris Jericho anyone?) who just fall in line.  At Fatal 4Way, Edge says he’s going to prove everyone who disrespects him wrong when he becomes a ten-time WWE Champion.  Gonna be honest here… I was hoping he’d go on another ‘WRONG!’ tirade, but he didn’t.

I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand, they talk to me…

Randy comes out, and Jerry or Michael Cole tell us that there are 13,124 members of the WWE Universe in attendance tonight.  Whatever.  Randy gets in the ring, and Edge seems to be backing away, staying cautious.  Edge says that Randy thinks he’s just gonna come out there and do something to Edge, but it won’t happen because Randy’s not at 100% due to what Edge did to him at Over the Limit (a dislocated shoulder, for those of you who don’t know).  Edge starts to present Randy with an option concerning Fatal 4Way, but Randy RKO’s Edge.  Reminder: These two men will be on opposite sides of the ring tonight as they go to tag team action.  Randy Orton and WWE Champion, John Cena vs Edge and Sheamus.  Up next, we hear from Ashton Kutcher!


We come back to Monday Night RAW to see Ashton Kutcher on his laptop, talking about Zack Ryder talking smack to him on Twitter.  Eve Torres comes up and they hug, and Eve asks what’s going on.  Ashton tells her that Zack Ryder was talking smack about him on Twitter.  Does Zack know that Ashton is guest host and that he has five million Twitter followers?!  Eve asks what Ashton’s going to do about it, and Ashton says he’s going to put a hit on Zack Ryder, and it could be anyone: A referee, a wrestler, a Diva, Eve herself, Ashton, an announcer…

About that time, Miz shoes up and says that Ashton wanted to see him.  This was confirmed by my friend, @Niki_Sushi that Ashton really did tweet Miz to see him during RAW (@aplusk: hey @mikethemiz I need to see you tonight. #RAW).  Miz goes on with theories about why Ashton may want to see him, and even mentions that Ashton may want him to star in The Killers 2.  Ashton laughs and says that he and Bret Hart have set up a match for The Miz tonight against a Superstar they have acquired a one-night contract for: Daniel Bryan.  Ashton says that Daniel Bryan is going to make the Miz tap out, and Miz retorts that Ashton needs to grab his camera and take pictures of what The Miz is going to do to Daniel Bryan tonight.  Ashton responds, saying that Miz wouldn’t be able to see it because it’d be so far up his-  He is about to continue, but Eve stops him and reminds both men that this is PG television.

New United States Champion R-Truth vs Chris Jericho

Truth is called out to the ring, his new United States Championship around his waist.  RAW shows a replay of last week,where R-Truth faced The Miz to pick up the championship.  Chris Jericho gets into the ring after his entrance plays, and this is where I realize they’re coming out from the other side of the entrance thing this time.  It messed me up.

The match starts, and Chris gets Truth in a headlock.  Truth pushes him into the ropes, only to run into a clothesline from Jericho.  Truth retaliates with a hip toss on Chris, and Chris goes for a Codebreaker, but Truth catches his feet and tosses him out onto the ring floor before jumping over the top rope and landing on him.


We come back to see Chris in control.  Apparently, he dropped Truth, stomach-first, into the top rope and then used a baseball slide to get Truth out of the ring.  Now, Chris has him in a headlock, but it’s not too long before Truth starts to fight out, successfully breaking the hold.  Truth takes Chris down for a pin, but Chris kicks out at two.  Chris uses the insigari on Truth, and goes for a pin, but Truth kicks out a two.  Truth has Truth between the top and middle rope and holds on, breaking at three before going back and breaking at four.  Truth gets up only to be thrown into the turnbuckle and beats on him, pulling Truth out at the ref’s three count.  Chris gets Truth down, and Chris pantomimes wiping his hands before he brings Truth to his feet.  He slaps Truth, then Irish Whips him.  Truth retaliates with a flying shoulder.

Truth then takes control, hitting Chris before he dances and slaps Chris to the ground.  Truth Irish Whips Chris, who manages a counter, only to get hit with a hurricanrana.  Truth kicks Chris in the face and goes for the pin, but Chris kicks out at two.  Truth runs at Chris, but Chris kicks him in the face and the bulldogs Truth.  He goes for the Lionsault, but Truth rolls out of the way.  Truth gets Chris on his knees, then goes for the bicycle kick before Chris gets out of the way and goes for the Walls of Jericho.  He can’t lock it in, however, and ends up sending Chris away.  Truth hits Chris with a kick to the stomach and seemed to attempt a suplex, only to drop Chris with a facebuster.  He goes for a cover, but Chris kicks out at two.

Truth grabs Chris to pull him away from the ropes, but Chris holds on.  The ref comes up to pull Truth off, and Chris takes advantage, poking Truth in the eyes.  He then knocks Truth down, goes for a cover, and Truth kicks out at two.  Chris kicks Truth in the head, while mocking him, yelling “What’s up!?”.  Chris Irish Whips Truth, and bends down, probably for some move or another, but Truth kicks him in the stomach.  Truth misses a spin kick, and Chris capitalizes by locking in the Walls of Jericho.  Truth, however, counters it with a small package, and pins Chris for the win.

United States Champion R-Truth Wins!

Reminder! Our Main Event tonight is Edge and Sheamus vs Randy Orton and John Cena!


The Fatal 4Way theme is Showstopper, by Toby Mac, I think it said.  Anyway, a replay of last week is now shown.  Batista is in the ring, bandaged and bruised in a wheelchair.  He says that Cena is going to give him a rematch, he deserves a rematch.  RAW Ring Announcer Justin Roberts interrupts him and says that he has just been asked to announce RAW’s new General Manager, Bret “The Hitman” Hart! flsajf;sdlkfjasldkfj… Sorry, I can’t stand Bret.  Bret then tells Batista that he has a match tonight to get his rematch.  He’ll face Randy Orton for a chance to qualify at Fatal 4Way.  Batista says he can’t possibly fight tonight, and Bret can’t make him.  Bret then says that if he doesn’t fight, he forfeits.  Batista says if that happens, he’ll quit. Bret says that Randy qualifies by forfeit, Batista flips and says that WWE is nothing without him, and quits.

Zack Ryder and Alicia Fox are together backstage, and they’re talking to someone, who we find out in just a second is Bret Hart, about Ashton Kutcher putting a hit on him.  Bret says he has more important things to deal with than Zack.  Zack claims that he’s watching Bret, and then walks away.  The Hart Dynasty show up next and wonder what Bret wanted to see them about.  Bret says he signed the three people that attacked them last week, and he’s not going to punish them for it either.  He says that even though he’s General Manager of RAW now, he can’t cut the Hart Dynasty any favors.  He then says that the question the Hart Dynasty needs to ask is what they’re going to do about it.

Eve’s music hits and she is accompanied to the ring by Santino Marella.  This should be entertaining…


Mixed Tag Team Match: WWE Diva’s Champion Eve Torres and Santino Marella vs. Maryse and William Regal with Vladimir Kozlov

We come back to see Santino teaching Eve how to do his weird cobra thing.  Eve’s music fades and Maryse’s plays.  She stops about halfway down the ramp, and William Regal’s music hits, and he’s joined by Vlaidimir Kozlov.  Santino takes the mic when Willaim and Vladimir get to the ring, saying that, for the love of George Lucas, Willaim Regal should get rid of the Darth Vader wannabe music.  He then asks Vladimir why he comes out to the ring with Regal when the two of them could be a great tag team.  He continues on to say that if Kozlov joins him, then Eve will make love to him.  Kozlov looks interested for a minute before Eve says that’s not true, and Santino clarifies that Eve would love for Kozlov to join with Santino, not the other thing.

The match starts with Eve and Maryse.  Or, it would, if one of them would attack the other.  They stand there for about a minute, just laughing at one another.  Eve finally goes at Maryse, who knees her and then Irish Whips Eve, who rolls over Maryse.  Maryse then drop kicks Maryse, who moves to the corner to take Regal in.  Santino is tagged in, and seems to be luring Regal in.  The crowd chants for Santino, who acts a little embarrassed.  Santino looks like he’s trying to do a leg sweep to Regal, who finally gets sick of him and throws Santino around, calling him a ‘bloody idiot’.  He goes for the Regal Stretch, but Eve kicks him, breaking it up, and Maryse goes after her.  The ref and Regal are both watching the Divas, and Kozlov comes in, chokeslamming Regal before rolling out of the ring and walking up the ramp with Maryse.  Santino’s arm covers Regal, and Eve and Santino win.

Diva’s Champion Eve Torres & Santino Marella win.

Bret Hart is on his way to the ring for an important announcement concerning next week’s show!


The WWE shows their annual Memorial Day package, which is dedicated to the fallen soldiers in the United States Military who died to protect the freedoms we hold dear today.  Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

Justin Roberts then introduces the new General Manager of RAW, Bret “The Hitman” Hart!  Bret comes to the ring and says that even though he’s only been General Manager of RAW for about a week, he’s having loads of fun.  He got together with Smackdown General Manager, Theodor Long, and decided to do something special for next week!  All of the Superstars from RAW and Smackdown are going to come together under one roof live next week, and it’s going to be a three hour special RAW!  But, not just any special three hour RAW!  The fans are going to be apart of the action.  The fans can tell their ideas to Bret, and the WWE Superstars can even bring their ideas to Bret

It’s a new day… it’s a new generation…

Ted DiBiase comes out to the ring, joined by Virgil, and says that if Bret and Teddy Long are accepting suggestions, he’s got one: Make him General Manager for the night.  Not guest host, but General Manager, with complete power.  He says that he’s willing to pay Bret and Teddy Long whatever it takes, because, even though Bret may stand there an dlook like he’s too good to be bought, everybody has a price.  Ted goes on to say that Teddy Long will be bought off easily, and the reason Bret came back to the WWE and became RAW’s General Manager was because he needed money.  He says that the only thing Bret has to do to make all his problems go away is name is price.

Ashton Kutcher comes over the TitanTron with one of his pre-taped clips and tells them to wait.  Before Bret gives that power to Ted DiBiase, why don’t they give that power to the fans?  The only thing they have to do is make it a Viewer’s Choice, let the fans pick the matches and stipulations all across the board.  Bret agrees, so next week’s RAW is not only three hours long, but is a Viewer’s Choice RAW!

No Chance… that’s what you’ve got…
Look Busy! The boss is comin’!

Vince seems rather happy tonight as he makes his way down the ramp, and Jerry Lawler points out that this is the first time we’ve seen him since Wrestlemania 26.  Vince talks to Bret, asking if he got all of the violence on his heart out.  Bret says mostly, and a ‘You Tapped Out’ chant starts.  Vince claims he didn’t really, and tells Bret that he has to treat the WWE Universe as children, and he means that in the most complimentary way.  But, what he means by that is that they can’t make the right decisions, and sometimes, you have to make the decisions for them.  Bret says that he’s ready for whatever the WWE Unvierse is going to throw at him, and tells Bret that he hopes Bret’s story as General Manager has a happy ending.

Turns out Zack is still trying to figure out who his hitman is, and he’s confronted Randy Orton about it.  Randy tells Zack that if he wanted to take him out, they wouldn’t be having this conversation.  Alicia Fox grabs Zack’s hand and leads him away, claiming that she knows how to figure out who it is.  Randy watches them go, and then the door opens slightly and then slams shut on Randy’s shoulder.  Edge stands there as Randy holds his shoulder, and then steps over him and heads out like nothing happened.


The Miz vs Daniel Bryan

AWESOME!! I came to play!

Miz comes to the ring first, followed by Daniel Bryan, who is still coming down to the NXT theme.  There is a replay here of what happened on NXT last time, where Michael Cole confronted Daniel Bryan (who looked like his fashion sense was very Miz-inspired).  Bryan says that Michael Cole isn’t a man because he can’t escape from a simple handshake.  Security rushes in, and Cole slaps Bryan.  Bryan chased Cole around the ring and security finally pushes him off.  The pros watch as Bryan comes up, and Miz tells Bryan he should just leave, only for Bryan to get mad and punch Miz.  The two go at each other, only for security to end up escorting Bryan backstage.

In the ring, Daniel quickly gains the upperhand, putting Miz in an armbar.  The ref is trying to pull Daniel off.  When he finally gets off, Daniel runs into the turnbuckle, and Miz gets him with a take down before he just begins wailing on Bryan, ending it with a kick to the face before going for a cover.  Bryan kicks out at two.  He then slaps Miz, and Miz starts wailing on him.  Miz then throws Bryan into the corner before hitting him with a swinging corner clothesline.  From there, Miz climbs up the turnbuckle and jumps off, driving his fists into Bryan’s shoulders and Michael Cole won’t shut up about how outraged he is by Daniel Bryan’s actions on NXT and blah blah blah.  No one likes you, Cole, go find your real family.  Miz keeps wailing on Bryan, who finally gains the upper hand and gets Miz in some arm bar/headlock move.  Miz rolls back to cover, but Bryan moves and manages to cover Miz for the win.

Daniel Bryan wins.

After the match, Miz attacks Brian, throwing him out of the ring.  Miz climbs out and kicks Bryan’s head before picking him up and taking him to the announce table, telling him to apologize to Cole.  Bryan then elbows Miz’ gut before sending him flying over the announce table and into Michael Cole.  Is there going to be a match with Michael Cole and Daniel Bryan next week?!


Cole claims to be assaulted for the second time in less than a week, but no one besides Jerry Lawler seems to care… Actually, Jerry doesn’t even seem to care that much.  A replay to last week is played where the new tag team attacks the Hart Dynasty.

We come back to RAW to see the new tag team standing the ring, saying that the whole world is tripping over them.  They are Jay and Jimmy Uso, Rikishi’s twin sons, with Tamina Snuka, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka’s daughter.  They claim that the Hart Dynasty aren’t the only ones with family that run deep in the business.  The Harts were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.  They claim they were born and created for one purpose: Dominate!

The Hart Dynasty comes out, and Tamina and Natalya roll out of the ring.  The Hart Dynasty goes for the Hart Attack, but Tamina grabs Tyson’s ankles, and turns just in time to deliver a vicious clothesline to Natalya.  Tamina takes Natalya back in the ring, and the three of them perform a frog splash on all three members of the Hart Dynasty.

Still to come, the Main Event!  Will Randy Orton be able to compete, or will Cena have to find a new partner?!


Oh, radio, tell me everything you know…

We come back in time for Zack Ryder and Alicia Fox to come down to the ring.  Zack says that he knows Ashton Kutcher put a hit out on him, and Alicia had a great idea: Come down to the ring and demand to know who it was.  Because that’s not common sense or anything.  Ashton comes on the TitanTron and asks if Zack wants to know who it is.  Zack says yes, and Jerry Lawler starts into the ring with a chair.

Zack Ryder with Alicia Fox vs Jerry “The King”  Lawler with Steel Chair

Zack seems amused that it would be Jerry, but Jerry merely sits on the chair.  Ashton gets Zack’s attention again and says that it’s not Jerry.  Jerry climbs out of the ring, and different music hits.

Zack Ryder with Alicia Fox vs The Great Khali

Zack and Alicia immediately climb out of the ring as Khali makes his way to the ring, alone.  He climbs in, looks at them, and then raises his arms.  The crowd cheers, but Ashton comes back on and says that it’s not The Great Khali either.

Zack Ryder with Alicia Fox vs Goldust

Goldust starts down the ramp and takes a breath, but Ashton says it’s not him either.  Zack claims that he’s getting really paranoid, and he just wants to know who it is.  Ashton says that he’ll never see it coming.  Alicia grabs the mic and says something unimportant.  She goes to hand it back, but they both drop it.  Zack bends over to grab it, and Alicia hits him with a scissor kick.  Ashton claps, confirms it was Alicia, and then we’re reminded that the first Fatal 4Way match announced will be Randy Orton vs Edge vs Sheamus vs WWE Champion John Cena for the WWE Championship.  Gonna be honest, I kind of like the theme for Fatal 4Way.

Edge is back in the back, getting ready, when Sheamus shows up.  Sheamus says that he saw what Edge did to Orton and he liked it.  He heard what Edge said earlier, and Edge was right: He’s nothing like Sheamus, and they don’t trust one another.  Edge says if they’re smart, they can weaken Cena like he weakened Randy.  Sheamus says that if Edge takes advantage of something at Sheamus’ expense, it’ll be the last mistake Edge ever makes.


WWE Classics honors The Junkyard Dog this week, who died in 1998 in a car accident.  Next week, RAW will be hosted by the cast of The A-Team!! Don’t forget, next week also starts at 8/7 PM Eastern/Central and is a Viewer’s Choice! During RAW, go to to cast your opinion!

Edge and Sheamus vs WWE Champion John Cena and …??

You think you know me…

Edge makes his way to the ring followed by Sheamus, though neither of which looks like they actually trust one another.

Brrrrrrrr… SHABADOOOO!!!!

John Cena comes out with the WWE Championship and a mic.  He says that he has unfortunate news: Since Edge decided to take out Randy Orton’s shoulder, Randy will be unable to compete.  He says that Edge had a good plan to try to leave him short-handed, but Edge didn’t count on one thing: Every Superstar backstage hates Sheamus and Edge, so Cena could have anyone he wanted as a partner.  He says that the partner he picked was a human wrecking ball, and had a particular beef with Edge.

Edge and Sheamus vs WWE Champion John Cena and Evan Bourne

I was really excited to see that Evan was getting his chance tonight, and he did prove to me, at least, that he can pull of main events.  Anyway, Cena and Edge start.  They lock up, and Edge knees Cena in the gut before punching him in the head.  The then bounces John off the turnbuckle and punches him in the head again as Cena falls.  Edge Irish Whips Cena, who gives Edge a bulldog, and then tags in Evan.  Evan gives Edge some pretty solid kicks, and then takes Edge down.  Edge shoves Evan to the mat, then Irish Whips him, only for Edge to counter with a hurricanrana.  Evan then hits a standing dropkick, followed by a twisting drop kick which knocks Edge out of the ring.


When we come back, Cena is beating Sheamus down.  Cena Irish Whips Sheamus across the ring and then tags in Evan.  Evan launches himself across the ring at Sheamus and then covers, but Sheamus kicks out at two.  Evan continues hitting Sheamus with a series of kicks aimed at his thighs before Sheamus knocks him down.  Sheamus then picks Evan up and runs him into the turnbuckle, hitting his back before tagging in Edge.  Edge elbows Evan down, stomping on him before laying him partially out of the ring.  He kicks his head and then elbows him out onto the floor.  He gets Evan back in before tagging in Sheamus, who lifts Evan up for a suplex.  Evan brings his knees down, hitting Sheamus in the head.  As soon as Evan’s feet hit the mat, he’s kicking Sheamus’ thighs again.  He tries to jump to Cena, but Sheamus catches him and throws him away from his corner, where he clotheslines Evan, and ten goes for a cover.  Evan kicks out at two.

Sheamus drops a knee on Evan’s face before stepping on Evan and tagging Edge in.  Edge kicks Evan’s side, then hurls Evan across the ring into the turnbuckle.  He goes for a cover, but Evan kicks out at two.  Evan manages to gain a little momentum here, but Edge then kicks him in the face and goes for another cover.  Again, Evan kicks out at two.  Edge puts Evan in a headlock, but Evan manages to fight out and hit an insigari on Edge, leaving both of them motionless for a moment in the ring, tagging their partners in before the ref can hit six on the count.

Sheamus gets hit with a few shoulder blocks before Cena drops him and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle.  He lifts Sheamus for the Attitude Adjustment, but Sheamus manages to counter and slam Cena to the ground.  Sheamus goes for his kick, but Cena moves.  Evan jumps up, managing to kick Sheamus in the head.  Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment, and then Edge goes for a Spear, instead hitting the turnbuckle.  Cena tags Evan in, and Evan hits Air Bourne before covering Sheamus for the win.

WWE Champion John Cena & Evan Bourne win!

Overall Thoughts: Overall, it was a pretty good RAW.  Once again, the guest host segment was retarded, and I was a little disappointed that Ashton Kutcher’s segments were all pre-filmed instead of it all being live.  But, the main event had some good action, and I’m glad that Evan got a push to the main event.  Next week, I’ll be in class for about the first… half hour of RAW or so, but I’ll see if I can’t get a summary from a friend or something for ya.  Also, next week is the return of the BWF Tweets!! Use the hashtag #BWF on Twitter to get your tweets in the review!!  Seeya next week!

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