Although I did see this show (and it was an excellent show, BTW.), I didn’t manage to get a chance to write about it.  I will say this though, it was definitely all about the Troops, which was nice.  Usually when WWE is on NBC (see “Saturday Night’s Main Event”), they take the opportunity to try and sell their brand to casual viewers.  Not this time though.  The wrestling was secondary to honoring our fighting men and women in the Armed Forces.

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Tribute To The Troops started with information about the USO and how WWE is continuing the tradition. Lots of video from Iraq and the wrestlers meeting the troops.

President Bush gives a taped speech in front of the troops when they watched this show live. He talked about the WWE being committed to the troops for the past eight years. He talks about how WWE offers free tickets to military members for all shows. He ended with God Bless the troops and God Bless America.

Cole and King are announcing from Stamford .

Jeff Hardy comes out in camo with a camo grid on his face. King talks about him being the new Champion, even though he wasn’t at the point this was taped. Punk came out and dove into the troops for hugs. He came out with a jacket but did not enter the ring with is. R-Truth come from the top of a military vehicle rapping. He comes through and has the troops hot. Miz and Morrison come out in camo hats and their normal ring gear. JBL’s music and he comes into the arena area in a military vehicle. The driver gets out with his gun strapped on. The driver opens JBL’s door and JBL climbs out in a flack jacker, his towel, a helmet and his cowboy hat on top. He tips the driver and heads to the ring looking freaked out.

Huge “USA” chants. Morrison gains the upper hand on R-Truth. R-Truth comes back with a big kick and an arm drag. R-Truth sends Morrison over the top and JBL rushes in to attack. Th rest come in and attack JBL. They fly out and take all of the heels out.

– Commercial

Miz hits a clothesline on Punk in a corner for two. Side headlock to Punk in the ring. Punk hits a huge kick to Miz’s head. Punk tries to tag out but Morrison tags in and grabs his ankle. Scoop slam to Morrison and they both try to tag out. Jeff tags in and takes out the two on the apron. Miz had tagged in and Jeff works him over in the ring. Double feet to Miz in the corner for two. Jeff gets whipped and hits a back elbow for two, Morrison breaks the count. JBL rushes in and punches Jeff in the head. Punk and R-Truth rush in and take the rest out but JBL hits a big boot to Jeff. Jeff is able to come back with a twist of fate. Jeff climbs, hits the swanton and covers for three.

– Winners: Jeff, R-Truth & Punk

They celebrate in the ring for the troops.

Video of the wrestlers meeting the troops set to music. It was wonderful to see the smiles on the troops’ faces.

– Commercial

Lilian announces Santa Claus. But this year there’s two! It’s a Cryme Tyme Christmas! They came out as rather ghetto Santas. Shad has no sleeves! They get the troops going big time. Shad then says they love each and every one of them all. They call out the Divas. Kelly, Mickie, Maria and someone I don’t recognize! Mickie poses in her pink Santa type outfit with a huge gun!

Video of kids’ letters to troops and the troops working.

– Commercial

They talk about the troops who have been lost. Jericho talks about the progress that’s been made. JBL talks about how things have changed so much since they were there a few years ago. Big Show talks about making every count counting over there too. They show video of schools opening and things being rebuilt. Lots of Iraqi soldiers around. They show many more Iraqi soldiers and Iraqi people than I ever remember seeing on these Tributes.

Big Show comes out to the ring. Jericho is next out to the ring. He comes off more heel during his entrance than Show did. Orton is the last heel out to join them and he’s looking very cranky and in character.

– Commercial

Batista’s music and they troops go crazy! He comes out in BDUs. He went all the way around the ring to slap hands before posing on the apron. Rey is next out in stars and stripes. He runs and dives onto the crowd to surf around. His pants were specifically made for this trip as the trip was the highlight of his year last year. The fans again go wild when Cena’s music hits. He’s wearing a 4th Infantry Division shirt.

Batista pushes Orton into a corner. Orton reverses it. A chop block to Batista and Jericho tags in. Batista gets a side slam and tags in Rey. Rey flies in then hits head scissors. Big Show stopped the 619 and send Rey flying into the barrier.

– Commercial

More video of the troops, all still shots – set to music.

Jericho is stomping Rey in the ring. Jericho won’t let Rey tag out no matter how he tries. Rey is slammed into a corner. Jericho hits a crawly Rey in the back of the head. Rey is whipped but gets a foot up. Show grabbed Rey from outside and hit a huge head butt on him. Jericho gets pissed at Show for getting involved. Jericho slaps Show over the ropes. Show comes in to slam Jericho down then slams Orton down. Show leaves the ring and walks out. Batista and Cena are itching to get in. Cena tags in as does Orton. Cena slams Orton down twice. Cena hits five knuckle shuffle for the troops who love it! Cena gets Orton up for the FU but Jericho rushes in with a boot to Cena’s face. Batista rushes in but gets a back breaker from Orton. Orton sets up for the RKO but Cena pushes Orton into Jericho. They both fall and Rey hits a double 619. FU to Orton and Batista bomb to Jericho. They both pin for three but Cena and Orton were legal.

– Winners: Rey, Cena & Batista

Video of the wrestlers traveling over there and meeting the troops. Brought a smile to my face watching the video and the whole show.

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