Didn’t I just do SmackDown on Friday?  That’s right, fellow Bored Wrestling Fans, this is ThinkSoJoE covering for the one and only Aly Kat (who just turned 20 this past week, BTW) as she’s probably stuck at work.  Come to think of it, I’m stuck at work too!  Difference is, I can watch RAW while I’m here (though I’m not really supposed to).  Anyways, I’m excited at the prospect of covering tonight’s RAW as many experts are saying that this could be a very important night in one of the biggest storylines in recent memory.  A few folks have said WWE could screw the whole CM Punk thing up tonight, but every one of them, and myself, are hoping that they don’t.  Let’s see what happens!

But first, let’s see what happened last month!

Video:  CM Punk def. John Cena at Money In The Bank and walked out as the WWE Champion.  Cena was supposed to be fired for allowing Punk to walk out of the WWE with the title, but it was Mr. McMahon who was relieved of his duties instead.  A tournament took place, which Rey Mysterio won to become the WWE Champion, but he defended his title later that night and lost the title to John Cena, when CM Punk returned with his title in tow.

The pyro goes off, and we are LIVE in Indianapolis, Indiana!  For the first time in WWE history, we have two legitimate WWE Champions!


That’s right, we’re kicking things of with the WWE Champion!  Punk shows off his title to the crowd, who seem to be very much behind him.  I think we’ve got a very intriguing storyline developing here – one almost like the Canada/USA storyline from the Attitude Era.  This time it’s the purists (for Punk) and the sports entertainment enthusiasts (for Cena), which I think is an awesome dynamic for WWE to play off of.

A CM Punk chant breaks out as the Champion takes the microphone.  “The Champ is here!”  He Punks down in the middle of the ring, and he says that the $64,000 question is why did he come back after everything he said and did.  He’s a bit of a storyteller, so he’ll tell us a story.  He’s known that his contract would expire on July 17th, so a year back, he was struggling with a life changing decision.  One one hand, he loves the place he works but hates the people in charge, and therein lies his decision.  He could’ve re-signed and dealt with the soul crushing status quo, or he could speak his mind, and cause a little bit of change in his wake.  Obviously, he chose the latter, and caused a little bit of change.  The next night, Vincent K. McMahon was relieved of his day-to-day duties.  That’s change.  That’s tangible change, and Punk would like to take a little bit of the credit, but a lot of the credit goes to the audience.  For far too long, we’ve been fed scraps.  We haven’t been given what we’re entitled to.  Punk is here to give that to us, to make this fun again.  He’ll make it fun again for everybody.  Is he unorthodox, unpredictable?  Do people get scared when he has a microphone?  “You damn betchya, man,” and Punk would have it no other way.  As proud as he was about backing up what he said, he was sitting at home looking at the WWE Championship, and he realized that the voice of the voiceless needs to be heard.  It needs to be heard by the people who need it the most – the fans.  He can’t do that with a megaphone in various media outlets.  He can’t do that at Comic-Con, or Jimmy Kimmel.  What it boils down to is that Punk can’t change this business for the better by sitting on his couch in Chicago.  So he picked up the phone, as much as he hates being on the telephone, and he made the call to come back.  By the looks of it, his timing couldn’t have been better.  In his absence, we’ve reverted back to the soul-crushing status quo, as John Cena is parading around as the WWE Champion.  See, Cena is as much WWE Champion, as this guy in the front row with his ShopZone replica championship belt.  What he has is a belt.  What Punk has is a Championship title.  So much for change, huh?  Same ol’, same ol’.  No matter what the outcome of the bogus Championship tournament we had while Punk was on “vacation,” no matter who in the locker room thinks they’re entitled to rematches, one fact – CM Punk holds in his hands the most important title in the world.  This indicates to everybody that CM Punk is the best professional wrestler the world has to offer.  He is the one, the only WWE Champion.

Time to play the game…

“Apparently, it’s time to play the game,” says CM Punk.  John Cena called this the most important RAW of Triple H’s life on twitter earlier, apparently.  I haven’t been on twitter today, so I have to take Michael Cole’s word for it.  The fans chant Triple H’s name, and CM Punk agrees that they should.  Triple H thanks him for the warm reception.  He’ll get to the WWE Championship in a second, but he wanted to explain to Punk why he resigned him.  It comes down to one thing – business.  It was good for business.  Same reason he brought back JR, same reason why he brought back John Morrison.  It was good for business.  The WWE Universe wanted it, and it’s Triple H’s job as COO to try and give them what they want.  The WWE Universe said they wanted CM Punk, and Triple H put his personal feelings aside and gave them CM Punk.  Punk asks, “personal feelings?”  Triple H said it was meant to be a compliment, leave it at that.  Punk says that just because he’s wearing a suit now doesn’t mean he has to hide behind it.  Punk wants to know personally, what Triple H’s feelings are for CM Punk.  Hunter says he thinks Punk is a smug, overrated, attention seeking, guy that puts a little too much stock in his own hype, not that that’s a bad thing.  Punk is glad we could be honest, it’s kinda like looking in the mirror, isn’t it Hunter?  Is Punk smug?  He sure doesn’t wear a white hat, he’s kind of a jerk.  Is he overrated?  Not really for him to say, not up to him.  Punk wishes Hunter would’ve said he hates his guts, but let everybody know what a commodity he is.  We live in this era that Vincent K. McMahon built.  He’s a great man, who surrounded himself with other great men who would just say “yes.”  They really “screwed the pooch” on this entire talent roster.  Vince let guys – main event caliber talent – go.  Just slip through their fingers.  Guys like Batista, Mick Foley, Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar.  Punk can go on.  Basically, not only did Triple H not want to see him go anywhere else, he couldn’t afford to see Punk go anywhere else.  He’s hot, he’s a commodity.  Triple H says fair enough, but since we’re out here telling everybody the truth, why doesn’t Punk tell everybody why he really re-signed.  Punk says he already did.  Triple H says that Punk re-signed for himself, because he wanted to hear his own voice, the pipe bomb.  But what happens if a pipe bomb goes off and nobody’s there to hear it?  Does it make a noise?  The answer is no.  Punk needed this platform.  He needed the WWE Universe, because without the WWE, Punk and his pipe bomb mean nothing.  Punk says that’s a maybe, 50/50 at best, and he won’t hang his head on maybes.  The truth is that he’s the WWE Champion.  Triple H says that John Cena is also the WWE Champion.  Like Hunter said, that’s a situation he’ll fix later tonight.  Punk stops Triple H from leaving.  He loves Motorhead, but says that the pipe bomb is going to go off in the forest, and he wants Triple H around to hear it.  He’s just getting warmed up.  He doesn’t want Triple H to think that just because he put his name on a WWE contract means he’s going to shut up.  He’s not going to toe the company line and spitting out a PG doctorate.  He’s not going to promo class, he’s not going to media training.  He’s here to stay and do things his way.  You wanna talk about egos?  Well, Hunter Hearst Helmsley (complete with bow), let’s talk about egos.  How about Triple H hogging the spotlight over people who deserved to be in the spotlight.  How about when he was carrying Shawn Michaels’ bags that he liked to throw his weight around and push people, and tell people what to do.  Punk’s question is how many times did Triple H say “you know, I just don’t think he has what it takes” while he was lying in bed with his wife?  No matter what, if he’s wearing a suit, in his gear, or dressed up like a “low-rent, poor-man’s Conan,” Triple H is the same guy he’s always been.  A bully who likes to throw his weight around and push people.  Punk’s not picking a fight, he’s just saying to be careful who you push.  Hunter knows that Punk likes to push back.  Hunter says that it comes down to ego, and he’ll tell you he’s got a massive ego.  And his massive ego is telling him to slap the tattoos off of Punk’s “skinny fat ass.”  Yes, that’s what he said.  Hunter’s not going to do that though, this is bigger than that.  Hunter took the job as COO for the fans.  That comes with certain responsibilities and rules.  Maybe he doesn’t like them anymore than anybody else would, and he respects them, and for the fans, he’s not going to break those rules.  He strongly suggests Punk doesn’t break them either.  “Or what?” asks Punk.  “You gonna beat me up?  You gonna fight me?  You gonna punch me in the face?”  Punk plays with Triple H’s tie.  “Or do you gotta go ask your wife for permission first?”

Backstage, Rey Mysterio is warming up when his T-shirt disappears.  John Morrison flips over his head and tosses the shirt back to him, as the two of them will face Miz and R-Truth.

Up next, however, a multi-diva clusterfuck Diva’s battle royal to determine who faces Kelly Kelly at SummerSlam!


Kelly Kelly is in the announce booth, and all the Divas are in the ring.

Divas Battle Royal

Melina and Gail Kim both went early.  And then Rosa Mendes goes.  Then Kaitlyn.  This might go by pretty quickly.  Tamina is gone via Beth Phoenix.  AJ via Alicia Fox.  Natalya by the Bella Twins.


Yeah.  This needed two segments.  The Bellas work over Beth Phoenix, as Eve battles with Alicia Fox.  Fox eliminates herself, then tries to pull Eve out after her, to no avail.  Eve gets eliminated by one of the Bellas, then Beth Phoenix picks both of them up and dumps them both over the top rope at the same time.

Winner & Number One Contender:  Beth Phoenix

Ok, that finish was impressive.  Kelly gets in the ring to congratulate the Glamazon, but Beth tosses her out of the ring and into the guardrail.  She takes the microphone and she says that Kelly’s days as the perky, cute, little blond bimbo are officially over.  Way to go, Beth!  Bring that championship back to Buffalo!

Miz is taping up his wrists backstage when R-Truth comes in.  He asks what’s up.  Miz says “really?”  He accuses Truth of talking to himself.  Truth says they’re pretty much the same.  Did Miz not say that Triple H being in charge is a huge mistake?  Miz did.  Neither one of the WWE Champions should be.  It’s a…  Truth says “conspiracy?  C-O-N… Spiracy?”  Miz tells him not to start.  He doesn’t have to share the same warped viewpoints as Truth just because they’re partners tonight.  Miz starts talking to himself and wonders why.  Truth leaves Miz with this thought.  “If Mr. H’s” was bringing back Punk all along, why did they have to compete in a Championship tournament?


Indianapolis is the first city where the Rock said “It doesn’t matter what you think!”  Apparently somebody keeps track of these sort of things.  Josh Matthews is excited to have the WWE Champion John Cena as his guest.  Earlier tonight, CM Punk had a lot to say, what are Cena’s thoughts?  Punk’s not afraid to speak his mind, but his main focus is Triple H.  He says he’ll be out there when Triple H makes his decision on the WWE Championship.

The Truth shall set you free…

R-Truth makes his way to the ring with no musi…


The Most Must See WWE Superstar of All Time is here!  Which begs the question, what happened to Alex Riley?  He kinda vanished lately, huh?  Miz danced around on George Lopez this past week.  Also, it’s MTV’s birthday.  I didn’t see Miz at all on the VH-1 Classic “MTV 30” special this weekend.  Boo!

Booyakah booyakah!  Whatever that means.

Rey Mysterio is in the house, and even if it was for only an hour and a half, he’s now a former WWE Champion, a distinction he earned by defeating the Miz before losing it to John Cena later.  I’d like to see Rey be brainwashed by Truth over this – it’s a conspiracy that Rey isn’t Champion anymore.  That won’t happen.

Now listen, this ain’t no make believe…

But it is in Slow Motion.  John Morrison is back, and we’re set for tag team action!

The Miz & R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio & John Morrison

The former WWE Tag Team Champions – The Miz and John Morrison – kick things off.  Morrison rolls until he allows himself to get distracted by knocking R-Truth off of the apron.  Morrison takes control again and tags in Mysterio, who continues the offense, sending Miz flying to the outside with a headscissors.  Mysterio knocks Truth out there as well, and hits a seated senton on Truth, which Miz avoided, but he didn’t avoid the diving corkscrew from Morrison that sends us to a…


Truth is in control of Mysterio when we come back – it was Miz who turned the tide by planting Mysterio on his face during the break.  Miz gets a two on Mysterio with a kick to the face.  Mysterio starts to build momentum but before he can get to Morrison, Miz catches him with a brutal DDT for a two count.  Miz tags in Truth, and the duo works well together.  Truth takes his eyes off of Mysterio for a moment, and Rey once again starts to build momentum, but gets hit with the Lie Detector for his troubles.  Truth gets a two off of the subsequent cover and tags in The Miz.  Miz shows his confidence, and it almost costs him as Mysterio goes through his legs, but Miz catches him before he could get to Morrison.  Miz hits his corner clothesline, and milks it for a moment.  Miz climbs to the top and gets dropkicked out of midair by Mysterio.  Both men are down as Morrison tries to warm up the crowd.  Mysterio makes the tag, as does The Miz, and Morrison cleans house.  He hits the flippy thing he did on SmackDown for a two count, then sets Truth up for Starship Pain – but The Miz pulls Truth out of the way and Morrison crashes and burns.  Truth misses his scissor kick, and Morrison hits a Pele.  Yes, AJ Styles’ kick.  It lands Truth in 619 position, but Miz hangs up on that call by pulling Mysterio out and dumping him into the crowd.  Miz goes to get back in the ring, but gets a Flying Chuck for his troubles.  Yes, I’m still going to call it that.  Truth hits his finisher off the distraction and pins Morrison.

Winners by Pinfall:  R-Truth & The Miz

Following the match, The Miz gets back in the ring and hits a Skull Crushing Finale on John Morrison.  Truth gets back in the ring with a bottle of water, and its Morrison in the head with it.  That’s gotta be effective.  The referee raises the arms of the victors and they share a brief celebratory hug.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler talk about the WWE Championship situation, and Jim Ross shoots it back to Josh Matthews who’s standing by with our COO, Triple H.

Josh talks about the “uncomfortable personal situation” between Triple H and Punk.  Triple H tells Matthews he may want to start shaving every day.  He’s been in the business 20 years, this isn’t his first barbecue.  Punk thinks he dropped the bomb by mentioning Triple H’s wife?  That “bomb’s” been dropped plenty of times over the past 10 years, Punk can get in line and get some new material.  It doesn’t bother him anymore.  Matthews asks about John Cena.  Triple H says Cena and Punk and anybody else can come out, because they’re all going to find out Triple H’s decision at the same time.  He’d recommend to Cena to keep this strictly business.



I like the new version of Dolph Ziggler’s theme song.  The old one wasn’t bad either.  This one’s got a little more crunch to it.  Anyways, Vickie Guerrero takes the mic and timidly says “excuse me.”  Until the crowd boos her and she yells it.  While everybody talks about the controversy of having two WWE Champions, a man who has gone above and beyond to prove that he is more superior than CM Punk and John Cena, her client, the WWE United States Champion, Dolph Zigger.  Dolph says that after his victory last week, he told everyone to “follow that.”  That was directed toward every single WWE Superstar under contract.  What that means is that no-one will ever have his skills, techniques, talents, and charisma.  He’s more a man than anyone in this arena, and certainly more than anyone back in that locker room…

Hey, remember that question I asked earlier?


That’s right, Alex Riley is here!  He asks Dolph, if he’s such a man, why does he always hide behind a woman?  Or in his case, Vickie Guerrero.  Vickie says that thanks to her, Dolph Ziggler is a former World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and the current United States Champion.  A-Ry says “excuse me.”  Vickie brings up a good point.  Dolph’s had a hell of a career so far, but when is the last time he’s accomplished anything on his own?  Dolph reminds A-Ry of somebody he knows very well.  The Miz hid behind Riley, and Ziggler hides behind Vickie Guerrero.  It’s all about being a man?  Ziggler wants to be a real man?  Drop her.  Is Dolph afraid that without Vickie he’ll be exposed for what he really is – a bleached blond, arrogant fraud?  Ziggler and Guerrero walk away.  Or at least they start to.  Dolph takes his jacket and title off, loosens his tie, then bails.  A-Ry waves goodbye, and Ziggler says he doesn’t even know who A-Ry is.

Still to come, Triple H settles the WWE Title Controversy.  You can vote on who you think should be the WWE Champion.  Or, at least you could have if you were watching this live, which I know you’re not because I’m typing this 3 1/2 hours after RAW ended.

Zack Ryder and Santino take on the New Nexus.

David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty (I spelled it right for once!) have no indication of Nexus affiliation, so apparently that’s officially done.  Santino is out first for his team, and his tag team partner…


That’s right folks, the Long Island Iced Z is on RAW!  WooWooWoo, You Know It!  And he’s getting an entrance too!

Zack Ryder & Santino Marella vs. David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty

McGillicutty and Marella start the match off, and it’s McGillicutty in control early.  He tags in Otunga, who continues the offense as a “We Want Ryder” chant breaks out – very loudly, I might add.  Otunga does his best not to let the fans get what they want, but Santino finally gets to Ryder.  Ryder takes control immediately, and gets a two count on McGillicutty after a boot to the face.  Santino scares Otunga away with the Cobra but the tag champs take him out.  Ryder misses the RoughRyder on McGillicutty, and the WWE Tag Team Champions pick up the win after the Demolition Decapitation Elbow.

Winners by pinfall:  David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty

What will Triple H do about having two WWE Champions?  We’ll find out later on tonight!


After SmackDown on Friday, we can catch Edge on the new series Haven on SyFy.

Short Attention Span theater:  Earlier tonight, Triple H confronted CM Punk.

Josh Matthews asks Punk what he feels Triple H’s decision is going to be.  Punk consulted his Magic 8 Ball earlier, it said “Cloudy at best.”  He’s waiting around just like everybody else to see what the new COO’s decision is going to be.  Earlier, he was just testing Hunter, and Hunter passed with flying colors.  Punk hopes from here on out their relationship will be strictly business.  At Money In The Bank, Punk and Cena had one of the greatest WWE Championship matches in history, which Punk won, and Cena lost, so “The Champ” is standing right here.

Please welcome Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez!

¡Me encanta! Ricardo Rodríguez está de vuelta para que yo pueda volver a burlarse de él con mi estúpido introducciones poco de español de Señor Dinero en el Banco, Alberto Del Rio! Echaba de menos ser capaz de hacer esto las últimas veces he cubierto RAW. El hecho de que todos en la WWE que no habla Inglés es un talón en realidad es una reminiscencia de la razón por la que el nombre de mi bandathinksobrain. Yo lo llamaba “la teoría del cerebro”, en la que si todos en el mundohablaban la misma lengua (quizás a través de la dominación del mundo como cerebrofue después), no habría paz en el mundo. Esa es una historia tediosa, sin embargo,vamos a volver a revisar RAW.

I missed that.  Del Rio rolls out in a 1953 Rolls Royce.  Beautiful car – and I’m not even a big car guy!  Cole says it’s worth $100,000!

Uh oh, the WWE Slurpee cups are back.  I’m gonna be broke for a while, since I go to 7-Eleven every night before work.


LAST WEEK:  Alberto Del Rio def. Kofi Kingston.

Should I even bother to review this next one?  ADR’s opponent is Evan “Air” Bourne.  Sorry, Niki Sushi, I don’t believe he’s got a chance here.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Evan Bourne

I love Evan Bourne, but the way he’s been booked since he’s been in the WWE, I don’t believe he can win here.  And his little spurts off offense don’t convince me otherwise.  It’s all Del Rio through most of this match.  Bourne gets a few flurries of offense in.  He even hits Del Rio with a knee to the face, but Del Rio enziguri’s Bourne off the top rope and picks up the win with the cross armbreaker.

Winner by pinfall:  Alberto Del Rio

After the match, Del Rio locks the armbreaker back on to Bourne.  Kofi Kingston hits the ring and chases Del Rio off.

Triple H is on his way to the ring.  And Jerry Lawler inadvertently calls him the WWE Champion instead of the COO.  Foreshadowing?  Let’s hope not!


“Bright Lights Bigger City” by CeeLo Green is the theme song for SummerSlam.  CeeLo will be at SummerSlam.

The WWE Universe has voted, and 54% feel as though John Cena should be the WWE Champion.

Time to play the game…

What game is that, you ask?  This one:


(I think the entire WWE roster should take a promo lesson from Ren Hoek.  You see how scared Stimpy and Cousin Sven are.  Also, wouldn’t it be hilarious if during a promo a Superstar lightened up and suddenly said “I gotta take a whiz!?”  That would be epic!)

Anyways, Triple H is here.  He’s thought about this for a long time.  For the first time in WW history (that’s what he said), there are two WWE Champions – John Cena and CM Punk.  Both have legit reasons why they should be considered WWE Champion, but what Hunter’s gonna do is basically…  He’s interrupted by John Laurinaitis.  Johnny Ace is the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations, a job he took over from Jim Ross.  It’s his job to sign talent and manage their contracts.  Triple H asks when this became career day.  If he wants to sign new talent, he’ll give John a call.  What does he want?  Hunter’s been part of the WWE Corporate structure for a very short time, but Johnny Ace has worked corporately with Vince McMahon for 10 years.  He knows how Mr. McMahon thinks, and he knows how he’d want Hunter to handle the situation – strip the WWE Championship from John Cena.  The crowd seems to like that idea, and that’s what I would do too.


John Cena heads to the ring and grabs a microphone.  Not sure why he doesn’t just bring one out with him and save the jog to the ring like CM Punk would do, but I digress.  Cena says it’s an interesting group here in Indianapolis.  It’s time for a huge decision.  Thinking is something that John Laurinaitis doesn’t do.  He’s the Yes-Man that Johnny Ace was talking about.  For ten years, that’s all he’s done.  “Yes Vince, I’ll get you some more coffee.  Yes Vince, your suit looks great.  Yes Vince, you’re built like a Greek God.”  Laurinaitis doesn’t think, Cena thinks.  He thinks that the reason Laurinaitis wants him stripped of the title is because when Vince sent Johnny Ace to screw CM Punk at Money in the Bank, Cena met him halfway and knocked his teeth out.  Cena tells Triple H he’s been through a lot in the WWE.  He’s won Championships, and lost them.  If this Championship is legitimate, and the time should come that he loses it, that’s fine.  But he will not have it stripped because some goon in a suit who used to carry a skateboard doesn’t like him.  If he doesn’t get it, get it.  And if he doesn’t get it, figure it out.  Laurinaitis calls Cena that he’s out of line.  He didn’t make his decision because of his unprofessional behavior, but rather to the fact that CM Punk beat Cena.  Cena says it was a great night with good moments, but his favorite moment was punching Johnny Ace in the face.  It was like his head caved around his fist.  He thinks he should do it again right now.  That’s exactly what Cena’s going to do.  Triple H says he doesn’t have a problem with that.  Laurinaitis bails.  Cena asks if Hunter’s going to strip him of the title just because CM Punk beat him one time in Chicago.  Cena beat Triple H in Chicago at WrestleMania 22, does that mean he can strip Hunter of being COO and run the joint himself?  Hunter tells Cena to relax.  He’s not stripping Cena of anything.  His claim to the WWE Championship is legitimate.  The fact is, when Vince left, he didn’t speak to CM Punk until after Comic-Con, and he gave him a contract.  He didn’t hear from Punk again until the moment Cena beat Rey Mysterio for the title.  At that moment, Punk walked up to Triple H with a signed contract and said “hit my music.”  That’s it.  That’s why he won’t strip Cena of the WWE Championship.

CM Punk must’ve told somebody else to hit his music this time around because, well, it hits, and out comes CM Punk.  Punk says he sees the writing on the wall.  Hunter won’t strip Cena of his paper championship, so the next logical thing is to strip Punk of his title that he rightfully won when he beat Cena at Money in the Bank?  Everything’s going to go back to normal?  Hunter goes to explain, and Cena tries to step in the way.  Triple H says they need to stop whining like little girls over this, and lectures Cena – “It’s not ‘Hunter,’ I’m your boss.”  We’re gonna settle this.  Neither is going to be stripped of anything.  SummerSlam, WWE Champion John Cena vs. the WWE Champion CM Punk.  One match, one winner, one undisputed WWE Champion.  Hunter leaves.  Punk raises his title, much to the delight of the fans in attendance.  His music hits and Cena holds his title up, to a more high-pitched reaction, then his music hits.  Then it’s Punk’s turn, this time on the turnbuckle.  Then Cena does the same.  Then Punk.  Then Cena.  They gaze across the ring at one another, posing on the turnbuckles, taking turns holding up their titles and having their music play as RAW fades to black.

ThinkSoJoE Thinks:  This was another solid RAW from the WWE crew.  The explanation of Punk’s return was solid, Punk’s opening promo was solid, and the game of one-upsmanship between Punk and Cena is playing out very well.  A-Ry seems to have dropped out of the main event picture, but if he can build up some momentum in this program with Ziggler, he’ll be back up there soon enough.  Guess the Nexus is finally dead, since Otunga and McGillicutty weren’t wearing any Nexus gear, including armbands, and their titantron didn’t have any hint of yellow in it.  Too bad, I liked the Nexus, but I guess since Mason Ryan is out and Punk is off doing something else, there’s really no point to continuing on with it.  Also, can we please get Zack Ryder a serious match?  Yeah, he’s a funny guy, but that doesn’t mean he needs to be stuck with doing comedy matches with Santino Marella.  The Rock was a funny guy too, and he’s one of the biggest stars to ever come out of the WWE.  Same with Mick Foley.  Also, I love the Dynamic Dudes reference from Cena.  I wonder what Shane Douglas thought of it.

Alright folks, thanks for reading.  Not sure if anybody else has anything coming up in the next few days, but G tells me we’ve apparently got a very special Impact Wrestling review coming your way this Thursday night, so stay tuned!




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