Power Poll No. 23 11/10/10

1. Wade Barrett (5)

Barrett’s assertive leadership over The Nexus has gained him more power amongst the Power Poll voters.  (My vote: 2)

2. Edge (2)

On the face side of the proverbial fence again, Edge has once again started to run roughshod over the Blue Brand.  Pinning David Otunga to give Team SmackDown the victory over The Nexus helps The Rated R Superstar maintain his position at number two.  (My vote:  6)

3. Randy Orton (3)

The voices in his head may not be enough come Survivor Series with the odds stacked firmly against him.  Despite finding himself on the losing end of a Wade Barrett pinfall victory for Nexus, The Viper stands strong at number 3.  (My vote: 5)

4. The Miz (7)

How do you bounce back up the ranks of the Power Poll?  Dropping the WWE Champion skull first into the canvas when you’re supposed to be his partner certainly helps.  (My vote:  4)

5. Kane (1)

The World Heavyweight Champion drops way down this week, finding himself on the winning end of a tag team match that was dominated by another member of his team, who happens to be his Survivor Series opponent. (My vote: 9)

6. John Cena (6)

Hilarious promos and wins over future endeavor fodder are fun sometimes, but not when you’re John Cena, apparently, as Mr. Invisible once again charts at number 6.  (My vote: 3)

7. Alberto Del Rio (10)

Del Rio continues to impress the Power Poll voters every week, and has found his way back up to number 7.  (My vote:  N/A)

8. Jeff Hardy (9)

Despite having to face Matt Morgan instead of his scheduled opponent Mr. Anderson, Jeff Hardy shined in the main event at Turning Point, retaining his gold in the process. (My vote: 7)

9. Daniel Bryan (4)

With yet another strong showing in a big match setting, Daniel Bryan continues to show the world that he is the absolute best at what he does.  (My vote: N/A)

10. Santino Marella (NR)

Living proof that non-wrestling segments can be just as – if not more – entertaining as the matches on a wrestling show, Santino’s tea party with “Shay-moose” was hilarious enough to boost the Milan Miracle – for the first time, I’m willing to bet – onto the Power Poll (My vote: 1)

Dropped out: Matt Morgan

I also voted for: Rob Van Dam (8) and Vladimir Kozlov (10)

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