Time for our second elimination. Personally I voted for Husky Harris figuring that he, Cannon and Cottonwood would be on the bubble, with Kaval, Watson and McGillicutty safe. And maybe if I’m lucky Riley maybe falling through the cracks.

The pros are already on the stage while the rookies are introduced. We get Cottonwood called Rottonwood and Matthews asking if Lucky Cannon is the sentimental favorite. No, he isn’t.

The rookies are given one minute to talk about anything but why they shouldn’t be eliminated.

Lucky Cannon talks about a lack of childhood friends.

Eli Cottonwood talks about being able to look any WWE giant or stars in the eyes.

Husky Harris mentions the phrase “looks like Tarzan, fights like Jane.” That’s his competition.

Kaval talks about his dreams of being the next breakout star and mentions being Low Ki.

Michael McGillicutty won’t give his topic. He talks about last week. He’s pissed that Miz called him medicore and challenges Miz. Miz refuses

Riley says Kaval is trying out for the Morgan Freeman part as the voice of God and says Percy Watson is a Eddie Murphy ripoff.

Percy Watson talks about having a good time. Life is hard. He says work hard, play harder.

Percy Watson profile. Mark Henry says he’s the only guy who makes him want to see what he’ll do next. Why does he wear glasses with no lenses Miz wonders. He says he needs to be more serious in the ring. Cody Rhodes sayts he has more going for him than goofy glasses and a smile.

Watson has the first match. The ring announcer has improved.

He’s wrestling Zack Ryder. Watson took off his glassed. Forearms and a headlock then a shoulder by Ryder. Leapfrog and a spinning elbow by Watson. Ryder takes himn down and pummels him, stomps him in the corner and delivers a facewash.

Rear chinlock. MVP is on the apron and tells him he showed him how to get out of that. Watson with punches but he’s cut off. Misses another facewash. Dropkick and a flying clothesline by Watson.

Ryder snaps his neck on the top rope. But Watson avoids the Rough Ryder. He hits the floatover DDT then delivers his dropkick into a splash move.

Josh Matthews claims Ryder was sick. Percymania sign in the audience.

Eli Cottonwood has a shirt that reads mustache. Morrison wants him to study the obstacle course video. Morrison is laughing after it, Cottonwood defends himself by saying he’s not an acrobat. He has a match with Michael McGillicutty, and he has one word for him. Mustache.

Replay of McGillicutty getting immunity.

Both he and Cottonwood are in the ring. Perfect’s son is tossed into the corner but fights out. Cottonwood runs through him, pummels him in a corner, irish whips him hard, then side slams him.

Eli’s standing on his head. Then steps on his ankle. Short clothesline. Neckvice. McGillicutty fights out but is headbutted down. Legdrop. Bodyslam. Half nelson. Armbar. Michael fights out.

He hits a clothesline but runs into a inverted atomic drop. Cottonwood’s leg over the top. McGillicutty works it over. Leg DDT kick to the side of the head. He hits his swing neckbreaker finisher for the win.

Kaval profile. Miz says he’s very good. Henry says he’s polished. Morrison is impressed with his kicks. They say he’s to serious. Cody Rhodes says if we live in a fair world he will be the next breakout star.

Husky Harris bumps Kaval and they get into a little trash talking.

Harris vs Kaval is up next. Kaval with a leg kick each time Harris charges. Harris backs him up. Tries to hiptoss him but Kaval rolls to the opposite corner. Both boots into harris as he charges.

Dropkick by Kaval. Martial arts kicks. Shot to the gut by Harris. They do some avoiding moves then Harris spins him around into a short clothesline. Reverse bearhug. Kaval elbows out. Kicks and an elbow. Chop. Harris misses in the corner. Kick to the back of the head. Harris charges out of the corner with a big clothesline.

Laycool is knocked off the apron and everyone checks on them. Except Harris who rams Kaval into the ringpost. Harris with a reverse suplex then his running senton for the win.

Time for the pros poll. Striker reminds us that McGillicutty is safe.

Number 1 is McGillicutty

2 is Kaval which upsets Cole.

3 is Alex Riley

4 is Percy Watson.

5 is Lucky Cannon which stuns me.

Cottonwood and Harris are asked to step forward.

Drum roll. Harris is number 6. Eli Cottonwood is 7. Striker asks if he has anything to say.

Cottonwood attacks Harris. Cannon and Riley try to stop him. He shoves Morrison as he walks by.

Striker asks Harris if he has any idea why he can’t connect with the WWE universe. Harris says he’s stepped up and he deserves this competition.

McGillicutty says he will remain undefeated and is a future champ.

Riley says he’s better than McGillicutty and Kaval and will jump those two spots. They get in a fight.

We end the show with Cottonwood coming down again and attacking.

No mention if there will be an elimination next week interestingly. Pretty good show over all. Some decent action. Unfortunately Cottonwood showed the most personality on his final week.

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