Its late.  I’m tired.  This is gonna be quick.

Match 1:  Evan Bourne vs Chris Masters

This match looked like a squash until the end, when Bourne made his comeback and hit his Shooting Star Press for the win.  Raw is not doing a good job in building their midcard scene.  Masters should be in the US Title race…not losing to Evan Bourne.  Evan Bourne should be on Smackdown in the IC Title race…not beating huge guys like Masters and Jack Swagger.

Match 2:  William Regal vs Tyler Reks

Tyler Reks sucks.  He looks like he needs to take a massive duece when he walks.  Regal wins with his running knee.  After the match, Big Zeke and Kozlov hit their finishers on Reks for good measure.

Match 3: Cryme Time and Eve vs the Hart Dynasty

Good match…even with the divas involved.  Eve looks good in the ring and Natalya is good in the ring.  Natalya gets the win after Eve missed her acrobatic splash followed by a Natalya clothesline.   

See ya next week folks.

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