Despite every other show for this week’s WWE programing recorded last week I haven’t heard any spoilers for this weeks show.

According to the program preview we get the first NXT kissing contest.

We open with a replay of the elimination of Eli Cottonwood and his attacking everyone as the show ended.

Striker calls down the rookies, Alex Riley, Kaval, Percy Watson, Lucky Cannon, Michael McGillicutty and Husky Harris.

Striker talks about the brawl at the end of the show. He says the rookies have to kiss and make up. In tonight’s kissing contest. He then calls down Laycool.

They say they want to see a softer, sweeter side. They do some obnoxious talking and bring out a local fat woman with cold sores.

McGillicutty isn’t happy after his. Watson takes off his (non-functioning) glasses. Alex Riley overacts. Lucky Cannon ends up winning.

Our first match is a Harris/Kaval rematch. Harris with a waistlock. Kaval fights out and kicks him in the face. kaval stands on Husky’s shoulders then dropkicks him. Harris catches a dive outside and rams him into the barricade.

Harris stomping away. Chinlock. Kaval with both boots to the chin and avoids a corner charger. Harris with a catapult but Kaval land on the ropes and gets a double foot stomp. Misses in the corner. Harris with an uranage then hits his finish for the win.

Talking about Michael McGillicutty. Miz calls him mediocre. Kofi and McGillicutty arrive and he challenges Miz to a match. Cannon also wants a shot at Miz.

Miz interrupts and tells them that maybe he’ll face one of them. Kofi suggests that the winner of Cannon/McGillicutty gets a match with him tonight. Which is dumb. Why would they want to face him after being weakened. It should be for next week. Kofi gets some decent mocking of Miz in though.

Replay of Cannon’s loss to Riley and Miz’s attack.

Cannon with a fireman’s carry takeover and an armbar. Knee to the arm. Monkey flip attempt clock. Mike with a dropkick and his finisher gets a win. Matthews dubs the neckbreaker the McGillicutter.

Matt Striker asks the pros which pro is doing the worst. Kofi says Laycool. He says Kaval is a ninja and they have him coming out in a pink shirt. Laycool says Kofi is. Mark Henry says Zack Ryder since his guy got eliminated first. Cody says Kofi. Cole points out his rookie is 6-0. Miz comes out and interupts them and says they’re all the worst.

It’s time for Alex Riley vs Percy Watson. During an interview Watson says he doesn’t like Riley because he talks down to people. Call him the “Junior Varsity Villain”

Kick to the gut to start. Headlock. Shoulderblock. Spinning back elbow by Watson. Armbar. Running Enziguri. Riley with shoulder to the gut and a modified DDT to the apron. Punches Watson in the head.

Stomp. Chinlock, armbar combo. Watson fights out but is cut off. Elbow and couple dropkicks by Watson. Flying clothesline. Watson with a twisting sunset clip. Punches in the corner countered with an inverted atomic drop. He gets the TKO for the win.

Next up is Miz vs McGillicutty. Miz backs him up and slaps him. Waistlock takeover then Miz switches, but Michael gets a hammerlock. Elbow by Miz.

Kick to the gut. Schoolboy by Miz. Kneelift. “Shades of TripleH?” Since when. McGillicutty between the ropes peppered with forearms. Leaps onto his back. Small package for two by Mike.

Clothesline and then he drops him outside. Matthews calls Cole on his biased commentarry. Mcgillicutty rams him into the apron but then gets kicked int he face.

Rear chinlock. Trading punches. Pounds Miz down int he corner. Runs intot he elbow. Big clothesline. Belly to belly suples. Misses a dropkick. Gets kicked int he head. Skull crushing finale for the idiotic win.

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