As you’re all aware, or should be, the WWE Draft was this Monday on RAW.  The supplemental draft was yesterday at noon (Eastern time), and I had to leave for work before it was all over.  However, my beloved @Niki_Sushi made sure that I knew all the results so that you would all be informed of what was going on.

To Smackdown
The Great Khali (And Ranjin Singh)
Daniel Bryan
Jimmy Uso
Alicia Fox
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Ted DiBiase
Tyson Kidd
Jey Uso
Alex Riley

Jack Swagger
Drew McIntyre
Kelly Kelly
Curt Hawkins
Chris Masters
Kofi Kingston
Tyler Reks
Beth Phoenix

I don’t know about you, but it looks to me like RAW got robbed a little and got not a whole lot in return.  I’m excited, however, to see Drew McIntyre on RAW, as well as both Swagger and Beth.  Should be pretty damn good.


  1. Shouldn't all the Divas be on one program??? with the coming of Kong….I mean Kharma what would be the point of the matches that could be had if there is no competition to speak of! I personally believe that ALL the divas need to be on either Raw or Smackdown so we actually have a division. Now as far as Raw being robbed I don't think they were they now have enough fresh competitors to warrant a try at making Raw something to watch.

  2. All the Divas on one show? Then they'd have to figure out a way to have Kharma lose to Michelle McCool. 😛

    Seriously, I agree with Pintnoir in principle, but WWE has to have Divas on both shows. As pathetic as the "division" may be, a wrestling show without hot chicks would not go over well with most people.

    Agreed! Drew McIntyre, Beth Phoenix, and Jack Swagger on RAW are all good moves that actually have my interest. I would LOVE for McIntyre to prove Booker T wrong when Booker essentially said on "Smackdown" that McIntyre couldn't hang with the big dogs on RAW, and would seriously have to step up his game to fit in if he got drafted. Shut up, Booker.

  3. I'd have no problem with a diva division being exclusive to a brand. But would be concerned about McCool's stroke ruining everything as well.

    I also noticed a lot of great cruiser calibre fellows ended up on Smackdown. Bryan, Cara, Tatsu, and Kidd all fill out that side of things. God forbid they consider using those guys in that capacity over there… even though I am pretty sure it won't happen. A smark can dream, can't he?

    • So many (including me) would kill for a lightweight or cruiserweight division return. I would give smackdown some character then maybe they can move the show live on Thursday and improve the TNA product.

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