The week after the first pro poll, we’re counting down to the first elimination.

I have to wonder if there will be consequences for David Otunga being stupid enough to throw away a shot at the Unified Tag Team Titles last night.

Hopefully John Cena will come out and squash him.

Matt Striker brings them out from last to first. He talks about how Darren Young and David Otunga were unhappy with their 8th and 5th rankings respectively.

Striker asks him why he walked away. He says that as the host of Raw he could do anything. He says that he doesn’t share the spotlight and basically admits he was sucking up to Miz.

Does Daniel Bryan deserve to be number 1? Bryan asks if Otunga deserved to be the host of Raw. If Miz deserved to be a pro. If Cole deserved to replace Raw. The answer is no but he’ll try his best to be the next WWE pro. Striker says the answer should be yes.

He then talks to Michael Tarver. Tarver says everyone is a target and he’s a pitbull off the leash.

They’re getting a challenge. Everyone has to carry a keg around the ring in a certain time. Drop it and be DQ’ed. Daniel Bryan makes it in 24.9 seconds.

Wade Barrett in 14.7 seconds. 13. 6 for Gabriel. When Slater is asked if her can beat the time he’s given he goes WOOO. Striker points out that’s not an answer but… He makes it in 12 seconds even. Otunga goes in 14.1. He didn’t take off his sunglasses. Sheffield does 12.4 because he lifted it to his shoulder. Tarver drops it and is DQ’ed. Darren Young gets in 13.6 seconds leaving Slater the win. Slater says he’ll rock Chicago’s world. He won and will main event against Kane tonight.

Raw Rebound

Skip Sheffield says he should have won the keg carry, he’s the NXT biggest thing. He’s says the universe isn’t ready for Skip Sheffield and he’s through being a nice guy.

We get number 1 vs 8. Young quickly overpowers Bryan, but Bryan sends him through the ropes, hits a baseball slide and a running high knee. Missle dropkick. He hooks in the cattle mutilation but Young rolls through. Backslide. Backflips over, sunset flip. They go through pinning positions. Young stacks him up and gets the win.

Cole wouldn’t shut about the internet the whole time.

Justin Gabriel’s up next. His dad told him you have to work very hard to get to the top, but once you’re there you have to work twice as hard. He’s taking on Michael Tarver. Very few pros tonight.

Gabirel’s back into the corner. Hits some knees and whips him hard to the others side. Body slam. Abdominal Stretch. Gabriel elbows out. Gets a forearm. Over the top and a kick to the leg. Two spin kicks. Crossbody in the corner then one off the top. Tarver crotches him on the top. Trading punches. They go off and Tarver gets his throat across the top rope. 450 splash and Gabriel gets the win.

Next up, David Otunga. He claims the pros were threaten by him. He’s wrestling Wade Barrett. Strange. He says second place isn’t good enough.

Otunga with a headlock. Headbutt by Barrett. Big Boot to the back. Bends him around the ropes Forearm to the back. Repeatedly. Otunga counters with a forearm. Otunga tossed outside. Rammed into the apron. Surfboard. He slams him down but misses a knee. Misses in the corner. Boot to the gut. Inverted atomic drop by Otunga. Shoulderblock. Elbow, and a bodyslam. Small package for two. neckbreaker. Otunga yanked off the second rope and he gets his finisher for the win.

Time for Kane vs Heath Slater. Kane runs into Slayter’s knees. He hits missle dropkick. Crossbody off the tope. Punching away, he runs into a big boot. Tossed to the floor. Uppercut to the throat. He’s rammed into the apron. Kane pounds him in the corner. Snapmare and a chinlock. Elbows out. Sunset flip. Kane with a sideslam. Kane with a kick to the back of the head. Snapmare and a low dropkick. Slater with punches. Kane knocks him down. To the top rope. Flying clothesline. Uppercut to the throat. Corner clothesline. Kane rins into a boot. Chokeslam by Kane and it’s over.

I kind of expected Sheffield to attack him.

Good show over all, though it could have used some more pros and outside interference. I’d love to see Cena flatten Otunga.


  1. This is a pretty good recap. The keg challenge was a waste of time, except for watching Tarver flip out after dropping his keg… that way actually pretty funny… Otunga is sloppy, real sloppy. However, it is still refreshing to have new faces in the WWE. I am enjoying that aspect for sure.

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