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  1. Power Poll 5/20/12

    This week’s power poll is here! 1. Paul Heyman (1) Take note.  A guy who hadn’t been on WWE Television since he was unceremoniously fired from the company in 2006 is the most over guy in all of professional wrestling right now. 2. Triple H (NR) A guy working a very limited schedule is the […]

  2. Power Poll for 5/13/12

    The Power Poll is an opinion poll conducted each week among various professional wrestling sites to pick out the definitive top ten professional wrestling personalities of the week. 1. Paul Heyman (NR) Want to hit the top of the Power Poll?  Show up unannounced after being gone for five years.  Welcome back, Paul! 2. Lord […]

  3. Power Poll 5/5/12

    The power poll is a weekly poll conducted between a whole bunch of IWC sites, including ours, though we rarely – ok, never – vote anymore.  Here’s this week’s results! 1. John Cena (NR) The win over Brock Lesnar despite an injured arm is enough to catapult John Cena back into the Power Poll and […]

  4. Power Poll 4/27/12

    Welcome to the Power Poll for another week! 1. Brock Lesnar (3) If this week’s poll is any indication, wrestling fans want to see announcers get beat up and wrestlers demanding things from the General Manager.  Brock Lesnar returns to the top. 2. CM Punk (1) They also love fake sobriety tests, apparently.  Though I […]

  5. Power Poll 4/21/12

    Yes folks, the Power Poll has returned to for the sheer fact that I actually bother checking my BWF e-mail accounts on a regular basis.  Who took the top spot?  Who’s off the list?  I DON’T KNOW!  Let’s find out together, shall we?

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