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  1. NXT 28/08/14

    As much as I love this show, it has become an annoyance to review already. It’s a subtle thing, you would think, streaming versus watching on television. But it means I have to rely on other sites to post streams. So here’s a late review, better a review than nothing since it appears I stand […]

  2. NXT 08/21/14

    Hey hey, back online to watch me some NXT! This will be a little quick and dirty as I am pressed for time this week. Having to seek this out online proves to be an unavoidable annoyance. Not only has Roger’s fucked over Western Canada for The Network and watching NXT on TV, they also […]

  3. NXT 08/15/14

    It’s called “swamping’. Hopping time! Oh man, what a long and crazy week. I have really been looking forward to sitting down and watching the NXT recording on my DVR! Here, we go! Wow it looks like they really upgraded the Full Sail studios! Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips on commentary? What does that say […]

  4. NXT 08/07/14

    Better late than never, it’s NXT time. See, I live in Canada. NXT is normally on television here on Thursday, but for whatever reason, baseball needed to be on every single channel that day. So I caught it Saturday. Hopping Time! Dear lord… who botched that worst?

  5. NXT 07/31/2014

    Breaking news. I’ve moved on to reviewing NXT regularly on a weekly basis for BWF. Smackdown is available for the taking. If anyone out there in reader-land has ever thought about writing some kind of content related to the weekly programs, both Smackdown AND RAW are accepting spots. So if you ever had that inkling, […]

  6. NXT season 3 9/28

    Well, we’re at the last NXT on SyFy. Next week it should be on I’ll try to find the time to review it. So I believe this one is a pre-taped and so probably doesn;t have many matches. We start off with a replay of last weeks challenges.

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