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  1. NXT Season 3 9/14

    We start with Vickie opening the show, and Cole is sucking up to her and parroting her idiocy. Dolph Ziggler is out here to appaently team with her. I’d rather it be Chavo. We get a clip of AJ tossing Kaitlyn into Vickie last week.

  2. NXT Season 3 9/7

    Welcome to the Divas edition of NXT. We’ve got six competitors for a change. One is a mystery as 6’9″ Aloisha is apparently out. Probably to green. We’ve also got our first non-wrestler pro, as Vickie is mentoring the mystery diva.

  3. NXT season 2 8/24

    I have no idea how this didn’t get posted, but here’s the review for the next to last episode of NXT season 2 We open up what could be a rather uneventful show(if spoilers are to be believed) with a replay of last week’s elimiantions and show closing brawl. We start out with the pros […]

  4. NXT Season 2 8/17

    For the first time we get two eliminataions. We start out with the rookies coming out. Husky Harris, Kaval, Michael McGillicutty, Alex Riley and Percy Watson. They’re being given a minute to talk about anything except why they shouldn’t be eliminated.

  5. NXT Season 2 8/10

    We start with an earlier today segment. Some sort of boxing challenge will be today’s challenge. Striker explains the rules and then Michael Cole and Josh Matthews try it out. Cole looks like an idiot, wearing a Miz shirt and Cena head and armbands with a toy belt. Matthews wins.

  6. NXT season 2 8/3

    Despite every other show for this week’s WWE programing recorded last week I haven’t heard any spoilers for this weeks show. According to the program preview we get the first NXT kissing contest. We open with a replay of the elimination of Eli Cottonwood and his attacking everyone as the show ended.

  7. NXT Season 2 7/27

    Time for our second elimination. Personally I voted for Husky Harris figuring that he, Cannon and Cottonwood would be on the bubble, with Kaval, Watson and McGillicutty safe. And maybe if I’m lucky Riley maybe falling through the cracks.

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