For the first time we get two eliminataions.

We start out with the rookies coming out. Husky Harris, Kaval, Michael McGillicutty, Alex Riley and Percy Watson.

They’re being given a minute to talk about anything except why they shouldn’t be eliminated.

Watson’s topic is 3-D. He gets a little raunchy at first. He lives his life by three d’s. Desire, dedication determination to win NXT.

Alex Riley talks about himself. Maybe he should have changed his attitude. He shouldn’t have picked on Kaval. He shouldn’t have thrown a rabbits foot at Lucky Cannon. He tells him that the world will always need bartenders. He shouldn’t have called Striker a nerd. Actually as funny as that was he can’t regret it. But overall if he hadn’t done those things he wouldn’t be Alex Riley.

McGillicutty talks about the competition. He says Watson is scared. He calls Kaval a chihahua. He tells Harris he’s going to win. He says Alex Riley is the Otunga of NXT 2. He says he’s going win and be a future WWE champion.

Kaval does a little rap. Talks about NXT, Laycool. He’s the only place to find Total Nonstop Action.

Husky Harris talks about cowboy boots. The one’s he’s wearing belonged to Barry Windham. The devil wears cowboy boots and so does he.

Striker surprises them by saying who the first elimination is. Most of the tour is in Asia but they sent in absentee ballots.

Watson is the first eliminated.

He thanks the crowd for their votes. Thanks MVP who he calls the hardest working man in the business. He’s going to dedicate himself and comeback.

Cole and Matthews agree he’s a class act.

First match is rookie vs pro, Michael McGillicutty taking on Zack Ryder. Matthews says Ryder is the best Superstar out of Long Island. This turns into a joke on Striker.

Hammerlock by Michael. Ryder reverses and sends him to the ropes. McGillicutty nails him and Ryder heads for the ropes.

Working the arm, into the ropes, McGillicutty hits a dropkick and send Ryder outside. Baseball slide misses and Ryder with a kick to the chest. Knee drop. Into the turnbuckle. Facewash.

Headlock on the mat. Forearm to the back. Runs into a boto but gets and elbow. McG sends him into the turnbuckles chest first. Clotheslines, elbows, corner clothesline. Back body drop. Ryder snaps his neck on the top rope then hits the Rough Ryder for the win. Which I consider an upset.

Kaval up next. He puts up with Laycool doing a winners on three thing. Michelle thinks Layla likes him, Layla thinks he’s cute and likes his voice. Husky Harris shows up and tries a lame pick up line on Michelle.

Next up is rookie vs rookie, Kaval vs Husky Harris. Cole insults Kaval and says he’s only here

Harris takes him down and pounds then tries a suplex. Kaval knees out the gets a dragon sleeper. Slams him into the corner and gets the corner crush. Rear waistlock.

Cole and Matthews talk about Laycool getting Kaval out of his shell.

Rolling Liger kick by Kaval. Strikes. Running forearm. Kick to the back of the head. Springboard kick gets two. Misses a springboard and his hit with an uranage. He tries another. Kaval reverses into a DDT.

Warrior’s Way get him his first win over Harris.

Alex Riley is up next taking on Kofi Kingston. Kicks. Kofi misses in the corner.

Modified DDT by Riley. Neckvice. Pulls down Kofi by the hair. Jumps off the second rope into both boots. Kofi pummels him int he corner. Double chop. Dropkick. Boom drop. Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Cole is in the ring. He says Alex Riley should be eliminated. He says Kaval should be eliminated. Josh Matthews agrees with him for some reason.

Season finale in two weeks according to Striker. Husky Harris has been eliminated. Cody Rhodes gets on the mike and rips on them. He wishes Zack good luck in his future endeavors. Insinuates Layla is a prostitute. Cody heads down to the ringside area.

He dares Riley to make an impact. McGillicutty wants to be Mr Perfect Jr. so bad he can taste it. With Kaval he and Harris just attack.

The other pros run down and help break things up. MVP and Kofi slam Harris into the barricade and then Kaval delivers a Warriors Way off the top.

I bet Harris gets to come back next week since he never got to say his final thoughts.

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