We open with an empty arena. Matt Striker is demonstrating the obstacle course the rookies will have to navigate. Which is much less annoying than season 1’s. The winner will have immunity from next week’s elimination.

After the commercials we go to the ring with the VIP lounge. MVP is pissed about Percy Watson’s actions last week and calls him out.

It didn’t take guts but it did take initiative. He says they’re a lot a like. The MVP who debuted a few years ago would have done the same thing.

They talk it out. They’re ready to go clubbing. Matt Striker comes out and tells them to tell them why Percy Watson should be ranked number 1 next week.

MVP says Percy has charisma and talent. Percy says he’s had to work for everything in his life.

Cody Rhodes and Husky Harris come out next. Cody insults everyone’s groominmg habits. He weighs 300 pounds. But he can run a 4.9 40. He’s an army tank with a ferrari engine.

Harris says he’s not a body builder or a midget ninja. He’s real.

Our first match witll be Rhodes and Harris against MVP and Watson.

Before the match we have a look at Lucky Cannon. Morriosn says he has no idea of who he is when they see him in the ring. Mis says he’s forgettable. Ryder doesn’t see anything special with him in the ring. Henry says he has a long way to go but thinks he has potential.

Harris and Watson start, Harris pounds him down and throws his glasses away. Watson with a shoulderblock and an armdrag. Watson keeps working the armbar transitioning it to a submission.

MVP in punching away and rams Harris’ head into the corner. Flying clothesline. Watson in. Shoulderblock. Armbar. Haris powers him to the corner and tags out.

Rhodes with an elbow to the back of the head. Sends him to the corner but Watson goes over the top and gets an armdrag. Harris in. Watson with a dropkick. Husky goes out. They begin brawling outside. The pros come over and break it up.

Back from commercial. Rhodes gets a knee and some forearms. Bodyslam by Watson. He gets a forearm. Gourdbuster by Rhodes. Corner crush by Husky Harris. Waistlock. Short clothesline.

Harris stomping away. Bodyslam and an elbow drop. Watson and Harris tag out. MVP with a backdrop and a clothesline, then his facebuster. Shot to Harris and he hits the Ballin’ Elbow. Harris distracts MVP. Rhodes his a springboard kick. Harris is with his running senton backsplash getting him the win. I believe this makes Harris the first rookie to pin a pro.

Michael McGillicutty profile. Ryder says he’s the most likely winner. Laycool says he’s a close to Perfect as it comes. But he’s not flawless. Miz says that he’s mediocre, not as good as his father. Kofi says he;s ready to become a star. Cody’s big complaint is that his offense doesn’t live up to his ruthless agression claim.

Lucky Cannon vs Alex Riley. Miz is there, Henry isn’t due to his loss against Barrett. Lucky Cannon says he says he won’t try to convince everyone he’s the best because that’s a matter of opinion. He thanks everyone for the chance to entertain them every week.

Riley says he knows the WWE universe carea about the WWE because they come to the arena’s and watch on TV. He also knows he doesn’t like them and they dojn’t like him. But this isn’t about like. It’s about doing what’s best for the WWE. Miz says the WWE audience doesn’t know what they want.

Riley punches and whips Cannon. Avoids him. Gets a back suplex and a couple of clotheslines. Cannon misses a crossbody off the top. Riley hits the TKO for the win. Miz acts like he’s going to hit Cannon with the briefcase despite Cannon not losing.

Then he does it. and delivers the Skull Crushing Finale.

Morrison and Cottonwood get to talk. Morrison talks about how seeing a kid in an airport watch the NXT rookies walk by and specifically asked who Eli was. He didn’t wach NXT but he still had interest in Cottonwood. He calls Eli the long term investment that could pay off. Cottonwood intimidates Striker into saying he’d vote for him. And he uses his intimidation skills as evidence he should win.

Laycool has nothing but good things to say about Kaval. He’s flawless. Kaval talks about all the people he could face. The WWE universe has the power to make those matches happen. Cole idiotically says it was horrible.

Time for the obstacle course. Kofi says McGillicutty is the hungriest. The son of a WWE hall of famer. He was destined for this. Kofi dubs the fans the McGillibuddies. Michael says he’s got a perfect record, he’s got the best pro and he is the best rookie.

Riley is next. He doesn’t do it having to go back on the balance beam. Neither has done really good on the pushups.

Cottonwood is DQ’ed because he threatened the refs for trying to make him redo the pushups.

Lucky Cannon nosells the beating and gets damn close to beating the time.

Kaval does well but loses it on the dumpster push.

Percy Watson doesn’t do very well. Husky Harris is last. He flattens the last hurdle instead of going through it. Michael McGillicutty is immune from elimination.

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