We start with Vickie opening the show, and Cole is sucking up to her and parroting her idiocy.

Dolph Ziggler is out here to appaently team with her. I’d rather it be Chavo.

We get a clip of AJ tossing Kaitlyn into Vickie last week.

Dolph and Kaitlyn are against Primo and AJ. For some reason they already

Dolph with a right hand, which is answered with a dropkick. Divas in.

AJ spins around and gets sunset flip then goes for a headlock. Shoulder by Kaitlyn. Kick to the gut. RIght. Crossbody. Clothesline by Kaitlyn.

Dolph in and flatten Primo. He’s threatening AJ. She slaps him several times. Primo in with a double chop off the top. COuple of dropkicks. Clothesline out of the corner. Legsweep. Primo misses a charge then gets the ZigZag for the win. Vickie looks unimpressed as she see’s Kaitlyn next to Dolph.

For some reason during this match they have some parts of the later obstacle course already at ringside. Seems dangerous.

We get a interview with Maxine. She’s of very mixed heritage. Large family. She’s studied criminology. She’s very controliing. THey show pictures of her with straight hair and curly hair and she looks like two totally different people.

The first contest is a joke off?

AJ and Kaitlyn are already out. Aksana, Jaimie, Maxine and Naomi come out. Naomi’s dyed the front of her hair blue this week.

AJ tells a blonde joke. Striker calls her Don Rickles. Aksana tells her joke in Lithuanian, then does it in English. Jaimie does a knock knock joke, using Aksana’s name. When the crowd asks Aksana who? She says exactly. Naomi asks what you call a dog with no legs? Doesn’t matter, it won;t come. Maxine says all the divas are a joke and she gets in a fight with AJ. Kaitlyn does a knock knock joke with AJ that also ends with a fight.

Jaime wins. Cole has a gong and says that everyone should be gonged. Coles says except for him and Josh Matthews the show should be gonged.

Next up we have out first one on one match. Jaime vs Aksana. Cole predicts Aksana as the winner. Armbar by Jaimie. Cole and Matthews make jokes about Tony Chimmel

Hammerlock and a reversal by Aksana, then she switched to a headlock and throws Jaime down. Body slam. Clothesline by Jaime. She grabs a hmmerlock and rams her into the corner. Armbar.

They trade shoves, grab each other’s hair then Jaime gets bealed across the ring. Clotheslines. Jaime avoids a corner charge and gets a rollup for the win.

Goldust checks on Aksana.

We get some info about Naomi. She’s spunky, sporty and spontaneous. She grew up with four brothers. She was an Orlando Magic dancer and she dunked off of tramponlines. She plans to show up the other divas by showing off her athleticisms. She knows none of the others can move like her.

They’re doing a replay tomorrow online at 4.

Kaitlyn and Dolph are talking and Vickie comes up. Vickie makes Kaitlyn leave. Vickie says that if he does that again she’s dumping him.

Time for the obstacle course. Vickie intterupts Kaitlyn’s start. Vickie says she’ll show how to run the course with perfection.

It takes her two tries to get over the largest hurdle but she does it. She does the balance beam and then trips. Then she has a hissy fit for no reason.

Kaitlyn does a sommersault into the push area, gets the carts going and jumps on top as it crosses the finish line. Her time was 36.5.

Aksana finishes with 37.2

Matthews says Cole doesn’t like feel good stories, which is really true.

AJ does 47 seconds as she had some trouble with the push ups.

Maxine falls off the balance beeam and gets about 39 seconds.

Cole bitches about going from Cena Orton to this.

Jaime finishes .3 over.

Naomi has to redo the pushups and balance beam and gets the worst time.

Vickie comes out and hugs Kaitlyn and Cole starts gonging again. He says the show violates his journalist integrity and then he quits.

Good ridance to Michael Cole.

Over all I felt this show was good. The Jaime Aksana match was basic, but they made no mistakes. I hope Chavo teams with Kaitlyn from now on though, so there’s a bit more mystery about the match results.

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