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  1. PSA: ‪#‎RAWlternative 2 is May 18th

    That’s right folks, on Kane’s Day Eve, May 18th, Beyond Wrestling will be airing ‪#‎RAWlternative 2. At the same time as WWE RAW airs, hit up their youtube channel to celebrate a true alternative to the often redundant product on television. Click here to go to the page! Want facebook to remind you about this […]

  2. MPX 1-12-13-When Haiden Met Brown

    It is a new year in the wrestling world. After a week that goes so beyond killer it should be called “zombie,” I needed two things: I went to an SMU basketball game and see Larry Brown coach & I went to my local indy to see my wrestling. It was cold & rainy, but […]

  3. MPX-A Star is Born 9-22-2012

    Well, I’m in Day 5 of no caffeine, and I warned everyone about it. So if Old Cranky White Man comes out here, I apologize. Dark match: Dax Daring vs. Steven Kirby I was a little confused at first. Who was I supposed to go for? When I say “A Star is Born” I think […]

  4. MPX Back to School-August 18, 2012

    MPX’s Back to School is in the books. (See what I did there?) Thanks to the characteristic awful traffic, epically torrential weather and WTF side-road configuration, I ended up getting there late and halfway into the dark match. So sorry to Tad Wylde & Kros/City for missing it. It took me a while to sit […]

  5. 1600 vs. PW3 – The Underground Ep. 5 review.

    Here we go! Two guys established going face to face. The tournament becomes more meaningful. Jobs apologizes for his “hissy fits” and “rage” moments promising they will never happen again. Sure buddy. Aren’t you out of the tournament via loss? Will these questions be answered? And the twins continues their tension? Yes, that is what […]

  6. The Underground Episodes 3 & 4: Wrestling You’re Not Watching, Except Also For Maybe NXT… or ROH…

    In all fairness, I reviewed both of The Underground and NXT: Full Sail Series (or whatever they call it). And I never promised to review all of these shows… but I decided to at least give a little love to the best internet-only web-series about wrestling. This project deserves more recognition. It’s like a video […]

  7. The Underground Ep. 1: PW3 vs. Hayashi

    In a secret warehouse… they come to fight… for cold hard cash… and control of…. The Underground. Like something out of the cabinet era of fighting video games a la Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, The Underground kicked into high gear today with it’s debut episode. We’re introduced to the concept by “former” champion “King.” […]

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