Here’s something interesting I just noticed – in the opening bumper, it no longer has “Hulkamania is runnin’ wild” as one of the featured audio clips – instead, it’s “Everybody’s got a price!”

Let’s roll!  Tonight we’ve got John Cena “defending his title” against Chris Jericho, but first…

BOOYAKAH, BOOYAKAH!  Whatever that means.

Rey Mysterio makes his way out to the ring as that terrible announcer who got canned from ECW, Lauren Mayhew, does the ring introductions.  Mysterio is in tag team action, and his partner tonight is The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry.  They’re opponents tonight are Carlito and CM Punk.

Rey Mysterio & Mark Henry def. Carlito & CM Punk

I love the matches on these Tribute to the Troops shows.  It’s really awesome what the WWE does for the troops, and the guys on the card always give their best.  Mysterio nails a double 619 on Carlito and Punk, followed by a West Coast Pop on Punk and a World’s Strongest Slam on Carlito, as the faces pick up the win in the opening contest.

Photo Slideshow: Images from the WWE’s latest trip to Iraq set to a Bob Dylan song.


Eve introduces Santa Claus.  Santa is played this year by R-Truth, who doesn’t even bother to change the lyrics to “What’s Up” to anything Christmas or Troops related.  He complains that he’s gaining weight because everybody leaves him goodies when he comes to deliver the presents.  He’s got a sweet tooth, and he’s going to bring out honey right now – in the form of his helpers, the WWE Divas.  The Divas come down to the ring and pass out swag from

Video Message: President Obama wishes the troops well.


Still to come, John Cena defends a belt that isn’t even his anymore against Chris Jericho

Video Package: The interaction between the Superstars and Troops.  In a touching moment, Rey Mysterio gives one of the troops the mask he wore the first time he came over to Iraq with Eddie Guerrero as his partner.


Video: The Commander of the US Central Command thanks the WWE for supporting the troops.

The WWE United States Champion, The Miz, makes his way to the ring.  We’ve got a rematch from Bragging Rights, as his opponent is the (former) Intercontinental Champion, John Morrison, who even gets a slow-mo entrance in Iraq.

The Miz def. John Morrison

Michael Cole takes a moment that despite John Morrison having the championship at the time of this match, he’d lost it this past Sunday to Drew McIntyre.  The Miz picks up the victory with his feet up on the ropes.

Video Package: John Cena’s Tribute To The Troops history.

Up next, Cena defends the WWE Championship against Chris Jericho!


Chris Jericho is out first for his match.  At least they’re going the traditional route and letting the Champion come out last for the Troops show.  His opponent was the WWE Champion at the time of the taping, and say what you will about John Cena, you have to respect him for his dedication to performing for the Troops.

John Cena def. Chris Jericho

In another great match, Cena picks up the victory with the Attitude Adjustment.

Video Package: The Superstars in Iraq

My Thoughts: This is the best WWE show of the year.  It’s bigger than WrestleMania, and the WWE considers these trips to be more important than WrestleMania.  Another great show, but I know I’m not the only one who feels like an hour isn’t long enough.  I’d gladly give up RAW or SmackDown for a week to see a two hour Tribute to the Troops broadcast.  Thank you, WWE, for what you do for the Troops, and thanks to the Troops for what they do for us.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the Final Resolution Roundtable.  JT should be here tomorrow with a new Random Randomness, and making his BWF debut, chjpacheco will be covering tomorrow night’s Final Resolution PPV!

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