The fun doesn’t stop because RAW is over, no sir! awarded even more Slammys – let’s roll!

Note:  I’m not sure at this point whether these actually count or not.  We’re going to pretend they do.

Outstanding Achievement in Muppet Resemblance:  Sheamus and Beaker.

If these count, this is Sheamus’s third Slammy.  His previous wins in 2009 for “Breakout Star of the year” and in 2010 for “Superstar/Diva most in need of makeup.”

The Pee-Wee Herman Bow Tie Award:  David Otunga.

This is David Otunga’s first solo Slammy.  He won as part of Nexus for the 2010 Shocker of the Year for the group’s debut.

Most Predictable Outcome of the Year:  Kevin Nash jackknifing Santino

This is Kevin Nash’s first Slammy.

Guess Who’s Back?  Or:  Return of the Year:  The Rock

This would be The Rock’s third, winning the Slammy in 1997 for New Sensation, and earlier tonight for “Game Changer of the Year” with John Cena.

Double Vision Moment of the Year:  The Two Sin Caras

This is the first Slammy for both Sin Cara and Hunico.

T-Shirt of the Year:  CM Punk’s “Best in the World” t-shirt, of course.  Half the BWF crew owns one!

Punk’s 6th Slammy.  He won the 2008 OMG Moment for cashing in Money In The Bank, 2009 Shocker of the Year for beating Jeff Hardy and sending him packing, the 2010 Despicable Me award for singing Happy Birthday to Rey Mysterio’s daughter, and earlier tonight the 2011 Pipe Bomb of the Year and Superstar of the Year awards. Exclusive of the Year:  John Laurinaitis congratulating CM Punk.

This is Laurinaitis first actual award.

Most Regrettable Ring Attire of the Year:  Michael Cole in Triple H’s clothing.

This is Michael Cole’s third Slammy.  His previous wins are the 2009 “Oh My” Moment of the Year for throwing up on Chris Jericho, and the 2010 “And I Quote” line of the year.

Critter Moment of the Year:  The mouse that ran by Alberto Del Rio on RAW.  Seriously.


This is the mouse’s first Slammy.

Superstar Transformation of the Year:  Zack Ryder.

This is Zack’s third Slammy.  The 2010 Most Annoying Catch Phrase (Woo Woo Woo You Know It), and the 2011 Trending Superstar of the Year.

I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried, folks.  You can see this all for yourself over at

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