How now, Brown Cow?! I’m back for another rousing edition of WWE Superstars.  Here we go.

Match 1:  Goldust vs William Regal

William Regal wins with the running knee to the head.  Who cares?!  These two should not be squarring off against each other.  They should be helping build up the younger talent.

Match 2:  Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins vs The Dudebusters

The Dudebusters get the win after Trent Beretta hits the rope walking DDT on Archer.  These two team are horrific.  I can almost get behind Archer and Hawkins because of their dynamic, but the Dudebusters absolutely suck.

Main Event:  Drew McIntyre vs Chris Masters

Drew McIntyre on Superstars?!  OK???  Who’s cereal did he pee in?  He gets the win in a pretty competitive matchup with the Future Shock DDT.

That’s it for this week.  See you soon.

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