I have no idea how this didn’t get posted, but here’s the review for the next to last episode of NXT season 2

We open up what could be a rather uneventful show(if spoilers are to be believed) with a replay of last week’s elimiantions and show closing brawl.

We start out with the pros coming out, Kofi, Ryder, Rhodes, Laycool, MVP.

Next up the rookies. You know be kind of looks like that Batboy from Weekly World News.

Riley is alone because Miz in China.

McGillicutty out last.

McGillicutty gets the mike first and he basically thanks everyone and talks about how happy he is here.

Riley says he expected to be here. He’s the total package. He talks about Miz’s MITB and Riley’s future title shot and trash talks Sheamus.

Kaval calls out Cody Rhodes for not doing a good enough job to get his pro to the finals. He says Cody didn’t earn his way into the company. He got here because of his father. Kaval says he’s the last of a dying breed who earned his way into the company. He calls out Kaval.

COdy offers a sarcastic retort about his originality. He calls Kaval the gum off his boots. Laycool is annoyed. MVP can’t just stand by and watch that go down. Kaval issues a challenge and he turns it down?

MVP issues a challenge and it’s accepted.

Next up, a Trivia challenge for the rookies. I wonder how staged this is. Striker asks the fans not to shout out the answers.

McGillicutty takes some time to answer the first Iron Man match’s participants.

Kaval gets the second, the Mean Street Posse.

McGillicutty gets the next tw, Edge’s music and Trump’s hair vs Mr. McMahon’s

Kaval get’s Christian’s finisher and Triple H’s theme music.

Kaval gets the first IC champion, Pat Patterson.

McGillicutty gets the Diva Search winner in 2007, Eve.

Kaval finishes the lyrics to Demolition’s theme.

No one knows the answer to the question about the Dynamic Dudes skateboards.

Alex Riley answers question of who won the WWE championship most, Triple H.

Kaval wins the question and gets a feature on WWE.com

We get some replays for a while, then our one match.

MVP and Rhodes lock up, trade an armbar, then MVP decks him. MVP backs him into the corner. Headlock by MVP. Rhodes fights out but is knocked down with a shoulderblock. Rhodes with a drop toe hold and works the leg.

MVP with a couple clotheslines. Backdrop. Armbar. Punch to the gut and a suplex. Armbar. Cody tries to flip him, but MVP rolls through. Kick by COdy. MVP clotheslines Cody over the top. Over the top with a plancha. Sends Cody into the ringpost. Slams the arm into the ringpost.

After the break COdy is back on top. Kick to the back. Shot to the gut. MVP goes over the top of Rhodes and hits a clothesline then starts working the arm again. Rhodes with a gourdbuster. Punch to the top of the head.

MVP chant by the fans. Rhodes misses a knee drop. MVP with a running forearm. Rhodes takes a walk for a second. He pulls MVP out and slams him into the barricade. Headlock that MVP rolls into a cover. Rhodes grinds his foot across MVP’s face. Knee to the side of the head.

Front facelock by Rhodes. MVP carries him to the corner, then runs into a boot. MVP grabs the rope to break a cover. MVP runs into an elbow. Rhodes with a springboard kick. Back to the headlock.

Rhodes with a dropkick. Rapid fire punches to the head. Headscissors. MVP with an electric chair drop. Rhodes rams him into the corner, Punches away. MVP sends Rhodes off the turnbuckle. But he gets back and hits a superplex. Rhodes with a submission. Misses an elbow.

Rhodes runs into an elbow then MVP side steps a charge. MVP with a clothesline. Punching simultaneously. MVP gets an advantage. MVP slams him face first to the mat. Facebuster. Ballin’ elbow. Overdrive reversed, Alabama Slam by Cody. CrossRhodes for the win.

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