Well, we’re at the last NXT on SyFy. Next week it should be on WWE.com. I’ll try to find the time to review it.

So I believe this one is a pre-taped and so probably doesn;t have many matches. We start off with a replay of last weeks challenges.

All the rookies are brought out. The challenge this week is a wheelbarrow race. Striker says they need something heavy in there. But not Michael Cole’s ego.

Hornswaggle ends up being in the wheelbarrow race. If he falls out that’s a DQ.

Maxine crosses the line and then pushes it over so he falls. Swaggle bites her.

Naomi doesn’t beat her time.

Jaime sets a new time.

Kaitlyn starts to get in with then sets a new time by two seconds.

Hornswaggle won;t stop hugging AJ.

Aksana can’t beat Kaitlyn’s time leaving Kaitlyn the winner.

Profile on AJ.

Profile and Kaitlyn. She mentions she’s a fan of Beth Phoenix.

After a bunch of recaps, we get the diss the divas.

Aksana talks about how her fitness regime is better.

AJ bascially calls all the others generic says it’s time to redefine divas.

kaitlyn mocks Naomi’s ass and is kicked flat.

Jaime says AJ acts like a ten year old on Christmas morning.

Naomi rips on Kaitlyn.

Maxine complains about divas smiling. What can guys do with a nice girl.

AJ and Kaitlyn play pattycake in the background.

Striker award a questionable win to AJ

Vickie Guerrero gets up and gets on Kaitlyn’s case. She says she’s trying mold Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn says Vickie has done nothing but bring her down. She challenges Vickie to a match. Vicki accepts and slaps her. Kaitlyn tackles her and Striker breaks up a fight that Vickie usually has the advantage for.

Come on WWE. You couldn’t have recorded one extra match? Over all it wasn’t a horrible show but it wasn’t great either. Lot’s of recaps I didn’t mention. No one really embraced the Diss the Diva contest.

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