We start with an earlier today segment. Some sort of boxing challenge will be today’s challenge. Striker explains the rules and then Michael Cole and Josh Matthews try it out. Cole looks like an idiot, wearing a Miz shirt and Cena head and armbands with a toy belt.

Matthews wins.

We get the rookies and pros coming out together. Kaval actually seems to enjoy Laycool giving him a kiss on each cheek. No Mark Henry with Lucky Cannon.

Three weeks till the season finale. Is that counting this week or not?

The winner of the Power of the Punch challenge gets an individual appearence on raw.

Michael McGillicutty gets an 863. Kaval uses kick and gets DQ’ed. 716 by Percy Watson. 744 for Cannon but nearly hurts himself. Harris nearly misses and gets a low score. Alex Riley gets the win.

He says Miz may be a Reality TV star but he is a star in reality.

After the commercial Miz gets in Morrison’s face about Team WWE needing Miz. Morrison refuses to say that they need Miz. Morrison wants a match to show why they don’t need Miz.

Rematch of the six man match from last night.

Cannon and Harris start. Rollup by Cannon and an armbar. Kaval in with a kick. Watson in with an armbar and a fireman’s carry.

Flying forearm by Harris. Riley in. Works an armbar. Watson with a running single leg dropkick sends Riley over the ropes. Kmocks Riley silly really.

Headlock takeover by Riley. Shoulderblock. Hiptoss by Watson and am armdrag. Cole suggests Matthews gets some glasses like Watson. “I don’t need glasses with no lenses.”

Cannon in with an armbar and a fireman’s carry. Big boot to Riley. Forces him over into a cover. Riley heads out. Cannon leaps HIGH over the top rope and takes him out.

McGillicutty has control when we get back. During the break Riley hit a modified superplex on Cannon. Harris in and overpowers him. Corner crush. Riley in with a front facelock clam. Riley attacks Watson distracting the ref.

McGillicutty in. Axhandle to the back. Rear chinlock. He runs into a boot, then gets his head taken off with a clothesline.

Kaval in and goes to work. Kick to the back of the head. Flip into Riley. Submission hold. Harris breaks it up and the match breaks down. Misses the McGillicutter.

Warrior’s Way and Kaval pins the top rookie on NXT.

Striker says it’s time for the Pro’s Poll.

So apparently we’re only getting two matches tonight, but both should get plenty of time.

We get a clip of some of Nexus’ actions since their debut.

Okay, so the Pro’s Poll will wait till the end.

Time fore Miz vs Morrison. Shoulderblock by Miz. Waistlock by Morrison. Miz backs him up to the corner and hits a cheapshot. Armdrags. Standing Shooting Star Press.

Knee to the gut by Miz. Head into the turnbuckle. Misses his corner clothesline. Morrision with a backslide. Miz outside and Morrison with a dive.

Miz with a chinlock. Morrison elbows out. Hairpull. Chokes him on the rope. This time he gets the corner clothesline. Forearm to the face. Stomp. Back to the chinlock.

Morrison fights out. Rollup. Punch. Kick. Clotheline. Flapjack. Into the corner. Flashkick. Miz ducks the running knee and then gets a big boot. Stomping away.

COuple of kicks from the apron for Morrison. Misses Starship Pain but lands on his feet. Morrison tries a Pele kick but hits the turnbuckle and hurts himself. Miz with the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Time for the elimination. Striker asks the rookies. McGillicutty picks Lucky Cannon. Kaval agrees. Watson thinks everyone has done a great job, but Alex Riley talks to much. Cannon says everyone should but him, due to his effort. Harris says Cannon. Riley wishes Striker would because of his stupid questions, but McGillicutty may as well go home since Riley says he will win.

Kaval is number 1. McGillicutty is number2. Watson is 3. Husky Harris jumps to 4. Cannon and Riley step up.

Alex Riley is 5. Cannon is eliminated.

Cannon says he’s not going to flip out, but he wants to know if the WWE Universe has had as much fun as he had. He runs down the other guys a bit and says this isn’t the last people have seen of him. He shakes everyone’s hand and walks away.

Riley says he will not change who he is. He will win this contest and will be a future WWE champion.

Striker says that next week we will have a double elimination.

Laycool is celebrating with Kaval.

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