The show opens with a run through of the season so far.

Each of the three rookies gets a moment to give their thoughts.

The pros come out, most in street clothes. MVP, Ryder, Morrison, Henry, Rhodes. Miz has a mic and demands the fans cheer for Alex Riley.

Laycool says Kaval is number 1. In their hearts.

Kofi calls his rookie the master of the McGillicutter and the hero of the McGillibuddies.

The eliminated rookies are at ringside. O’Neil is in a sharp suit.

The rookies are having a triple threat match tonight. The announcers act like it’s a surprise, despite the fact this same thing happened last time.

Kaval takes shot at Miz, then Kofi tosses him. McGilicutty tosses Riley

NXT season 3 is ALL divas.

Kelly Kelly’s rookie is Naomi Night. SHe’s an ex-cheerlader who apparently works the kind of acrobatics cheerleaders do into her matches.

McGillicutty attacks Riley then Kavasl goes for him. Both men then backdrop Riley.

Kaval gets a headscissor in the corner, kicks the head then delivers a rolling kick out of the corner. Dropkick by Mike.

Riley stomps him down. Slide under by Perfect Jr and a clothesline. Knee to the side of Kaval’s head. Over the knee backbreaker for Riley by McGillicutyt. Riley rams Kaval’s head into the corner. They trade chops.

McGillicutty knocks him down. All three men are staying close. Kaval suplexed out of the ring by McGillicutty then Riley knocks him off the apron.

Riley with a chinlock on Mike. Kaval breaks it up with a kick. Clothesline by Riley. Riley goes for a crossbody and catches himself on the top rope. Clothesline by McGillicutty. Belly-to-belly suplex.

Kaval wih a kick and chop. Springboard kick. Kaval catches Riley on the top, but is pushes off. Cartwheel kick sends Riley to the floor.

Elbow to the back of the head by McGillicutty.

Dragon sleeper by Kaval. Rope break. Kaval misses the cartwheel in the corner. Perfect plex gets two but Riley breaks it up. McGillicutty rams Riley into the announce table.

Rolling Liger kick by Kaval. Riley pushes him off the top and then covers McGillicutty.

Cole and Matthews argue over how important the amount of the work done in the win. Cole is at his most obnoxious.

Alicia Fox says her rookie has champagne taste AND budget. Maxine.

Goldust says his rookie will star in a Shattered Dream Production. We will never forget the name, Aksana. She’s from lithuania, has a pretty nice accent. Paraphrasing, she mentions being a role model.

Matt Striker announces time the first elimination. He asks the eliminated guys. Titus and Eli say Riley should win. Titus calls Kaval a ninja. Eli calls Riley the most likeable guy. Cannon says the show was flushed when he was eliminated. Percy Watson and Husky Harris predict Michael McGillicutty. Harris says that like himself and Cody Rhodes he was born better.

Alex Riley is the first eliminated. Miz is pissed. Riley points out no one knew he was before the show started, unlike Kaval or McGillicutty. He says if he was a betting man he’d still bet everything on Alex Riley

The Bella Twins. Their rookie is Jaime Keyes, the ring announcer. She says the crowd has gotten a chance to know her, but it’s time to step out from behind the mike.

Primo is pro. He’s mentoring AJ Lee. Primo says she has spunk, energy. AJ says she’s representing the nerds out there.

Striker asks the rookies to tell the other guy why they should be eliminated and why they should win. He calls him Laycool’s adopted ninja baby. Calls his ring attire a wetsuit and makes some inapporopriate comments.

Kaval talks about Michael McGillicutty’s background. He was set up PERFECT-ly to become a superstar. Then he says he’s just a kid from New York. All he’s got is a work ethic and deep voice. He’s worked his ass off to hang in the ring with people like Eddie Guerrero.

Vickie Guerrero is mentoring Aloisia, AKA the 6’9 Isis the Amazon.

Kaval wins season 2 of NXT. Laycool runs to the ring to celebrate with him.

Cole says he’ll eat his words. McGillicutty says he’s very disappointed. Striker asks McGillicutty’s thoughts.

He doesn’t know what to say. Him? Him? He says Kaval’s title match will suck. Kaval is no where near his level. Ever since he started he had one goal. To become WWE champion. Unfortunately he was eliminated. But that won’t stop him. He is the future of the WWE.

This is the genesis of McGillicutty.

He thansk everyone but the eliminated rookies rush the ring. MVO, Kofi and Morrison come in.

A very poorly booked brawl. Everyone’s randomly fighting. Riley attakcs Percy Watson.

Lucky Cannon hits Sean O’Haire’s old finisher. Then Harris does his. Riley does his.

But Percy is back up and not attackign Riley. Titus htis a baldo bomb. McGillicutty gets in Kaval’s face.


  1. Sweet mother of God, an all-Divas season? Just kill me now. Kelly Kelly should not be mentoring ANYONE. Ever. And the freaking Bellas? What the heck can they even do? This is beyond appalling.

    • Really? Kelly Kelly and the Bellas don't bother me as pros so much as Vickie Guerrero does. Kelly, Brie, and Nikki all have some in ring experience to speak of. Vickie botched a freakin' pinfall at WrestleMania XXVI!

  2. The funny thing is, I'll probably still watch it… with a heavy thumb on the FFW button mind you… but still will torture my brain with this garbage. At least one of them can sell a giant gimmick. Hopefully not in the Mediocre Khali sort of way.

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