Here we go! Two guys established going face to face. The tournament becomes more meaningful. Jobs apologizes for his “hissy fits” and “rage” moments promising they will never happen again. Sure buddy. Aren’t you out of the tournament via loss? Will these questions be answered? And the twins continues their tension? Yes, that is what the prelude tells us…


The King tells us “To get this thing going, c’mon everybody!” Okay scarecrow. 1600 was murdered by Dread in episode 3. But his teenage growth allows him to come back for more. Or guts? PW3 enters with “Liz” who confronted Stone last week. Being a heel, PW3 jumps the pencil necked geek but also learns there is a little fight in the kid. The rookie gets to surprise the “veteran” with a number of spots only to be punished throughout the bout to start. PW3 gets angry, and finally takes off his pre-match gear utilizing the jacket to choke out the kid! The story continues, as the two deliver a fantastic story and decent match. The kid fights… but PW3 chooses to allow his girl to be a human shield, and PW3 wins. The kid almost won. Great match. Two thumbs up!

Post match, PW3 gets in the camera and tells his twin Buck to get out of town (i.e. Stone). Ryu vs. Ken is far from over.

After Luther is tired of waiting to fight again. Hayashi is angry too and wants to call his shots like Babe Ruth. Dread hurts people. Stone is PW3’s brother, but doesn’t care about that or the Liz character. He tells us he will fight Blade next week.

Loving the series! Two thumbs up!

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