We open NXT with a replay of the obstacle course challenge and Cole going nuts and quitting.

Josh Matthews opens the show saying Cole has stayed true to his word and is still gone. Take your televisions off mute.

CM Punk comes out wearing a sport coat over his wrestling gear and takes a seat. He says he loves NXT, loves women, NXT is like a car crash or being arrested. Not fun when it happens to you but hilarious when it happens to others.

We get the rookie divas out.

Stikers talking to them and reviewing what’s happened when Vickie interupts.

Matthews observes that there are far to many open mikes on this show. She takes credit for Kaitlyn’s victory. She says she’s got Kaitlyn in a match with Jamie.

And Laycool will be coaching her.

CM Punk theorizes that Michael Cole is off corresponding with some war right now. He also declares he’s a better announcer than Matthews.

Laycool says they’re the only reason Kaval won NXT.

Michelle says she can’t even look at Maxine, Layla tells Aksana to speak English. Calls AJ a mouse and tells Naomi to stay away from Kaval, he’s property of Laycool.

Kelly comes out and calls them dumb and dumber. She says they can’t come back and act like they run the place and challenges them to a six woman tag match.

We almost get a fight as Striker tries to calm things down and we go to commercial.

The first challenge is musical chairs, to test their timing.

CM Punk is claiming that he played musical chairs in training. Kaitlyn is first gone. Jamie next. Maxine it out, but she tries to attack Aksana, which she no sells. But she’s out. Striker says he loved her in Green Acres. AJ wins, by sitting first but Naomi occupied most of the chair.

Profile on Aksana.

Now she’s in the back looking nervous. Goldust is talking to her. Seems she has some trouble with her work visa and he promises her things will work out. He’s taught her his breathing thing and encourages her for her match.

First match is Maxine and AJ. Man, standing next to Alicia, Maxine looks short.

Replay Maxine insulting AJ in the joke off last week. Maxine kicks AJ then slams her to the mat with her hair. Mounted pinches. AJ clothesline, flips, armdrags then a spinning wheel kick. Maxine drop toe holds her into the ropes then chokes her and slaps on a rear chinlock.

Another hair pull slam. Vertical suplex. Hard whip to the corner. Gets her boots up. Clotheslines and a dropkick. Brainbuster by AJ for the win.

Michael Cole comes out. He insults the crowd and says that NXT without him is unwatchable. So he’s back.

We’re doing the second challenge. Talk the Talk random topic challenge.

Jamie is told to talk about teeth, but she ignores it.

Naomi is told to talk about toupees, but she wants to have a match.

Jaime and Naomi are dq’ed.

AJ is given cafenine as a topic. She talks about how naturally perky she is.

Aksana is given llama as a topic but she’s not familiar with them.

Maxine is given foot as a topic. She can use her foot to squash AJ.

Kaitlyn gets ignition and tries to work it in.

AJ wins.

Layla tries a kick on Kelly, it;s blocked, she’s slapped.

Kelly hits thesz press and pounds away. Jamie tags in. Layla mocks her muscles, Jamie doesn’t take the cheap shot. Kick to the knee and a body slam. Kaitlyn is in. Headlock by Jamie.

Spear by Kaitlyn but she misses an elbow. Naomi in. Kaitlyn powers her over to the corner. Shoudlers. Michelle in. Bodyslam, but Naomi rolls her up.

Dropkicks. Spinning heel kick in the corner. Layla causes a distraction.

McCool with a belly to belly.

Kaitlyn comes in and Naomi’s actually able to roll her over in the lateral press position.

Post match she’s beaten down by LayCool and Vickie berates her.

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