We open with a video package of Nexus.

To the ring Ashley Valence is in the ring with Matt Striker as they take turns introducing the pros. Morrison is selling his beating by Nexus. Laycool is absent.

They bring out Nexus, who takes seats on the opposite side of the entrance from the pros. Darren Young is absent due to his beating by John Cena

Barrett says it’s a privlege to be on the show they got their start on. They wish the rookies all the best. He tells the pros they just want to sit back and enjoy the show.

We immediately go to the first match. Alex Riley and the Miz team against Mark Henry and Lucky Cannon.

We get a replay of Miz embarrassing Mark Henry by dumping trash on him.

Riley starts off against Henry. Miz wants nothing to do with the World’s Strongest Man. Henry powers Riley down and demands Miz. Riley tries a fake hand shake. Henry catches the kick attempt and clotheslines him then overpowers him before tossing him outside.

Miz gets in Riley’s face. Henry pounds him in the corner and tries to force a tag. In the end he brings in Lucky Canno. Fireman’s carry. He works an armbar. Knee to the arm. Riley with a right and a shoulderblock. Cannon with a couple of clotheslines and sends him over the top.

Cannon goes over the top, he grazed Riley but hits his head on the steps.

Riley slams Cannon into the turnbuckle and tags in Miz. Works Lucky over in the corner. Leaping corner clothesline. Right hand and a kick to the head on the mat.

Riley in and stomps as Miz holds the leg. Riley with a rear chinlock. Hiptoss into a neckbreaker by Riley. Riley hits Henry and drags Cannon to the corner. Back and forth tags as the stomp Cannon into the corner. Rear chinlock.

Cannon with a powerslam. Miz cuts off a tag. Cannon flips him and Henry is in. Clotheslines. Corner splash. Gorilla Press. He throws Miz across the ring and Riley is tagged in. Henry drags him over the top, hits the World’s Strongest Slam and gets the win.

He then dumps some trash on Riley.

The pros comments on Alex Riley.

Money in the Bank preview shows Swagger winning the belt.

Replay of Nexus’ victory over Cena

Next up we have the Percy Watson show. His guest is MVP. Actually seems to take MVP by surprise. First things, first. Can he borrow $20. He thanks him for all he’s taught him since he came to NXT. MVP says all the advice in the world if he doesn’t execute it.

MVP always tells him he should seize the moment, grab the opportunity. So he brings out the NXT rookies. MVP calls down the pros.

Matt Striker comes out and makes a battle royal. Wade Barrett interrupts and volunteers the Nexus to round it out.

As soon as the match starts Nexus heads out. The season 2 rookies eliminate Mark Henry and Nexus attacks him. Eli Cottonwood is next out and again they beat him down.

This is where the match gets stupid. No one moves to go after Nexus despite the fact they can’t be defeated by the current situation.

MVP is cornered outside, but Morrison and Kofi finally attack the guys outside.

After the commercial Nexus finally comes in. The season 2 rookies are finally completely eliminated.

It ends up with all of Nexus against Miz, Morrison, Kofi, Ryder and Rhodes. Miz eliminates Ryder from behind and tries to buddy up to Nexus. When that fails he eliminates himself.

Rhodes spends the rest of the match running from corner to corner as the Nexus first tosses Morrison, then Kofi. Finally he tries to buddy up to them only to get beaten and tossed. For some reason the Nexus is declared the winner as a group. Barett hits his finisher on Kofi then Justin Gabriel does his on Rhodes after an Otunga spinebuster.

A lack of wrestling over all. And I’m sick of people not being able to work together todeal with a group like Nexus.

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