This won’t be as detailed a report as a problem with my computer cost me the early review of the Shelton Benjamin/Zack Ryder match.

They had their best match so far, in a match where Shelton would get named number 1 contender if he won, but there was no such stip for Ryder. From the beginning to the first commercial break Benjamin had total control, with Ryder’s only offense being some punches.

During the commercial Rosa caused a distraction and Ryder hit his leg lariet them took over, hitting a second and top rope splash, both with a bit of Snuka flair.

Benjamin comes back though, throwing Zack into the top turnbuckle when he tries a hurricanrana, then he gets the Paydirt for the win.

As he’s celebrating the champ comes out.

Christian promotes TLC. One Tables match, one Ladder match, one Chairs match, and a TLC match. Christian talks about the ECW title being overlooked the past few PPVs. He suggests they have a ladder match. He wants to steal the show, and he wants Shelton’s help. SHelton says he’s found a partner in crime. But there will be a new champ after TLC.

Regal is watching with Ezekial and Kozlov. He should be defending the title at TLC. His quest for the ECW title is not over. Beating Yoshi Tatsu will put him one step closer to that goal. He says they have to be at their best and ready for everything, but then we go to commercial.

We’ve got a replay of Vance Archer’s match last week and he’s up against another jobber this week. He shoves off a headlock attempt them chokes Alex Reynolds on the mat. Chinlock. And he releases it by throwing him down. Short clothesline. And a kick to the ribs. Picks him up across his chest, spins him out and drops him face first. Reverse DDT.

I will say this for Archer he’s got some great body language and his stubble makes him seem less generic but he doesn’t do a lot of moves. Jobber matches are supposed to show off your moves and I know he has more from the little I’ve seen in TNA.

Up next Abraham Washington interviews Matt Hardy.

Matt’s appearing on Scare Tatics next week. He does a bit that the WWE should approve of, because the preview shows him busting into a room and attacking a guy, accusing him of assaulting someone, but the victim doesn’t seem to recognize him.

TIme for the main Event. Willaim Regal vs Yoshi Tatsu. Regal brings the Roundtable with him for the first time in a while. I wish Dreamer and Dust would come down. Regal starts by working the arm, but Yoshi reverses. Regal again attempts to work the arm but Yoshi reverses and flips Regal.

Series of forarms, a chop and kiks to Regal. He reverses a whip and knocks Tatsu down as he comes out of the corner. He starts on a chinlock then hits a bunch of forearms to the back of the head. Yoshi gets the kick for the win, really out of nowhere. Jackson and Kozlov come in and Yoshi runs. Regal’s staring at them. They really have no reaction until Kozlov points a finger at Jackson giving blame for the loss. Jackson hits the Uranage on Kozlov. Regal’s all “what did you do that for? There was no need for that.” Jackson hits the Uranage on Regal and walks out.

On the one hand, cool. I like Jackson. On the other they jsut fired a guy who could replace him and they never really explored the team.

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