Giggity giggity giggity it’s time for this week’s review of WWE Superstars… Let’s go!

Right out of the gate we get the opening match.  Rey Rey against the Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin, with special guest commentating from the Shaman of Sexy, the Guru of Greatness, the Friday Night Delight John Morrison.

This beginning of this match was awesome!!!  Tons of flying and bumping.  Rey jumped off of the apron and connected with a hurricanrana on Shelton on the outside.  Shelton manhandled Rey a little bit during the match, as most people do.  Loads of athleticism were on display during this really good match.  The greatest line of the match was when Morrison called Shelton “Socially awkward.”  Why hasn’t Shelton/Morrison been announced for Judgement Day?!  That would be a fantastic match.  Rey gets the win with the 619 and springboard splash.  This match was great and gets a 9.8 out of 10…it was that good!  After the match, Morrison and Shelton got in each other’s face and Morrison layed Benjamin out.

Match number two is Mizark Hizenry facing the ECW CHAMPION…Captain Charisma…Christian!!!  This review will be full of plugs for Christian.  I can feel it now.

This one starts off with Big Mark displaying his power as well as Christian ability to sell and take bumps.  The quickness and smarts of Christian sends Henry to outside and he hits a baseball slide.  Back from commercial break, Christian continues to exhibit his bumping ability, as he allows Mark Henry to dominate the match offensively.  Christians speed and passion take Mark Henry down, as he hits a dropkick from the top rope.  His agility got him out of several power move attempts by Henry, and he eventually hits a crossbody off the middle rope to pin the World’s Strongest Man.  How can anybody deny that Captain Charisma is World Champion material?!  The guy is gold!!!!!  I give this match a 10 out of 10.  Not really, but it gets that because Christian was in it and got the win (it really was about an 8 out of 10).

Match number 3 is Big Show against Hornswoggle!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! 

This was billed as an exhibition match for Show.  The Big Show picked up the troll and placed him on the top rope and allowed him to do his tadpole splash, but Show moved out of the way.  HAHAHA!  This was rather humorous.  He placed him up on the top a second time, but Goldust did a run-in to rescue the midget and got a chokeslam and camelclutch for his efforts from the Big Show.  This was funny, but pointless.  Since this was not even a match, it gets no rating. 

The show was one of the better Superstars so far.  At least it didn’t involve any diva wrestling.  The show gets a 8.5 out of 10.  The last segment hurt it a little bit.  Now for a fact of life as I know it…the Houston Rockets are the worst team in the NBA without Yao and T-Mac.  How are the Lakers having so much trouble with them?  This proves they aren’t as great as everybody thinks they are!!! Kobe SUCKS!!!  Thanks for reading and see you next week.

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