In all fairness, I reviewed both of The Underground and NXT: Full Sail Series (or whatever they call it). And I never promised to review all of these shows… but I decided to at least give a little love to the best internet-only web-series about wrestling. This project deserves more recognition. It’s like a video game (e.g. Mortal Kombat) meets independent wrestling in cinematic form (e.g. Bloodsport). Kayfabe… and this series looks to go long down the stretch. Awesomeness TV is your hook up, and if this description sounds cool to you, you have like a 141 2/3rd chance of winning. Brief descriptions and videos after the jump… let’s hop to it, shall we?

This is not a meme. The dude’s name is “Jobs.” Gamer rage is awesome!

Epidode 3 kicks off, reminding us via clips about PW3 w/Liz watching Stone beating down his opponent, Luther, as his Buck Brother looks on. Ryu vs Ken. Anyways, 1600 is sold as a newcomer (that doesn’t look like a fighter) and Dread is a classic. Dread looks like he is 15 at best, though. Certainly not 412 years old. “Look at this kid!” says random announcer, “This guy’s a wrestler?!??”

– We get a cool, but cliche “David vs. Goliath” match here as the teenager is manhandled by the man. But it also serves to build up a Dread as a heel who destroys the baby face. The match looks to be completely over as Dread leaves, and the crowd claps for the kid making it out on his own accord… BUT NO! Dread returns to manhandle him some more? Unlike the usual WWE recycling, this is a fresh take on the normal angle. The crowd gets even more excited as 1600 makes his way to the back… sewing some seeds for a rematch down the line. 1600 is seen backstage talking to Hyashi, then some dude named “Blades” shows up and tells him he debuts next week and walks off… Hyashi calls him a tool…

Episode 3: Dread vs 1600.

– Since Steve Jobs is dead, it’s kind of hard to bet against Blades theoretically. He’s a tool, which is better than being dead. Unless zombies are involved in this version of wrestling, which is possible. The Katz project has already tossed a bunch of cliches out the window after all. OH NO, THE AUDIENCE IS FAKE TOO? LOL.

– Stone and Liz have some words backstage about being previous couple. PW3 of course will be mad at this, but Stone needs no protection from him… what about protection from her? Hmm? Hit the intro, where’s the scrawny host at?

– Jobs cuts a promo about innovation with technology, and the like, and once in a while something like the iPhone, etc., comes around like The Underground. Clever, cheesy, but still clever. Match time… Blades is heavily booed in post production. But Jobs is named after a dead guy and wrestlers who lose… so… Blades is sold as a guy here only to hurt people and not concerned with winning money or controlling the Underground, while Jobs is cerebral and all about business. The match is actually very good. It’s a very close match and a questionable referee count has Jobs screaming at the end about his case that it was a 2 count, and goes Captain Charisma a la 2002-3 with a temper tantrum! HA HA!! The announcer thinks it was a 3 count… only one way to decide for yourself. Hit the video below, smarks.

Episode 4: Steve Jobs vs. Blades.

Post match, PW3 and Stone have a backstage discussion. PW3 is the older brother who stole Stone’s girlfriend Liz away from him. Ryu/Ken continues, I guess.

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