I’m on the official BWF WrestleMania week schedule for today, so here I am with my final WrestleMania week article (save for the SmackDown review that should be coming later today.) For the record, I didn’t hate the fact that LK didn’t talk about WrestleMania during his column this week, though I appreciate the fact that he posted his thoughts yesterday. Anyways, moving on:

WWE Unified WWE Tag Team Championship:  The Miz & John Morrison vs. Primo & Carlito

For the record, GreenTeabagger also has his predictions for the show in the latest edition of Anger Management at fellow BWF Network site VinceRussoWatchesHisBeardGrow.com.  In any event, while the Colóns are talented wrestlers in their own right, The Miz and John Morrison are a proven commoddity with both sets of WWE Tag Team Championships – not to mention that despite being the heels, the fans care about them and actually like them more than they do SmackDown’s Primo and Carlito.  Miz and Morrison take this.

25 Diva Clusterf*#k Battle Royal

We know most of the Divas in the match, but if one of the ones we don’t know is one who has walked out of WrestleMania with the Women’s Championship the most in the past, Trish Stratus is the only one deserving of the title “Miss WrestleMania.”  If she’s not in it, the win will somehow go to Mae Young, even if she’s not actually involved during the bulk of the match.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

I’ve seen Kane’s name come up numerous times over the course of the week as the guy most people are picking to win MiTB.  They’re also expecting him to cash in and lose to John Cena.  Personally, the only one I can see picking up the win here is MVP.  MVP stuck it out through that stupid losing streak gimmick, which was allegedly a test to see if he’s in this for the long haul.  The story goes that the WWE didn’t want another Rock or Bobby Lashley on their hands, so they used the losing streak to see if MVP believed in the company enough to stick it out through jobbing left and right.  He did, and now he’s on a hot streak and in the Money In The Bank ladder match.  WWE sees MVP as somebody with star potential.  Others have predicted that since he’s going into the match as United States Champion, he’s not likely to win.  I got news for you guys.  Rob Van Dam won the Intercontinental Championship (against Shelton Benjamin, no less) after winning the MiTB match at WrestleMania 22, before going on to win the WWE Championship soon after that at June’s ECW One Night Stand.  MVP is my pick, but don’t expect him to cash it in tomorrow night.

Intercontinental Championship:  JBL vs. Rey Mysterio

As much as I hated to hear that Tazz has parted ways with World Wrestling Entertainment, the rumors about this being JBL’s last match were given one more ounce of truth with the news.  I enjoyed JBL as a commentator on SmackDown before his return to the ring early last year, and I’m looking forward to hearing him again each and every Friday night.  That said, even though I’m sure the plan in JBL’s mind is to retire as Intercontinental Champion, I’m going to pick Rey Rey to pick up the title here.  It just makes sense to me.  BALLGAME!

Chris Jericho vs. WWE Legends

It’s sad that Jericho is being wasted away here.  He’s one of the best heels in the business, and the fact that he had to literally fight off angry fans at a live event in Victoria, British Columbia earlier this year just proves that.  So he’s stuck facing three WWE Legends who are representing Mickey Rourke and, essentially, Ric Flair.  Afa the Wild Samoan is in town for ‘Mania, so I expect him to get involved in some way, shape, or form.  Picking the Legends in this one.

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

On any given night, Shawn Michaels can steal the show.  Especially if that night is WrestleMania.  That said, he’s going to have some competition this year, especially if you’re a fan of hardcore (or as the WWE calls it now, Extreme Rules) matches.  The buildup to this match has been really good, and the fact that the last time WWE had a brother vs. real-life brother match at WrestleMania, it gave Shawn Michaels’ show stealing performance a run for it’s money at WrestleMania X should give you an idea of what we’re in store for here.  There’s no way, with everything Matt’s put Jeff through over the past six months, that Jeff lets his brother get the best of him.  Jeff Hardy to win it here.

World Heavyweight Championship:  Edge vs. The Big Show vs. John Cena

I’d like to take a moment to thank everybody that didn’t go to see 12 Rounds, particularly those who filled out the WWE produced survey about why you didn’t with the answer “I have no interest in seeing a movie with John Cena in it.”  They’re maybe, finally, about to realize how stale Cena’s truly become.  Which, of course, would mean that Edge is going to retain the World Heavyweight Championship, since there’s no way in hell they give Show a run with the title at this point.  Edge is my pick.

Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker

Attention all WWE, TNA, and up and coming wrestling bookers.  Watch the last month of WWE programming, and skip everything that doesn’t involve Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker.  That is how you book a match that people want to see.  HBK’s gotten the better of The Undertaker on every occasion so far, which leads me to believe that the deadman is going to increase his streak to 17-0.

WWE Championship:  Triple H vs. Randy Orton

Not to steal Legend Killer’s “head vs. heart” way of doing things, but despite the fact that my head is telling me that there is no way Orton is walking out of WrestleMania as the WWE Champion for the second straight year, my gut feeling is that there’s no way he loses.  He’s on such an incredible roll, he’s got such momentum going into this match, and it just feels like he’s got this one in the bag.  My mind is better at predicting things than my gut though, so I have to, reluctantly, choose Triple H to win.

Well, folks, hope you’ve enjoyed WrestleMania week here at Bored Wrestling Fan.  Drowgoddess is out and about in Houston taking in the festivities, and hopefully should be around later this weekend to give us her insights on things.

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